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Adolescent Substance Abuse leads to depression

Substance abuse is one of the major problems that our society is suffering from, not
only adult but most of the adolescents of this generation prefer alcohol or drugs in
order to have fun, to get fame and to escape the reality. Substance abuse actually
doesnt help them to escape the reality but when an adolescent is abusing
substance he starts isolating himself which leads to noting but depression.
Our main objective is to create awareness regarding this problem. Substance abuse
harms us in every possible way by physically, mentally and also as well as socially.
This would not only distress the adolescent but also the family of the adolescent.
Every one should be aware of the consequences of substance abuse so as to avoid
We visited two rehabilitation centres and provided them with a questionnaire in
order to be aware of the number adolescents suffering from this problem.
According to them 25% adolescents are into substance abuse that they know of. We
surveyed 40 random college students who are indulged in substance abuse and
asked them a series of questions which also comprised of the question that whether
substance abuse leads to depression and 87% said that it does lead to depression.
Some of them even admit that they were involved in illegal activities to arrange the
money required for buying drugs/alcohol.
The adolescents family and friends are also the sufferers of this problem.
Substance abuse is not good it only leads towards depression. This is what we can
say after discussing with psychologists and counselors of the rehabilitation centers

Substance abuse is nothing but excessive use of drugs, alcohol or tobacco.
Adolescents initially try drugs or alcohol just to experiment or due to peer pressure
but subsequently it leads to addiction. They use it to escape the reality which leads
them to a stage where they isolate themselves from their surroundings which leads
to depression later on.

Review of literature
AAMFT (American Association for Marriage and Family Therapy)

Adolescent substance abuse

Being a teenager one of the most telling signs of a teen's increasing
involvement with drugs is when drug use becomes part of the teen's daily
Preoccupation with drugs can crowd out previously important activities, and
the manner in which the teen views him or herself may change in unrealistic
and inaccurate directions

Friendship groups may change, sometimes dramatically, and relationships

with family members can become more distant or conflictual.


To make every one aware that the adolescents

of this generation are more attracted towards
drugs and alcohol

To study substance abuse effect on the family

and the adolescent

To bring awareness on the ill effects of

substance abuse on the adolescents life

HO Adolescent between the age group of 16-19 are the victims of substance
H1 Adolescent between the age group of 16-19 arent the victim of substance
HO Adolescent depression leads to substance abuse
H1 Adolescent substance abuse leads to depression

Primary Data: 45 respondents

Addicted adolescents & officials of the rehabilitation centre in Navi Mumbai

were interviewed & structured questionnaire was distributed
officials 5, affected adolescents - 40
Secondary data
Articles & research papers published in the magazines & journals by the
doctors & other competent authorities

Data analysis

Measures Taken By Government

Awareness & Preventive Education

Counselling, Treatment & Rehabilitation

Identification/ Intervention



On the basis of the primary data from rehabilitation centers and

from the addicted adolescent and the hypothesis we can conclude
that hypothesis is accepted as the adolescent of the age 16-19 are
really the victims of substance abuse. Adolescent start abusing
substance mainly at the age of 16 or 17.
We also conclude that the substance abuse leads to depression on
the same basis and the hypothesis is accepted as 87% of the
adolescent admitted that substance abuse leads them towards
depression. They feel guilty about using drugs or alcohol but they
are entirely depended on it, in order to clear stress, frustration and
also to get away from the reality.

Suggestions/ Recommendations

On the basis of survey and research we would recommend or suggest

the following

The parents should have a good interaction with the peer group of
the adolescent

If the parents notice any change in the adolescents behavior they

should look into the matter and take appropriate measures.

Adolescent should be educated regarding the after effects of

substance abuse at school level.

Provide adolescents with Easy Outs.

There should be psychological assessment of the adolescents at

Secondary school level.

Harmony Rehabilitation centre (Panvel)
Mr. Sunil Thakur
Mr. Chetan Thakur
Mr. Umesh Ingle
Bhumika Foundation
Dr. Indrapal Salvi
Dr.Vishal Ganar