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Douglas Anderson Naviance Step-by-Step

Directions for Requesting a Transcript


You must have a Naviance account in order for your counselor to send your
transcript to your colleges (Username: email address. Password is likely:
s followed by student number.)
If you do not, please contact one of the School Counseling secretaries.

Linking your Naviance account to your Common App account:


Log into your Student Naviance account

Click the Colleges tab
Click Colleges Im applying to
The screen will display Common App Account Matching Incomplete in a blue
a. You must make sure that you have signed the FERPA Waiver & Authorization
on the Common Application website.
b. The Common Application email and your date of birth must match or
Naviance will not let you continue.

Please note: The School Counseling Department does not send official SAT or ACT scores to
colleges. It is the students responsibility to send official scores through either Collegeboard
( and/or ACT ( Please see your counselor with any


Requesting a Transcript through Naviance:


You must add the colleges you are applying to in your Naviance
account and then request transcripts in order for us to send
a. Select colleges Im applying to then click +add to this list
b. Select lookup (in blue) to find your school
c. Select the type Regular Decision, Early Action, Early Decision, Rolling
You must select the CORRECT type. If you are unsure, please read your
application documents and/or ask your counselor!
f. If you are requesting a transcript, make sure you check the request box
under the Transcript heading then select Add Colleges.
Option Two: By clicking the Request Transcripts link after adding
the college to the Colleges Im Applying To List. (Use this only if you
g. Click Add Colleges.
h. Check I have submitted my application if you have done so (if not, you can
update this setting once you have submitted your application)
i. Repeat to add additional colleges you are applying to
j. Select Add Colleges at the bottom once you have selected all your
* This list includes all schools you have added to your Common App in addition to schools
you have applied to not using the Common App. For colleges that do not accept eDocs
submissions, you will see a stamp logo
next to the school name. If there is a stamp
logo, students must come to the School Counseling office to pick up the hard copy
transcript to mail out. The first three transcripts are free. Each transcript after the three
will cost $2.00. If you have a Fee Waiver you will not be charged for any transcripts.

Request Transcripts for Scholarships


Complete the following steps to request transcripts for scholarships

a. Click the Colleges tab.
b. On the left hand side there is a tab titled Resources, click on transcripts
c. Click the Request transcripts for scholarships or athletics
d. Type your Name in the Recipient space for Transcript One
i. If you need additional Transcripts, type your Name in the Recipient space
e. Click Add Transcript Requests
f. Students must pick up their transcript in the School Counseling office 48 hours after
the request was completed.

To check your transcript status

Log onto Naviance/Family Connection

Click the Colleges tab
Click Transcripts (in the left column)
Click View the status of all my transcript requests (see image below)