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Internet Ethics Copyright Issues

Legal and Ethical Practices-Observes laws, rules and ethical practices in the
Professionalism: Conducts oneself in a professional manner appropriate to
organizational expectations.
CIS 105 Identify positive social and ethical behaviors when using technology
and the consequences of misuse. (VII)
VII. Social and Ethical Issues
A. Ethics
B. Viruses
E. Intellectual Property Rights
F. Privacy


Use the links provided to find the answers to the questions. You will have to
hold your Control key down and click on the link. Type your answers using a
red font.
1. You find the perfect image for your report on a web site. Under the picture
is a copyright notice. How should you handle this? Ask the copyright
owner for permission to use the picture

2. You paid $25 for the newest cd of your favorite group. Your best friend's
family has fallen on hard times. You make a copy of the cd for him. Is this
ok? Not OK? Why? Not ok you dont own the rights to the music on the cd.

3. What three factors qualify a work for copyright protection?

It must:

Be original
Be tangibly fixed ( replica of the work / physical copy)



4. What three things may be included in a copyright notice? Research the

The owner, the copyright symbol, and the year of first publication.

5. Name two people from the following website who were accused of or
caught plagiarizing and what were they accused of plagiarizing. Melania
Trumps speech writer plagiarized parts of Melania Trumps speech rom
Michelle Obama
6. Congratulations, you wrote a great book. How long is that book copyright
protected according to the US Copyright Office? The lifetime of the other
and 70 years after their death.
7. Your group is creating a web site as a class project. While researching on
the Internet,
you discover a great online puzzle that really fits your project. None of you
knows how to make online puzzles.
Are you legally permitted to copy the web page and add it to your web
site? Explain why. No,

8. Since your project's site will be online, what is an alternative to posting it

in your site?
(must use FireFox or Chrome NOT Internet Explorer)

9. How much music, from your favorite rock group, can you add to the
project?(See chart in #7s resource) 10% or a maximum of 30 seconds

10. The opening shot from a hit movie would be a great closing for the class
digital yearbook.
How much can you use? (See chart in #7s resource) 10% or 3 minutes



11. What is public domain? The state of being not copyrighted and available
to the public

12. Is everything on the Internet Public Domain? Name the 3 circumstances

when material may be copied freely from the web.

(Hint: Use the Find command to scan the text rather than read the whole page. To do this
using most web browsers, go Edit ... Find. Enter the keywords and click Find. The text will
be highlighted. Edit ... Find again will take you to the next occurrence of the word.) No,

most things on the internet arent public domain. Material may be copied
freely when it is owned by the federal government, the copyright has been
abandoned, and the copyright has expired.

13. What are the five exclusive rights given to copyright owners under the
Copyright Act?

the right to reproduce

the right to prepare derivative works

the right to distribute copies

the right to perform

the right to display

14. Write one of the The Ten Commandments of Computer Ethics.
Thou shalt not use a computer to steal.

15. How do you feel about file sharing? File sharing is okay every once in a
Students will be given 2 points for each correct answer for a total of 30 points.