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Lake Shore High School

Introduction to Literature & Rhetoric A/B/C

Ms. Dombrow
(586) 285-8878
Suggested Supplies: 3-Ring binder with tabs (2), one college-ruled spiral
notebook for journal (1 subject), pens and pencils
Course Description:
English 9 offers an introduction to literature and academic writing. Students will
read novels, short stories, poetry, nonfiction articles, and plays. The course also
stresses the development of writing skills and emphasizes the use of the writing
process in essay writing. Units in literary terms, spelling, and grammar coordinate
with assigned readings.
Course Texts:
Textbook- EMC Masterpiece Series: Literature and the Language Arts:
Experiencing Literature (Birch Level). St. Paul, MN: EMC/Paradigm Publishing,
Selected short stories
Selected non-fiction texts
To Kill a Mockingbird, Harper Lee
Selected poems
Romeo and Juliet, William Shakespeare
In this class, assessment is ongoing, both formative and summative, and is done
with the goal of helping you succeed. By constantly assessing your understanding
of a current topic, I can better understand where extra attention needs to be paid,
or, where I need to evaluate my own teaching. Assessments could include, but are
not limited to:

Projects (with multiple choices for ways to complete them)
Essays (of various lengths)
Group Work

It is your responsibility to keep track of your grade using PowerSchool at least once
a week. I do my best to update your grades every few days. If you did not receive
your log-in information, please contact the main office. If you have a question or
concern about your grade, you may see me before or after class or school.
Grading Scale:
A = 93-100
A-= 90-92
B+ = 87-89

B = 83-86
B-= 80-82
C+ = 77-79

C = 73-76
C-= 70-72
D+ = 67-69

D = 63-66

D-= 60-62

F = 0-59

Making up work due to absences:

Excused- School policy will be followed regarding work that has to be made up due
to an excused absence. For every day that a student is absent, they will have 2 days
to make up the work for full credit. Daily agendas can be found at
Unexcused- For unexcused absences, the student will not be allowed to make up
work and will receive no points for the days assignment. If extenuating
circumstances apply, please see me before or after class.
Late assignments:

Late assignments will be accepted up to a week late, regardless of the

students attendance in class, for a reduction of 50% of the total points
Late assignments should be turned into the late work bin. Before turning in
the late assignment, write Late and the date you are turning it in
at the top of the page.
Major assignments that are turned in late will receive a deduction of 1/3 off
the grade each day it is turned in late. Major assignments will be accepted up
to three days past the due date.

Any assignment that has been copied or plagiarized in any form will be given an
automatic zero. A second incident of plagiarism will result in a meeting with
administration (per departmental policy).
Class Website: is your go to place to find out exactly what is going on in
class. There you will find the syllabus, daily agenda, PowerPoint presentations,
assignment sheets, worksheets, articles, YouTube clips, more about your teacher,
and class pictures. The website will be updated daily.
Base Rules:
This classroom will be composed of respectful and tolerant students. It is our
goal to create an inclusive and safe community, therefore ideas may be
challenged, but not individuals and you should feel comfortable expressing
yourself free of judgment.
Electronic devices are only allowed when the sign permits. If they are seen
when the sign is turned to no electronic devices at this time, you will receive
one verbal warning before the device is confiscated and returned at the end of
class. If the problem persists, parents and/or administration will be contacted.
Be to class on time. I will not tolerate excessive tardiness as it interrupts the
learning of others. Punctuality, however difficult, is an imperative life skill that
will increase success in whatever endeavors you choose.

We will add and refine to these rules as the year progresses.

Extra Help:
I am available before or after school. Students should let me know in advance when
they plan to come in. I am more than happy to offer extra help to students who
want it.
Conference Time: Please contact me through voicemail or e-mail. Every attempt
will be made to return calls and respond to e-mail messages from parents within two
school days (48 hours).
If a situation arises1.
Warning by the instructor to change the inappropriate behavior and
a reminder of the classroom policies.
A second violation will result in a short student/teacher conference
to discuss the situation and/or the student will be moved to a different part of
the classroom. (These short conferences will most likely take place out in the
A third infraction will result in a discipline referral being written and
the parent or guardian being notified.
Any further problems or incidences will result in additional referrals
and/or a parent/student/teacher conference.
This process will not be followed for any major discipline issues.
Activities such as fighting, violation of the school drug, alcohol, or
weapons policy will be handled per school policy and will immediately
involve administration
--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------I have read, understood, and agree to abide by Ms. Dombrows Syllabus
and classroom policies
Students Signature
Parents/Guardians Signature