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Thesis Outline

Name: Diana Erawati

NIM : 0905085301

The Use Of Song Lyrics To Improve Students Vocabulary Of Verb

(An Experimental Research At The Seventh Grade Students Of SMP N 35 )

A. Background of the Study

Learning a language is not something new for people who have been interested in
it since a long time ago. It is caused by the main function of language that is for
communication. In the learning process, one of the important parts in creating
and understanding the language is vocabulary mastery. People can not express
their opinion and ideas in English without knowing their vocabulary. Low
vocabulary mastery also makes them unable to express the opinion properly.
In Indonesia, English is a compulsory subject which is taught in Junior
High School and Senior High School as a second language. As a result,The
Indonesian government always makes effort to improve the quality of teacher and
other component which are involved in education process.
We cant not express ideas in English without learning English vocabulary.
So that, when students are given a passage with word that are supposed to have
been taught earlier, they still find it difficult to understand the meaning.
To make students motivate and enjoyable to study vocabulary, the teacher should
be creatively in delivering material.
We should use variative strategies in teaching vocabulary. One of the
strategies that can be used by teacher is using media to support the teaching
learning process. There are some teaching media available now, so the writer uses
song lyrics to improve students vocabulary of verb.

B. Reasons for Choosing the Topic

1. There are some reasons why the writer chooses this topic. The Vocabulary
is essential to improve the language. Vocabulary learning has been
mastered by the students in order to be able to communicate in English
2. Most students in Junior High School still have difficulties in vocabulary,
so that they can not convey their ideas clearly because of their limited
3. Songs can be wonderful media for natural language, furthermore songs
will make the students relax and fun. By using songs, learning English
vocabulary will be interesting and enjoyable
C. Definition of Key Term
1. Use
According to the Oxford Advanced Learners Dictionary, use is do
something with.
2. Song
Song is a piece of music sung or composed for singing
3. Lyrics
Lyrics are set of words that make up a song.
4. Improve
To become or make something better, to increase the value or good
qualities of something
5. Verb
Word that denote action.
6. Vocabulary
Vocabulary is a total number of words which (with roles for
combining them) make up a language. This definition tells us not only the
number of words one knows but also the rules for combining the words to
make up a language. It means that vocabulary covers knowing the meaning
of words and their uses in context.

7. Experimental study
Experimental study is kind of research that is used to
establish a cause and effect relationship between two phenomena.
The writer aims to establish that one variable, independent variable
cause changes in another variable, the dependent variable.
8. Students
Student is one who studies or investigated, one who is
enrolled for study at School College etc.
D. Statement of the Problem
The statement of the problem in this study is How effective
does the use of song lyrics improve students vocabulary of verb at the
seventh grade of SMPN 35 Samarinda?

E. Objectives of the Study

The objective of the study is to find out the effectiveness of
song lyrics to improve students vocabulary of verb at the eighth grade
of SMPN 35 Samarinda.
F. Scope of the Study
To limit the scope of the study, the writer will only discuss such
as follows:
1. This study will be done in the seventh grade students of SMPN 35
2. This study will talk about the use of song lyrics, which is effective
to improve students vocabulary of verb. It is done to find the
effective way to teach vocabulary of verb.

G. Significances of the study

The writer hopes, the finding of this study will be
useful for:
1. Students
It is hoped that students can improve students vocabulary
of verb by using song
2. English Teacher
Encouraging teacher to find the best method of teaching
English vocabulary to the
3. School
As an input for the improving of science related to the
teaching learning language.
4. The writer
The result of the study will answer this questions which are
the basic of reseach.

