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Synonyms are the words that have the same or very similar meaning. All words can have
a synonym. Nouns, verbs, adjectives, adverbs and preposition can have a synonym as


long as both words are the same part of speech.

House = home, dwelling, residence, abode, quarters
Beautiful = gorgeous, pretty, stunning, wonderful
Antonyms are the words that have opposite meanings.Examples:
Happy sad
Healthy sick
Smart stupid

Activity 1
Reading and Vocabulary
Question 1-3 are based on the following text.
Bond consists of four talented girls: Haylie Ecker, Eos (pronounced Ay-os), Tania Davis,
and Gay-Yee Westerhoff. Since their childhood these four girls have been acquainted with
music. In Perth, Haylie had her first violin when she was five and showed her virtuosity by
playing her nimble fingers on it. In Sydney, Tani Davis practiced her first notes on piano and
violin. In Cardiff, Wales, Eos used her first bow as her toy, while in Hull, United Kingdom,
Gay-Yee learned piano.
Time passed by, and as the four girls grew up, they honed their skill in music and gained
degrees in it. Haylie holds a first class degree from the Guildhall School of Music and Drama
and has already played around the world extensively as a soloist. Eos received her degree
from the Royal College of Music and has played in front of the Queen and former Prime
Ministers of Australia and Ireland. Tania holds a first class honours degree in music from the
Sydney Conservatorium and has just obtained the postgraduate diploma in performance from
the college that Haylie went to. Meanwhile, Gay-Yee, who switched her musical instrument
from piano to cello, attended Trinity College of Music in London.
1. What is the main idea of the reading passage above?
a. Bonds musical development.
b. Bonds performance.
c. The bond Origin.
d. The bond Albums.
2. Where did Haylie get her first class honours degree from?
a. Royal College of Music.
b. Trinity College of Music.
c. Guildhall School of Music.
d. Sydney Conservatorium.
3. What is the synonym of the word honed in paragraph 2 line 1?
a. Sharpened.
b. Blow.
c. Played.
d. Studied.
Question 4-6 are based on the following text

Martin wants to die on stage

Pop music singer Ricky Martin on Sunday dismissed rumors that he might quit,
vowing to keep belting out songs until his last breath to soothe people in Asia in the wake
of the SARS crisis. I love what I do. I dont know how to do anything else. I want to die on
stage, Martin said at a news conference in Hong Kong to promote his latest album, Almas
del Silencio.
Dressed in a striped shirt unbuttoned to reveal a jade Buddha pendant, the 31-year-old
Puerto Rican singer also said he was particularly glad to be touring this region with stops in
Shanghai, Singapore and Bangkok because it lets him touch peoples hearts after the recent
SARS outbreak devastated families and economics across Asia. Martin said he was here to
get people to enjoy life as it comes, despite this pain that we all went through, not only the
people here in Hongkong, or the people in some parts of Asia. The entire planets suffered
from this.
(The Jakarta Post. August, 5 2003)
4. The purpose of his coming to Hong Kong is not ....
a. to entertain people in Asia
b. to die on the stage
c. to promote his latest album
d. to tour the region
5. Where does Ricky come from?
a. Puerto Rico.
b. Hong Kong.
c. Singapore.
d. Bangkok.
6. The antonym of quit in the first sentence is ....
a. dissolved
b. disappeared
c. fired
d. continue
Question 7-9 are based on the following text
In April 2005 the number of people killed in December 26 tsunami disasters which devastated
11 Indian Ocean Countries has been revised down to 217,000 after Indonesia drastically
reduced its number of missing. Indonesia remains the worst hit country, with 163,978 people
dead and missing. According to the National Disaster Relief Coordination Agency, the
number confirmed dead was 126,915 people while 37,063 were listed as" missing. Officials
said the figure had been reduced because many people listed as missing had now been
identified among more then half a million homeless people living in the temporary camps or
other shelters. The toll in Sri Lanka, which was second hardest hit by the catastrophe, was
30,957, according to The Center for National Operations. The number of people listed as
missing was 5,637, but many were expected to be among those never formally identified,
hurriedly buried and included in the confirmed death toll.
7. How many people were reported missing when Sri Lanka was hit by catastrophe?
A. 5,637.
B. 30,957.

