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Manila, Philippines William Tiu Lim, President and CEO of Mega Global Corporation has been recognized at the

e 2015
Agora Awards last November 11, 2015. He was given the Outstanding Achievement in Entrepreneurship Large Scale
award for his excellent contributions to the marketing field.
Heading the Mega Global operations since 1995, William Tiu Lim has his vision set on making the corporation one of the
leading manufacturer and distributor of canned goods. He started with one fishing vessel and today, the company has 65
fishing vessels in operation making Mega Global one of the largest commercial fishing groups in the country.
He has seen the company work its way up the industry ladder by providing high-quality, value-for-money products and
bringing forth improvement and innovation in fishing, food technology and packaging. One of the many things that Mega
Global is very proud of is their 12-hour-Catching-to-Canning trademark, a fishing process completed in 12 hours from the
time the fishes are caught up to the time they are canned ensuring freshness and high-quality in every can.

Ask any Filipino if they have eaten sardines and hear a resounding yes.
Filipino households are no strangers to sardine, which is one of the leading sources of protein among the masses. True
enough, in every supermarket, canned and bottled sardines are readily available for consumption. Especially for the poor,
a can of sardines may be a lifesaver because it is affordable and accessible.
But theres one Filipino company that stretches the concept of accessibility through new innovations that strive to
improve peoples lives. Based in Zamboanga City, Mega Global Fishing and Canning had brought forward several
innovations such as the easy-to-open pouch sardines and the easy- to-open can.
Mega Global is one of the 11 sardine canning factories in Zamboanga City, which is considered as the sardine capital of
the Philippines. About one million metric-tons of fish are being caught in the Sulu Celebes Sea, which surrounds the
Zamboanga peninsula.
The company, founded by William Tiu-Lim, started its operations in 1995 and then opened its first canning plant in 1998.
Starting from one fishing vessel, the company had expanded to 55 fishing vessels today. Now, it has one canning factory
that produces about 300,000 cans per day in Talisayan and another office in Cawit that handles logistics, dry-docking,
ship-building, engineering, and allied businesses. It also operates the Tawi-Tawi-based Bongao Hatchery, which is a joint
enterprise of the national and provincial government.
The company prides itself to provide local employment, as Mega Global employs 2,000 Zamboangeos in its plants. It
exports to 41 countries, including Europe, United Arab Emirates, US, Canada, Saudi Arabia, and Taiwan, among other