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1) A client with COPD is admitted to the medical surgical unit.

To help this client maintain

a patent airway and achieve maximal gas exchange the nurse should
a)instruct the client to drink 2L of fluid daily
b)Maintain the client on bed rest
c)Administer anxiolytics as prescribed ,to control anxiety
d)Administer pain medication as prescribed
2) A client with end stage pulmonary hypertension tells the physician he doesnt want to be
placed on a ventilator .The physician enters to dont resuscitate orders into the hospitals
computer system.Which ethical principle is the nurse upholding by supporting the clients
decision ?
a) Nonmaleficience
d) autonomy
3) A client has a sucking stab wound to the chest. Which action should the nurse take first ?
a)Draw a blood for a haematocrit and hb level
b) apply a dressing over the wound and tape it on three sides
c) prepare a chest tube insertion tray
d) prepare to start an IV line
4) A client is prescribed Rifampin (Rifadin) 600 mg p.o. daily.Which statement about
rifampin is true?
a) Its usually given alone
b) its exact mechanism of action is unknown
c) Its tuberculocidal, destroying the offending bacteria
d) it acts primarly against resting bacteria
5) Which performance improvement strategy helps prevent adverse reaction to blood
a) confirming client identification with two qualified health professionals
b) obtain baseline vital signs
c) instructing the client about the signs and symptoms of a blood reaction
d) priming the blood administration tubing with normal saline solution
6) A client is diagnosed with a chronic respiratory disorders.After assessing the clients
knowledge of the disorder,the nurse prepares a teaching plan. This teaching plan is most
likely to include which nursing diagnosis ?

a) anxiety
b) imbalanced nutrition: more than body requirements
c) impaired swallowing
d) unilateral neglect
7) A young adult was told that he had a significant reaction to the Mantoux test .The nurse
explains that this means he:a) has active tuberculosis
b) had active tuberculosis
c) has been exposed to tuberculosis
d) is immunocompromised
8) A client who underwent surgery 12 hours ago has difficult breathing .He has petechieae
over his chest and complains of acute chest pain.What action should the nurse take first ?
a) initiate oxygen therapy
b) administer a heparin bolus and begin an infusion at 500 U / hour
c) administer analgesics as ordered
d) perform nasopharyngeal suctioning
9) A nurse is caring for a client who has a tracheostomy and temp.103 0 F .which
intervention will most likely lower the clients arterial blood oxygen saturation ?
a) endotracheal suctioning
b) encouragement of coughing
c) use of cooling blanket
d) incentive spirometry
10) The client determines that a mechanically ventilated client requires restraints . Which
restraint device is most appropriate for this client ?
a) belt
b) elbow
c) limb
d) vest