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Types of Adverb

A. Underline and identify the types of adverb used in the sentence.Manner, Time,
Place, Frequency
______________ 1.

Gregory walked across the hallway hurriedly.

______________ 2.

Lisa opened the door of her room.

______________ 3.

James completed this report yesterday.

______________ 4.

Robert called her every week.

______________ 5.

Eric talked to her to mom silently.

______________ 6.

Allison moved away.

______________ 7.

Charlene murmured quietly.

______________ 8.

Stacy left before the movie ended.

______________ 9.

Lawrence opened the fridge last night.

______________ 10.

Chris visits Sophie every weekend.

B. Underline the adverb that is being asked

Adverb of Time
1. I wanted to go to the movie yesterday but there wasnt time.
2. My mom likes to wake up early in the morning.
3. My entire family always celebrates Christmas at home.
4. My grandparents are coming tomorrow and will stay with us for a week!
5. The librarian has been busy lately arranging all the books.
6. The storm came on so suddenly that there was no time to prepare.
7. If we get in the car right now we can make it there on time.
8. The travel channel sometimes has some interesting shows.
9. My father went to Europe once when he was in the Navy.
10. She went to the store first and then the post office.
11. Cheating on tests is never allowed.
12. Can you come over then, or do we need to reschedule?
13. Our vacation will be here soon, and we can hardly wait.
14. Have you heard from her recently, or has it been a while?
15. The sun went down, and the stars began to shine.
Adverb of Place
1. My brothers like to play outside in the afternoon.
2. We couldnt find our dog anywhere.
3. Your friend Robert is here to see you.
4. We have to play inside on rainy days.
5. The balloons flew everywhere when the strings broke.
6. Our airplane cruised high above the clouds.
7. I am running behind in my homework.
8. We watched the funny clown walk backwards.
9. The frightened deer ran away from the forest fire.

The tree branch was bent low from the weight of the snow.


The vultures circled above as the temperature rose.

Adverb of Manner

1. The little boy wrote his name neatly on his homework page.
2. The proud mother leaned to gently kiss her newborn babys cheek.
3. The red-headed girl cried sadly when her ice cream fell down.
4. We watched as she danced gracefully on the stage.
5. The librarian said to work quietly so we dont disturb others.
6. Stuffing pizza into his mouth greedily, the teenager emptied his plate.
7. My little cousin didnt feel well after eating so much candy.
8. Anxious for our turn, we eagerly waited in line for the roller coaster.
9. The test was so simple they easily finished it before class was over.
10. He was sure he solved it correctly, but he still checked his calculations.
11. The water in the river rose rapidly after the storm began.
12. The fire department arrived quickly when the neighbor called 911.
Adverb of Frequency
1. My niece and nephew sometimes watch cartoons while they eat breakfast.
2. I never eat pasta and vegetables for breakfast.
3. We usually go for a long walk in the morning before school.
4. The students in my class always speak English in the classroom.
5. Peter and Sally rarely go out dancing late at night.
6. My entire family often goes to the beach during the summer.
7. I always remember my manners, like holding the door open for the person behind me.
8. Joe frequently raises her hand to answer questions in class.
9. My cousin and I never get in trouble at school.
10. Jason, Bobby, and Nick sometimes play soccer on the school field.
Adverb: Degree of Comparison
Fill in the correct adverb form (comparative or superlative) of the adjectives in brackets.
1. I speak English (fluent) ___________________ now than last year.
2. She greeted me (polite) ___________________of all.
3. She smiled (happy) ___________________than before.
4. This girl dances (graceful) ___________________ of all.
5. Could you write (clear) ___________________?
6. Planes can fly (high) ___________________ than birds.
7. He had an accident last year. Now, he drives (careful) ___________________ than before.
8. Jim can run (fast) ___________________ than John.
9. Our team played (bad) ___________________ of all.

He worked (hard) ___________________ than ever before.


Don't run around so (nervous) ___________________.


You should drive (careful) ___________________ otherwise you will cause an accident.


He works (hard) ___________________ of all the pupils.