A. Theoretical
1. Vocabulary

a. Definition of vocabulary
Vocabulary is one of the language components which should be
mastered by English learners. Vocabulary has role, which parallel
with phonology and grammar to help the learner mastering four
language skills.

b. Teaching vocabulary
Teaching vocabulary is a complex task because it includes the
meaning of the words.
A good teacher should use appropriate techniques and enough
practice for certain words, so that the objectives will be achieved.

c. Some Techniques in teaching vocabulary

Teaching techniques is important in teaching learning process not
only determined by teacher and students competence but also with
in appropriate technique.
Ruth Gairns and Stuart Redman say, There are many techniques of
vocabulary teaching. There are: visual aids, verbal explanation, and
contextual guesswork.
d. The principle of teaching and learning vocabulary
According to Wallace, there are six principles on which teaching
learning vocabulary is to be based, they are:
1. Aims
2. Quantity
3. Need
4. Meaningful Presentation
e. Verb
In studying language, verb is a part of word classes in learning
It is include into important component. The words of verb in
English have the forms relevant to the time that they indicate.
But the verb also has several other grammatical properties that
are shared with no other part of speech.
1) Types of verbs
In language grammatical, verb can be classified into:
a) Based on the usage, verb is divided into :
(1) Infinitive verb
(2) Preterit
(3) Past participle
b) Based on the object, verb is divided into:
(1) Transitive verb
(2) Intransitive verb

2) Based on the function of the sentence, verb is divided into:

a) Full verb or ordinary verb
b) Auxiliary verb
c) Linking verb
d) Based on the form, verb is divided into:
(1) Regular verb
(2) Irregular verb
(3) Function of verbs
(4) Position of verb

2. Song lyrics in Teaching Vocabulary of Verb

In this study, the writer uses one of teaching media to teach
vocabulary to make it pleasing and interesting to the students. The
media is song lyrics. By using song lyrics, students feel something
new and different from what they usually got in their class.
1) Definition of song
2) Definition of lyrics
3) Song lyrics as media to teach vocabulary of verb
4) The application of song lyrics in teaching vocabulary
5) The advantages and disadvantages of song
B. Previous research
The previous reseaches that used by the reseacher are:
1. A thesis by Kustiana Dewi, students number 05420142, English
Education of IKIP PGRI Semarang 2009. The title is Improving
Students Vocabulary Mastery Through Listening English Song of
the Eighth Year Students of SMPN 25 Semarang 2009/ 2010.
2. A thesis by Agus Riyanto,students number 220 140 1092, Language
And Art Faculty State University of Semarang, 2006. The title is
Teaching Vocabulary Through Real Thing at Elementary School at
Case of Study on the Fifth Grade of SDN 1 Surodadi Kedung Jepara
in Academic year 2005/2006.

C. Hypothesis
The criteria of the test of hypothesis as follow:
Ha : There is a significant effect of using song lyrics to improve
students vocabulary of verb at the seventh grade of SMPN 35 in the
academic year of 2016/2017.
Ho : There is not any significant effect of using song lyrics to improve
students vocabulary of verb at the seventh grade of SMPN 35
Samarinda in the academic year of 2016/2017
This chapter discussed subject and setting of research, research
variable, research design, sources of data, instruments, and procedures of
experimentation, and method of data analysis.
A. Setting
B. Participants (Population, Sample and Sampling Technique)
1. Population
2. Sample and Technique Sampling
C. Research Variables
D. Research Design
In this research, the writer used the form of quantitative
approach to analyze the data. It is quantitative because it emphasizes
the systematic measurement and quantification of variables and the
data that was gained were numeric and was analyzed by using
statistical computation. Quantitative approach stressed the analysis to
the numerical data that is processed by statistical method. It will
explain the result of pre-test and post-test.

E. Data Collection Technique

In gaining the data, the researcher attempted to employ these

following methods.
1. Documentation
2. Test
F. Technique of Data Analysis
There are three kinds of test that will be held in experimental
research, they are try-out test, pre-requisite test, and hypothesis test.
1. Try out Test
2. Pre-Requisite Test
3. Hypothesis Test
G. Research Procedures
There are three stages in doing experiment research; they are
pretest, treatment and posttest.


1. Pretest
3. Post-test
Post-test was held after all treatments were conducted. This test
was used to measure students ability after they were given treatments.
The result of test was analyzed statistically.