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Modesto High School

Secondary Math 3

Teacher: Mr. Cardenas

Room: 90

Course Goals and
Units of Instruction:

Daily Materials:

Grade Scale:


Make-Up Policy:


This course is designed to comply with the Common Core State Standards for
mathematics. Students will be implementing the Eight Mathematical Practices daily.
Collaboration and positive participation are daily expectations.
Secondary Mathematics Three: Integrated Pathway CCSS
The Mathematics Vision Project
Rational Expressions and Functions
Functions and their Inverses
Trigonometric Functions
Logarithmic Functions
Polynomial Functions
Modeling with Functions
Modeling with Geometry
Sharpened pencils, eraser, pens, highlighters, ruler
Scientific Calculator
Current module booklet
1 subject spiral notebook
Refer to MHS Student Study Materials list for other materials
A 90%-100%
B 80%-89%
C 70%-79%
D 60%-69%
F 59% and below
Assignments 20% - This will include but is not limited to take home assignments.
20% - This includes but is not limited to notebooks, participation,
warmups and exit tickets.
Assessments 50% - This includes but is not limited to all quizzes and exams.
Final Exam 10%
Students need to complete missed work in a timely fashion. Students will make up
missed material before school, at lunch, or after school.
Available through the Math Tutoring schedule, through the tutoring center, or from
me through posted weekly hours.
In order to maintain a safe environment for all students, each student is expected to:
Be Safe
Be Respectful
Be Responsible
Be Professional
Students will earn a U for 3 or more unexcused absences, 5 or more tardies, and 4 or
more missed assignments. Students will earn an O for 3 or fewer absences (excused
or otherwise), no missing assignments, good group interaction, and positive
contribution to class on a regular basis.

Modesto High School

Secondary Math 3
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Please keep the class syllabus for your reference.

I have read and understand Mr. Cardenas Math 3 syllabus.

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