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About Go Green Event

This event isorganized every year since 2009on Day Zero of Baja SAE India
competition. Participating teams are awarded based on the evaluation during the
event. The awards are sponsored by Emitec Emission Control Technologies India Pvt.
Ltd. for Baja SAE India 2015. Event will take place on 19 th Feb. 2015.
1st Prize Rs. 60,000
2nd Prize Rs. 40,000
Objective of this event is to spread awareness on emissions from the IC engines and
to reduce those emission using different technologies.

1. Participation in this event is optional for the teams participating in Baja SAE
2015 event.
2. Deadline for registrationfor Go Green Award is till 17 th Feb 2015
3. Please click on following link for online registration for Go Green Awards

4. Evaluation criteria:


100 marks with the following break-up

Poster 25 marks
Presentation 25 marks
Physical model of catalytic converter system 50 marks

o Poster- 25 Marks

Please check the poster format & instructions in <Link for poster
Posters must be displayed at the pit of respective teams;
judges will come any time to evaluate the posters during the
event day.

o PowerPoint Presentation- 25 marks

Each participating team should make a PowerPoint Presentation

about their concept of vehicle exhaust after-treatment system
for their Baja SAE 2015 vehicle and present to the panel of
Presentation time for each team is strictly limited to 10minutes;
maximum 2 members per team will be allowed to speak during
the presentation.

Participating team should also bring the physical model of

catalytic convertor system during the presentation as they also
will be evaluated during the presentation.

o Physical model of catalytic converter system 50 marks

All participating teams must prepare an appropriate physical

model of catalytic converter system for their Baja SAE India
Team must keep the catalytic converter system with them for
the presentation event as it will be evaluated during the
The catalytic converter system looks likefigure 1 and should be
in ready to be fitted condition in the vehicle. Judges may ask
any team to fit the catalytic converter system and run the
emission test if required.

Figure 1: Schematic of aCatalytic converter system

5. Emitec Logo stickers must be displayed on the Baja vehicleFire wall on the
top-right corner when viewed from front as per Figure 2. Sticker dimensions
- Height 10 cm x Length 20 cm. Stickers will be distributed to teams on the
event day.

Figure 2: Schematic for Emitec logo sticker display

6. Event Timing: 11:30 am to 5:30 pm, 19th Feb. 2015, Event Venue:
Presentation rooms in Baja main event campus. Announcement of this event

will be done at sharp 11:30 am in the main stage (Inauguration Hall). All the
teams who have registered for this event are welcome to attend the same.
7. For more details regarding the rules for Go Green event, please contact:
Mr. Dushyant Bhatt (Emitec)
Mobile no: +91 88888 70548