C. 163,978.
D. 217,000.
8. '... its number ...' (line 3). The word 'its' refers to ...
A. Indonesia
B. Sri Lanka
C. Number
D. People
9. '... drastically reduced ...' (line 2).The antonym of the word 'reduced' is
A. devastated
B. revised
C. increased
D. remained
Question 10-12 are based on the following text.
Learning English as a foreign language is sometimes interchanged with learning
English as a second language. Indonesian, Thai, and Japanese learn English as a foreign
language, because the people have their own official language that is Indonesian, Thai, and
Japanese respectively. In big cities in Indonesia, people speak Indonesian at home, in the
shops and at schools whereas in small towns or in villages people speak Indonesian and
vernaculars (Javanese, Balinese, Batak, etc.) interchangeably. They speak English only at
schools in their English classrooms.
The Philippines has adopted English as a second language.' English is an official
language in the Philippines for a different reason. The Philippines had been under successive
foreign colonization, first Spanish and then American, for a long time. Even nowadays
Spanish is still being taught in many high schools in Manila. In the Philippines people speak
Tagalog mostly at home and English mostly outside, in the same way as the Indonesians
living in Central
or East Java speak Javanese at home and Indonesian outside. English has become an official
language and a medium of instruction at schools. Even at kindergarten children speak English
for communication. No wonder most people from the Philippines are very fluent in English.
10. What is the text about? .
A. How to be fluent in English.
B. How to make English as a second language.
C. Learning English in the classroom at schools.
D. Learning English as a foreign language and a second language.
11. What is the synonym of the word 'interchanged'? (Paragraph 1 line 1)
A. Moved
B. Changed
C. Exchanged
D. Distinguished
12. Why are most people from the Philippines fluent in English? Because ...
A. English is the first foreign language
B. The Philippines speak English very well
C. English is the medium of instruction at schools
D. The country had been under successive foreign colonization
Question 12-25, find the synonyms and the antonyms of the following words.
13. Talent

14. Honed
15. Gained
16. Performance
17. College
18. Instruments
19. Quit
20. Dressed
21. Entire
22. Glad
23. Disaster
24. Reduced
25. Identify
26. Temporary
27. Missing
28. Expect
29. Learning

30. Interchanged
31. Speak
32. Adopt
33. Home
34. Shops
35. Official

Business letters is a letter from one company to another, or between such
organizations and their customers, clients and other external parties.
Part of the letter: head of letter, date, addressing, opening, body of letter, closing,
signature, name, position, and enclosure.

Activity 2
Translate the following text and answer the question.
Sent : Monday, 01 April 9:20-11:32 A.M
: Gavin Realtor
: Your pictures are ready
Dear Customer,
Thank you for using DIGICAM. Your digital photos are ready.
Please pick them up at Cherry Mall. The total cost is $28.92. If
you are unhappy with your pictures, please call us at 555-4756.
Enjoy your photos.
The DIGICAM photo team

1. What type of correspondence is this?


a. A cover letter
b. A resume
c. A memo
d. A fax
2. If the customers do not like their photos, what can they do?
a. Return their photos anywhere
b. Call Cherry Mall
c. Contact DIGICAM
d. Ask for refund directly
Wienbach Stationery Ltd
27 jl. Kayu Manis, Jakarta 13210


Ms. Denia
Hope Ltd
18 Jl. Tarumanegara, Pontianak
Kalimantan 22543
Dear Ms. Denia,
Thank you for ordering 20 cases of premium paper from Wienbach Stationery
Ltd. Your order has been shipped and should reach you within the next five business
Find your enclosed total bill for the above order amounting to Rp.5,000,000
and the check for Rp.500,000 is your refund. Because you paid in advance, we are
giving you a 10 % cash discount and we are paying for the shipping and handling,
Wienbach Sattionery Ltd. Is pleased to add you to its list of customers. We look
forward to your next order.

