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M&M Research

1B Psych 1010
Name: Alejandra Miranda & Evalee Anderton
Instructions:Follow the steps below to better understand the behaviors of M&M Bags
% Research M&M Colors (Search what is the color distribution of m&ms)
% Blue:24%
% Brown:14%
% Green:16%
% Orange:20%
% Yellow:14%
% Red:13%
% Apply the scientific method
% Question: Does my bag match the researched distribution of M&M
% Hypothesis:: No I dont think the distribution and color will be
% Experiment: Get a sample of 25 M&Ms
% Operational Definition: chocolate







% Open a bag of M&Ms with a slit big enough for only one
m&m to fall out from.
% Select a random sample of M&Ms: Shake the bag and
allow one M&M to exit the bag.
% If more than one bag exists than I will place all
M&Ms that fell out back into the bag and follow step ii.
% Organize the M&Ms into groups of their colors. (For
example place all blues in a pile.)
% Count the number of M&Ms in each group and record it on
a spreadsheet
% Gather and organize data
% Create a histogram of your M&Ms
% Gather Mean, Median and Mode of your sample
% Identify your Range of scores
% Calculate the Standard Deviation, and Variance
% Interpret your data and draw conclusions


Range:1, 11
What measure of central tendency has meaning?
Describe whether you think your study is valid & reliable?
What is variance and how would it be used in this experiment?


Mean: 4.1
Median: 2.5
Mode: 11 (orange)
Standard Deviation:3.7