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1. Three hollow cones with identical base are inserted in each other.

The heights
of these cones are in ratio 2:3:5. Find the ratio of volume of trapped air
between the largest and second largest cone to the trapped air between the
second largest and smallest cone?
a. 5 : 3 b. 5 : 1 c. 3 : 2
d. 2 : 1
2. A number is said to be self content number if sum of the factorials of its
digits is the number itself. Find the middle digit of a three digit self content
number with all distinct digits.
a. 5
b. 4 c. 2
d. No unique value is possible
3. Four persons A, B, C and D are to be seated around a six point star shaped
table such that A and B are always adjacent and C and are always adjacent
but B and D are never adjacent. The chairs are placed at all the 12 positions.
Distance between any two adjacent chair is constant. In how many ways can
the four be seated?
a. 11880 b. 72 c. 456 d. 408
4. If for real numbers a, b, c, a = bb , b = cb, c = a(1/a) , the value of (1/a) + (1/b)
+ (1/c) can be
a. (3 + 21/2)/2
b. (3 + 31/2)/4
c. (2.21/2 + 3)/4
d. (2.31/2 + 3)/4
5. Tama has a set of cards with a number written on each card such that she
can draw a regular polygon taking of any of those numbers as interior angle.
She makes a new set of cards and writes a number on it which she gets by
adding numbers on any two cards from the earlier set. Find the maximum
number of cards in both the sets having a common number.
a. 5
b. 15 c. 20 d. None of these
6. Let f(x) be a function such that for every real x, f(x + 1) f(x) = f(x - 2) f(x
-1) and f(3)= 3, then what is the value of f(2015)?
a. 1093
b. 1097
c. 1095
d. None of these
7. How many ordered sets (a, b, c, d) exist such that if we select any three of
them and multiply, the product is equal to the number left unselected.(a, b, c,
d are integers).
a. 3
b. 2
c. 7
d. None of these
8. a, b are the roots of the equation, x2 + x + 1 = 0 and c, d are the roots of
the equation x2 + 3x +1 = 0, then what is the value of (a - c)(b +d)(a + d)(b c)?
a. 8
b. 10 c. 4 d. 3
9. [log(1) + log(1 + 3) + log(1 + 3 + 5) + + log(1 + 3 + 5 +7 +.+ 19)]
2[log1 + log2 + + log7] = m + nx + ay. If x = log2 and y = log3, then
which of the following is the ordered triplet (m, n, a)? [Note: use base 10 for
all log functions].

a. (2, 6, 4)

b. (2, 7, 4)

c. (2, 4, 6)

d. (2, 8, 6)

10.Ram takes 9 days and Gopal takes D days to complete a job working alone.
Ram Gopal work on the job on alternate days. If they take exactly the same
time irrespective of who starts the job, how many positive integer values are
possible for D?
a. 1
b. 2
c. 3
d. 4
11.If A is the sum of squares of first n natural numbers (Where n is less than
100), then for how many values of n will A be divisible by 5?
a. 40
b. 60
c. 59 d. 39
12. Let P be the point on the side AB of the triangle ABC. Lines drawn parallel to
PC meet AC and BC extended at Y and X respectively. The lengths of AX, BY
and PC be a, b and c respectively. Then c will be equal to half of
a. AM of a and b
b. GM of a and b
c. HM of and b
d. None of these
13.What is the number of non negative solutions of the equation x 2 xy + y2 = x
+ y?
a. 3
b. 4
c. 1 d. None of these
14.N = 393393393393393 (867 digits), When N is divided by 37 remainder is
R1 and when N is divided by 27 remainder is R 2, find the remainder when R1 is
divided by R2.
a. 2 b. 3 c. 0 d. None of these
15.In a table tennis tournament, the number of male participants was twice of
female participants. Each player played a match with each of the remaining
players exactly once. Each match involved exactly two players. No match
ended in a draw. The number of matches won by the female players was
equal to the number of matches won by the male players. Which of the
following can be the total number of matches in which a male player
defeated a female player?
a. 20
b. 24
c. 39 d. 30
16.Richa has three types of boxes viz. large, medium and small. She plays a
game in which she places 9 large boxes on the table. She puts 5 medium
boxes each, in a few of the large boxes then she puts 5 small boxes each, in
few of the medium boxes. If the number of boxes that have been left empty
in the game is 41, then how many boxes were used in the game by Richa?
a. 72
b. 49 c. 63 d. Cannot be determined
17.If b(a - 1) = 31/2 1, then find the value of 6a2 4a +12(a/b) + 6/b2 4/b.
a. 18 + 9.31/2 b. 18 + 10.31/2 c. 20 + 8.31/2
d. None of these