3. Where is the order delivered to?

a. Jakarta
b. Pontianak
c. Wienbach warehouse
d. Wienbach stationery Ltd.
4. Paragraph two tells us about
a. The half price of the total order
b. Shipping and handling fees of the products
c. The rebate of the total payment
d. The percentage of billing payment
5. pleased to add you to its list of customers. (paragraph 3 sentence 1)
The underlined word refers to
a. Paper corporation
b. Shipping company
c. Hope Ltd
d. Wienbach Stationery Ltd


Jl. Pemuda 59 Denpasar 55168
Iwan Santoso,
Arjuna Ceramic
Jl. Bima no. 315 Yogyakarta 31167
Dear Mr. Santoso,
Thank you very much for the fast delivery of the pots we ordered. I, however, feel far
from satisfied as half of the pots are damaged.
I would be grateful if you could send me new ones at absolutely no cost to replace the
damaged ones. I would suggest that you handle the delivery more carefully to avoid
Wanda Hamidah

6. What is Ms Wanda Hamidah complaining in her letter?

a. Arjuna Ceramic.
b. Pernak-pernik Collection.
c. The damage of the goods.
d. A member of Mr Iwans staff.
7. How does Ms. Hamidah want the firm to respond to her letter?
a. By replacing the damaged goods.
b. By paying for the damaged goods.
c. By handling the delivery carefully.
d. By contacting her immediately.
PT. Matra Perkasa,
Cileungsi, Bogor
West java
July 8, 2003
Ms. Yulia
Computer Supply Corp.
Jl. Hayam Wuruk No.1
Central Jakarta
Dear Ms. Yulia,
When the ten units of CPU (our PO#698) you shipped to us on July 7 (invoice
#2049037) arrived, we were dismayed to find that one unit had been damaged in
transit. Please let me know how you would like it returned, and send us a replacement
as soon as possible.
Thank you for handling this matter promptly.
8. Sincerely
What is being
a. Monitor.
b. CPU.
c. Diskette file.
d. Keyboard.

9. What does P.T. Matra Perkasa expect?

a. Letter of order.
b. Memo.
c. A replacement.
d. A new data.
Jl. Fatmawati 59
Jakarta Selatan
January 7, 2003

PT Sunflower Garment
Jl. Leuwigajah 146
Cimahi 40532

Dear Sirs,
I am interested in your advertisement in a fortnightly magazine about
your new pullover products. I wonder if I could get three pieces of each
color, size and model through the postal service. I would really
appreciate it if you could tell us the terms of payment and delivery. I am
looking forward to hearing from you, preferably by facsimile.
Yours sincerely,
Irene Susanto
10. What does Irene Boutique order?
A. Magazines.
B. Advertisements.
C. Pullovers.
D. Sunflower.
11. How do they want the order delivered?
A. By messenger.
B. By phone.
C. By fax.
D. By post.
Activity 3
Make a business letter from the situation given below!
1. You bought a pair of shoes from Bata Shoes, but when you got home, you found that
there was only one shoe in the box. You ask them to send you another shoe as soon as
2. Your company Gemilang Jaya has received the order from Suka Makmur. The
orders are two boxes of white paper, but they sent you the wrong paper. You asked
them to send you the right color as soon as possible.

Activity 4
Translate the following short letter into Indonesia.


