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Brunswick CANA Legal Services / Services juridiques P.O. Box/C.P. 6000 Fredericton, NB E3B 5H1 Tel/Tel. (506) 453-2222 Fax/Téléc. (506) 453-3275 Our file: 3380-LIT September 23, 2015 VIA REGULAR MAIL David Amos P.O. Box 234 Apohaqui, NB E5P 3G2 Dear Mr. Amos, RE: David Raymond Amos v Her Majesty the Queen I have been asked to respond to your email of September 21, 2015 addressed to the Attorney General for New Brunswick, Serge Rousselle, with an attached Statement of Claim in the matter of David Raymond Amos v Her Majesty the Queen, Federal Court file number T-1557-15. | am unable to acknowledge service of your Statement of Claim as it is neither signed by you at page 53 nor is it stamped filed by the court. The second attachment which appears to have been accepted as filed with the Federal Court contains the first page only. In any event, it appears that it is your intention with this action to sue only Her Majesty the Queen in Right of Canada as you have designated only Her Majesty the Queen as a named defendant pursuant to the Crown Liability and Proceedings Act, a federal statute being (R.S.C.) 1985, c. C-51 If, on the other hand, you also intended to sue her Majesty the Queen in Right of the Province of New Brunswick, we would draw your attention to the provisions and requirements of the Proceedings Against the Crown Act, R.S.N.B. 1973, c.P-18. The Act only permits actions against the Province in the Court of Queen's Bench of New Brunswick. The Act also requires two months’ notice be given to the New Brunswick Crown in writing before an action is brought. The notice must contain the information set out in section 15 and it must be served upon the Attorney General or upon a lawyer employed in the Office of the Attorney General. If you wish to proceed against the Province of New Bruns\ Office ofthe Atorney General) Cabinet du Procureur général wow & with a claim, you may serve your section 15 notice by mail to my attention. The mailing address for service is: David Eidt Legal Services Office of the Attorney General P.O. Box 6000 Fredericton, NB E3B 5H1 | trust this information will be of assistance to you David D. Eidt Solicitor DDE/am Encl,

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