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Lesson Plan

Day: M T W T F Date: 1/09/16

Year: Year 1

Time: 30 minutes

Learning Area:
Curriculum content description:

(rotation of

(from ACARA)

Manipulate phonemes in spoken words by addition, deletion and substitution of initial, medial and final
phonemes to generate new words (ACELA1457)
Use short vowels, common long vowels, consonant digraphs and consonant blends when writing, and
blend these to read single syllable words (ACELA1458)
Understand that a letter can represent more than one sound and that a syllable must contain
a vowel sound (ACELA1459)

Students prior knowledge and experience:

(Outline what the students already know about this topic)
The students have been learning words and syllables in class and all about phonemes and
how single letters come together and make different sounds.

Learning purpose:

(May refer to the Elaborations of the curriculum content

description here)

The purpose of this lesson is to evaluate the students knowledge of the phonemes
and how to use different vowels to blend and how single letters come together to
make different sounds.

Learning objectives:


On completion of this lesson,

students will be able to:

(Explain how you will know that lesson

objective have been achieved / monitor
student learning)

(What will students know and be able to do

at the completion of the lesson specific,
concise and attainable objectives)
On the completion of this lesson students
will be able to continue their learning with
phonemes and syllables and how single
letters combine together to make different

Be monitor this through the task activity and

through the use of different types of
questions that will be asked directly to the

Preparation and Resources:

(Detail what resources will be used and what other preparation of the learning environment
will be required)
You will need to know the rules & how to play Uno
The Word Uno Game
Stickers for the winner

Catering for diversity

(detail any adjustments considerations for

educational/resource adjustments)

The activity for this lesson is capable for all students as there are different levels of
difficulty and the students are also sorted out in groups by their capability and

Timin Learning Experiences:


1. Introduction: (How will I engage the learners?)

Get students on the map
Explain what the task is for today Word Uno
Get the students to go in their Country groups

2. Sequence of learning experiences: (What will you do to help the

students achieve the learning objectives? What tasks and activities will
the students be involved in to help achieve the learning objectives?)
Activity 1: Word Uno
Word Uno works like normal Uno with the four colours and 2-5 numbers and then
wild card, reverse, skip & draw two. Instead of just numbers, there are also
words on the card, the number up top represented how many letters in the word
on the card. For example; a Red 3, with the word bed. The wild card had 6-letter
word on it. The students must say the word before they put the card down and
play on. Then you play like normal Uno, a 2 can go on a 2 but then they play by
Activity 2: Question asking (goes while they are playing their Uno game)
Ask the students a series of open and closed questions relevant to words,
phonemes & syllables.

3. Lesson conclusion: (How will you summarise the learning and relate it
to the lesson objectives?)
Get students on the mat as a whole group summarise as a whole what we were
learning today and ask them any questions (try to keep it relevant.)

Lesson Evaluation:
(Reflect on the lesson. What worked? What did not work? What would you change? Why?)

There isnt much I would change on this lesson plan, it worked really well
and the students loved playing the game, and it was great to see them
working and using their knowledge of phonemes and syllables in the game. I
still struggles with the management of the students as they were pushing
and shoving to sit next to me in the group and I believe this is from them not
seeing me as a teacher and a friend, this also might be because I wasnt
introduced to them at the start of the week I was just there in their class.