North Road
London EC3
Mrs. R Norden
5 China Street
Dear Mrs. Norden,
I am pleased to tell you that you have won the STAR PRIZE in our competition.
You will receive a cheque for $1000 within the next few days.
Your sincerely,
H R Windsor


Jl. Damar 68
Surabaya 60175
February 16, 2013
Dear Kaira,
I am sorry for forgetting our dinner date. It was my fault, I was so busy at work. It
must have slipped my mind. How about I treat you to dinner next Friday, at the
new Japanese restaurant Oishis at 7:00 p.m? I have marked this date in my
planner, so I will not forget it. Id just like to apologize again for missing our
dinner date.
Your friend,

Activity 5
Answer the following questions based on the text..
35 Perintis Kemerdekaan street

Medan 20456
Telp / Fax : (061) 67557889

Mr. John Lee

25 Oak Road

Dear Mr. Lee,

We thank you very much for your letter on july 10, asking for the hotel brochure and
We are happy to send you a copy of our hotel brochure and our latest tariff. A copy of
Medan booklet is also enclosed for additional information.
Our staff will be very pleased to serve you. Please book the accomodation and any
other service to us soon.
Faithfully yours
Tya Puspa Paramitha
The Front Office Manager
Enc : - Hotel brochures and tariff
- Medan booklet

1. What kind of a letter is it?
2. What is the subject of the letter
3. Why do you think Mr. John Lee wrote the inquiry?
4. What is the head of the letter?
5. What is the enclosure?
6. Who sends the letter?
7. What is the company position?
8. To whom the letter was sent?
9. Where is the hotel located?
10. Who is Mr. John Lee?


Activity 6
Question 1-5 are based on the following procedure.

Buy a ticket before entering the gate

Leave all your belongings before entering the building
Do not eat, drink and smoke in the building
Turn off your radio or tape recorder
Touching the antiques is prohibited
6. Do not take any pictures of the antiques
1. What is the procedure about?
a. Rules for museum visitors
b. Problems with the antiques
c. Services offered in the museum
d. Rules of the building
2. What should visitors do before they enter the gate?
a. Leave their belongings

b. Take a picture
c. Buy a ticket
d. Eat and drink
3. The following rules are for museum visitors, except
a. Dont eat
b. Dont smoke
c. Turn on the radio
d. Dont touch the antiques
4. Can we take pictures of the antiques?
a. No, we can
b. Yes, we can
c. Sometimes we can, sometimes we cant
d. Of course we can
5. What is the anonym of the word prohibited in rule number 5?
a. Left
c. forbidden
b. Limited
d. permitted
Question 6-10 are based on the following instructions below.
1. Food service employees must be trained using this SOP
2. Follow state or local heath department requirements
3. Follow the employee health policy (employee health policy is not included in
this resource)
4. Wash hands before putting on gloves. Each time gloves are changed, when
changing task and before serving food with utensils.
5. Avoid touching ready-to-eat foods with bare hands
6. Handle plates by the edge or bottom, cups by the handle or bottom and utensils
by the handles.
7. Store utensils with the handles up or by other means to prevent contamination.
8. Store potentially hazardous food at the proper temperature
9. Serve food with clean and sanitized utensils
10. Store in-use utensils properly
11. Date mark and cool potentially hazardous foods or discard leftovers
6. What are the instructions above about?
a. To handle kitchen utensils correctly
b. To serve food in a sanitary manner
c. To follow the health department requirements
d. To prevent food from contamination
7. How should we handle cup?
a. By the handle
c. by the edge
b. By the top
d. by the cover
8. Store potentially hazardous food at the proper temperature. What is the antonym of
the underlined word?
a. Correct
c. suitable
b. Trued. wrong
9. Store utensils with the handles up or by other means to prevent contamination. What
is the synonym of the underlined word?
a. Let
c. avoid
b. Keep
d. make

