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Literary Analysis #1

Novel Selections: The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe, Fahrenheit 451, The
Hobbit, Speak
Literary Analysis- 30 points
Creative Project- 30 points
Due Dates:
Finish book- October 28th
Literary Analysis- November 4th
Creative Project- November 14th
I encourage you to take some time to research these novels so that you can spend your time reading something
you will enjoy. Do not pick a novel you have already read.
Literary Analysis Directions: After reading the novel, answer the following questions. Your responses must be
typed and in complete sentences. Use part of the question in your answer. Make sure to provide appropriate
examples to support your ideas and explain your answers clearly. Each response must be 2-3 sentences. Use the
bold words as headings and number your answers.
1. Where/when does the story take place?
2. Does the author use one setting or more? Why?
3. Over how long a period of time is the story told?
4. Could the story have been told in a different setting (such as the old west, a different planet, 200 years in
the future, a tropical island)? How would this change the story?
5. Did the author use foreshadowing or introduce a plot twist that surprised you?
6. Could you imagine the story happening to someone you know? Was it realistic? Why/why not?
7. Describe main characters. Does the author use direct or indirect characterization? Explain.
8. Are these people you would like to know? Why or why not?
9. Are the characters realistic? Do they resemble people in real life? How? Why do you think the author
wrote them in this particular way?
10. Describe the authors syntax and diction. (Are sentences simple, complex, excessively wordy? Is there a
wide range of vocabulary, descriptive language, etc.)
11. Does the author use lengthy descriptions of settings and characters, or does s/he focus on action?
12. How did the story make you feel as you read it? Describe.
13. Is there a lot of dialogue? Do the characters have to talk for you to know what they are thinking?
14. What is the theme of the story? Explain.
15. Why do you think the author wrote the book? Explain.

Creative Project
After completing the Literary Analysis, you will also complete a creative project for your novel. You can pick
the creative project you would like to complete from the following list:

Soundtrack- create a 10 song soundtrack for the novel using the music of your choosing. You will have
to connect the music you choose to the scenes in the novel according to plot development, character
development, theme, symbolism, etc. Make an artistic cover for the soundtrack with the list of songs on
the back. Write up an explanation for why you chose each song and how it connects to the book.

Book Jackets- create a book jacket for the novel including an artistic front cover, back cover plot
summary, reviews inside the front flap, and author biography inside the back flap. All writing needs to
be original writing. The purpose of the summary is to get the reader interested in the story without
giving away the ending.

Storyboard- Imagine you will be producing your novel as a movie. Create a storyboard for the most
important scenes that would have to be included. Create illustration and provide captions using quotes
along with your own descriptions to make sure the story makes sense using only the scenes you choose.
Identify who would play each of the major characters including an explanation for why each of them are

Newspaper- Imagine you are the editor for a newspaper in your novel. Create a newspaper front page for
the day after a major event in your novel. Your newspaper page must include a news article, an
editorial/opinion piece, an advice column, and photos.

Character Interview- Imagine and write out an interview with one of the characters. You are the
questioner and you must ask the character questions AND answer them in the voice of the character.
This could be written or done as a video, or other creative medium. Minimum of 10 questions.

Author interview- Imagine and write out an interview with the author. You are the questioner and you
must ask the author questions AND answer them in the voice of the author. This can be done written or
done as a video, or other creative medium. Minimum of 10 questions.

Plans for a Sequel- If there were a sequel to your novel, what would be in it? Which characters? What
would happen? Why? Write a plot diagram and explain the sequels major plot points.

New ending- Rewrite an alternate ending. You have to use the characters and it has to fit with the novel
and make sense. Write a minimum of two pages. Then explain why this ending is better than the story.

Movie Poster- Create a movie poster for the novel you are reading. Include the title, an image, a tagline,
credits (actors for the major characters, directors name, production companys name), and the date of
release. Write up an explanation for your poster design. How does it fit the novel?

Facebook page for a character- Design a Facebook page for a major character. Include a profile picture,
a cover photo, information box (relationship status, work/school, location, etc), list of friends, and at
least five posts on the characters wall (status updates, posts from other characters, etc). It is easier to do
this assignment on paper.