10. Date mark and cool potentially hazardous foods or discard leftovers. What does the
underlined word means?
a. Uneaten food after meals
b. Hazardous food
c. Delicious food
d. Various food
Question 10-12 are based on the following instructions below
When you're installing your computer, system remember to follow the set up
direction in the manual. Perform all steps in. the order percentage in it . Proceed
slowly and carefully to make sure that you put it's cable into correct socket. The
pin in the plug and line with corresponding holes in the socket and so on. Its cable
usually has different kinds, of plug on its two ends. Making it almost impossible
for you to make mistake. But to perform socket, do not plug the power cable or
switch on any components until you have double check every connection.
11. What must we do to install a computer system?
A. Install it slowly and carefully.
B. Make it impossible td make mistakes.
C. Follow the set up directions in the manual.
D. Align pins in a plug with the corresponding holes.
12. What may happen if we do not double check everyconnection?
A. The cables cannot be put into the correct sockets,
B. It will be impossible to make a mistake.
C. There may be short circuit.
D. The computer can not be switched on.
Activity 7
Rearrange these jumbled procedures into the right order.
How to make Custom Clothing Labels
1) Finally, sew the labels onto the clothing using needle and thread
2) Second, insert the transfer paper into the feeder of your ink jet printer. After your label
template has been created, click the print option in the software programs toolbar to
print the labels onto the iron-on transfer paper
3) Next, fuse the label to the ribbon using an iron at a low temperature setting
4) First, create a template on your computer using a label software program
5) Then, cut the ribbon into pieces with an adequate size to accommodate the label
6) After that, allow the ribbon to cool and then remove the transfer paper. Your graphic
will be shown on the ribbon. Continue the process until you have created as many
clothing labels as you need
7) Next, divide the labels that have been printed on the transfer paper by cutting each of
them individually

8) Then, place a piece of ribbon on top of a soft cloth and place the transfer paper label
on top of it.
Activity 8
Translate these following procedure and instruction.
1. Port Workers Duties
a. Proper precautions should be adapted for the dropping of lashing equipment.
b. Port workers should drive at a moderate speed limit during discharging and loading
operations of cars.
c. Port workers working on Ro-Ro vessels should wear a high visibility vest.
2. Driver duties
a. Drivers should not drive vehicles, either forward or backward, while personnel are
in position where they could be hit.
b. Always use great care when joining a tug master and a trailer. A careless job can
risk the safety of the load and of the other workers.

Activity 9
Find the synonym of the words below.


6. Complete
7. Job
8. Recommend
9. Instructions
10. Convenience

Activity 10
Find the antonym of the words below.
1. Create
6. Duties
2. Careless
7. Leave
3. Great
8. After
4. Continue
9. Temporarily
5. Bottom
10. Forward
Activity 11
Choose the correct answer.
1. Before pressing the power button on the front of the television, we should
a. Plug the cable in
b. Press the power button
c. Check the aerial connection
d. Check the video source
2. You shouldnt put a mobile phone near any electronic devices. The sentence above

a. Keep yourself away from any electronic devices

b. Keep your mobile phone away from any electronic devices
c. Put the phone near a television
d. Put your mobile phone in a box
3. Yamashita
: Why dont you read the manual first?
a. I dont know to use this camera
b. Its broken. I cant use this
c. Dont worry. I am an expert
d. I am going to use my new camera
4. Leo : dont put the glass near my computer!
Bryan :
Leo : because its dangerous
a. Why dont you put it near the computer?
b. Why must you keep it close to your computer?
c. Why dont you want me to put it close to your computer?
d. Why must you do that?
5. You must unplug the power cable now! The meaning of the underlined word is
a. To remove an electronic device from an unsafe place
b. To remove a dangerous thing and keep it away from an electronic device
c. To keep an electronic device safe
d. To remove the plug of an electronic device from its socket
6. You need to read the instructions first before operating this tool. The word
underlined means
a. The things you shouldnt do
b. The things you need to avoid
c. The things you need to remember
d. The things that you have been told to do
7. Bryan : can you post this letter for me?
Tyo :
Bryan : thank you, Tio.
a. Im sorry but Im in hurry
b. Id love too, but I am not going to the post office
c. I wish I could
d. Sure, I would be happy to help you
8. Sheila : What do you do in the present company?
Dinah : ...
A. I have sent this insurance policy to a new client.
B. I check mail, sort out letters, and put them in theagenda.
C. I will have to arrange the annual meeting with the stakeholders
D. I met some clients this morning, and got toexplain the company policy.
9. Dinah : I'm thinking about quitting my job.
Sheila : Sorry? Are you serious? It's so difficult to find a job these days.
Dinah : I know, but ... I'm thinking about continuing my studies.
A. I'm not going to find another job.
B. the job was not interesting anymore.
C. I did not want to work for a bigger company.
D. the company will try to stop me from walking out.
10. Rani : Rafi, what did you usually do when you were in London?

Rafi : ...
A. I use to play tennis with my father.
B. I usually drink English tea for breakfast.
C. I used to walk down the road in the afternoon.
D. I sometimes go to the movies with some friends.
11. Sam
: How much is that new Toyota?
Salesperson : It's $ 4,700, tax included.
:.... I can't afford it.
A. The cost is low
B. That's cheap enough
C. That's too expensive
D. The price is quite reasonable
12. Nahya : ..... Raisha, our new staff?
Budi : Oh, yes. I am her yesterday. Hi, Raisha. Howare you doing?
Raisha : Hi, Budi. I'm doing fine, Thanks. How areyou?
A. Have you met
B. Do you know about
C. Do you want to meet
D. Are you going to meet
13. Mela : I have already put the letter here. What's next?
Bowo : Do you see the "start" button on the machine? If you press it, ...
Mela : Oh, yes. Thank you.
A. you will see the next instruction
B. you would see the next instruction
C. you would see the next instruction
D. you would have seen the next instruction
14. Fahri : You've got a big bonus and incentives,
haven't you? ...? I'm hungry.
Vita : Okay, where do you usually have lunch?
A. Why didn't you tell me?
B. Why don't you treat me?
C. Why didn't you eat lunch?
D. Why must we wait for them?
15. Adrian
: What does a chef do exactly?
: He supervises the preparation and serviceof the food from the kitchen
to the diningroom, arranges the menu and ...
A. carry away the dirty dishes to the pantry.
B. taking care of cleanliness of the kitchen.
C. served drinks to the table in the bar.
D. tastes the food for correct seasoning.
16. Duta : It will be a long weekend next week. What is your plan?
Echa : ...,. There will be a family outing sponsoredby the-office.
A. We have gone by a tourist bus
B. We are going to go to Anyer
C. We stayed in a cottage
D. We have a barbecue
17. Reporter : Where does this industry sell its products?
Manager : This industry exports some of theproducts but ...
A. much of them are sold in the domestic markets

B. few of them are made in the domestic markets

C. most of them are sold in the domestic markets
D. least them are made in the domestic markets
18. Psychologist : What can you say about yourchildhood?
: I'll always remember my sweet timewhen I was still young. My
friendsand I loved to play in a small fieldnear our houses and ... our
A. we will ride
B. we're riding
C. we used to ride
D. we will use to ride
19. Student : Can I remove the car wheels with spannerno. 10?
Mechanic : No, you can't. ... the bolts.
A. It's too small to loosen
B. It's enough big to loosen
C. It's big enough to loosen
D. It's small enough to loosen
20. Bim : Do you know that... our monorail project nextweek?
Bram : Really? I have to prepare our progress reportof it then.
A. the government could check
B. the governor will review
C. I have reported
D. we visited
21. Caller : Hello. ...?
Nita : I'm sorry, he is out. Could you call back atfour?
Caller : All right. Thank you.
A. Could you speak to Mr. Aziz, please?
B. Can I take a message from you?
C. Could I speak to Mr. Aziz, please?
D. Would you like to call him again?
22. Fitha : Excuse me. I don't think ... you before. Myname's Fitha.
Marshall : Nice to meet you. I'm Bev Marshall.
A. I saw you .
B. I need to talk
C. I have met you
D. I should contact you
23. Fatin I : What does our new English teacher looklike?
Nana : ... He is fit to be a model.
A. He has a new car.
B. He is nice and wise.
C. He looks happy.
D. He's tall and slim.
24. Receptionist : Good morning. May I help you?
Risa : Yes. My name is Risa and I have anappointment with Dr. Ibrahim at 10o'clock.
Secretary : Sorry, ...
A. He is treating a patient at the moment
B. He was talking on the phone
C. He is out of town

D. He was still on the way

25. Brother : Izha,... to borrow your motorcycle?
Izha : Sure, but remember to fill up the tank.
A. did you ask me
B. can you come
C. will you be able
D. is it possible for me
26. Winny : When did you come back from the jobtraining program in Bangkok?
Fanny : I just arrived yesterday.
Winny : ...
Fanny : Oh, yes. I enjoyed everything there,especially the training.
A. Will you enjoy the training?
B. Did you have a great time?
C. Are you going to attend a training?
D. Do you plan to go back?
27. Titi : It's already lunch time. I feel like starving.
Danu : Let's eat at the cafeteria, then.
Titi : ...I'm rather bored with the food there.
A. Why don't we have something different?
B. What about having lunch together?
C. How about dinner?
D. Let's not eat anywhere else.
28. Diah: do you have any plans tonight?
Sisy :
a. I went to eat with my brother
b. Im playing badminton with my brother
c. I have planned to help my mom cooking Japanese food
d. I would tell them the whole story
29. Dinda: Oh, God! Her mobile phone is off. What happened to her?
Maria: Dont worry!
a. She never do this before, I;m sure
b. She will be just fine, Im sure
c. She would try to do something
d. She would like to contacted me
30. Dea: Its so hot here.
Mia: Il get it for you.
a. I need many water, please
b. I need any juice, please
c. I need some pieces of water, please
d. I need some water, please.
Activity 12
Error recognition. Choose the underlined word or phrase that is incorrect.
1. It is important for every people to learn how to usea fire extinguisher because fires
happen anywhere.

2. The first step to use a fire extinguisher is to pullits pin located on the extinguishers
3. After doing the first step, the next is to aiming the nozzle towardsthe base of the
4. The next step to make sure the extinguisher worksisto squeeze the handle and to
it from side to side at the base of the fire
5. To understand an SOP is very important because it can help us from any danger a
procedure might causes
6. A stabilizers functionis to stabilize electric tension in your house and it will useful to
prevent any damage to your electronic device.
7. Do not put water near any electronic devices. It can cause them damage if the water
8. When the weather is cloud and there is a lot of thunder, it is betterto unplug a power
9. Do you know how dangerousis it when you do not unplug a power cable when it is
raining and there is thunder outside?
After finishing my study here, I do not continue studyingat a
Mr. Smith lives in Paris for ten years, but now he is living in
12. Mr. Tanaka would be fired if he had not finishedhis project before the due date.
13. Scholarships areprovided for students whichget the first and second rank.
14. Every customerare servedvery well in the shop, that is why, it is always full.
15. They asked me to copy the report, but I told them to do theirselves.
16. Everyone must impress by the beautiful scenery of the island andwant to come back

another time.
17. The builder hasn't finishing his work yet even though the time limit isover.
Doctors should treat them patients politely and carefully.
19. The man said that his brothers was busy with his work
20. Mr. Bloom field's ID card, whom you found yesterday, isin the filing cabinet
21. All citizens must participation in every program to improve the national condition.
22. Have problems with your health, weak and exhausted? Try Nature Privileges! One pill
day will keep you not only healthy and energetic? So, 'rush to the nearest drugstore
30% discount until the end of May.
23. Back to School Midyear Sales at Bros! Prices are more lower than those of other
in town. Come for anything you need at school.
24. Visitor
: Good morning. May I see Mr. Jarred?
Receptionist : Good morning. Oh, you must be Mr. Tanaka of Toyota 2000. Please
down. I can tell him youre here.
: Thank you.
25. Children should be accompanied by their parents when watching television. Some
programs often broadcast violence whose may cause bad effects for children's