My perfume smells (sweet) ___________________ than yours.


Please, speak (clear) ___________________.


Fill the blank with the correct preposition.

1. What are you doing __________ the weekend?

2. I don't know yet. Maybe I'll go to the cinema __________ Saturday.
3. That's interesting. I haven't been to the cinema __________ so many years.
4. We could go there together __________ the afternoon.
5. That would be great. But I would prefer to go there __________ the evening. I am
visiting my grandma __________ Saturday.
6. That's okay. The film starts __________ eight o'clock.
7. I can pick you up __________ half __________ seven. How long does the film last?
8. It lasts __________ two hours and forty-five minutes.
9. __________ eight __________ a quarter __________ eleven.
10. That's right. But I must hurry home __________ the film. I have to be home
__________ eleven o'clock.

We live __________ London.


Would you like to go __________ the cinema tonight?


No, thanks. I was __________ the cinema yesterday.


We are going __________ holiday next week.


There is a bridge __________ the river.


The flight from Leipzig to London was __________ Frankfurt.


__________ my wall, there are many picture postcards.


Who is the person __________ this picture?


Come __________ the sitting room, we want to watch TV.


Munich lies 530 meters __________ sea level.


A.Fill in the blanks in the sentences below using one of the three common conjunctions:
and, but, or

The school marching band practiced hard ___________ they still did not sound very


The two brothers went camping ____________ swimming every summer.


Would you like to play cards ___________ read a book?


The race car rounded the track for the last lap _____________ ran out of gas before it
made it to the finish line.


Our mother said we could have either pancakes ___________ waffles for breakfast on
Saturday morning.


The book was over 300 pages long __________ I read the whole thing.


Maria is not allowed to watch television ______________ play outside until her
homework is done.


Sarah wants to learn how to knit _____________ she doesnt have any yarn.


The policeman catches criminals _____________ keeps everyone safe.


Would you rather have a banana ___________ an orange in your lunch today?

B.Fill in the blanks with the conjunctions given below. Use each conjunction only once.







She stole the money __________ her brother needs to pay his school fees.


__________e were in New Zealand, we visited many orchards.


__________ I am on leave tomorrow, there will be no English lesson.


He came home dripping wet __________ it was raining heavily at school.


__________ I was passing his house, I heard a loud scream.


__________the teacher was busy writing on the board, the students at the back of
the class were talking rather loudly.
Sentence and Phrase

Direction: Write S if the group of words is a sentence or P if it is a phrase.


1. Tim and Ted

2. The chocolate is melting.
3. There are thirty-five students in the class.
4. eat slowly
5. colorful shirts
6. I saw Anthony at the park.
7. Sherry drinks milk every day.
8. I started to swim when I was young.
9. looking for the keys
10. They have been waiting for the bus.
11. climbing the stairs
12. an hour ago
13. The plant needs water in order to grow.
14. playing soccer
15. The water is boiling.
Types of Sentences

A.Identify each type of sentence and explain your answer.Write declarative (D),
imperative (C), exclamatory (E), or interrogative (I) on the blank.
_______ 1. The students wanted to go on a field trip.
_______ 2. Can we go to the Adventureville Theme Park?
_______ 3. Be on your best behavior for the next two weeks.
_______ 4. After a couple long weeks of keeping their hands to themselves, quietly
focusing on instruction, and cleaning up their messes, the students were rewarded
with a fieldtrip.
_______ 5. We are so excited about going to Adventureville!
_______ 6. How far away is the park from the school and what time do we have to come
_______ 7. But, the park is three hours away from the school and we'll have to be back
by 3:00 for the busses!
_______ 8. Quit asking questions and just be happy.
_______ 9. But, if it takes us six hours to get there and back, and we have to be back by
3:00, we'll only be able to stay for thirty minutes.
_______ 10. The students wondered why they were going to Adventureville.
B.Determine if each sentence is declarative (d), interrogative (i) or exclamatory (e).

1. What is your favorite game?

2. My favorite game is Hide and Seek.
3. We play it all the time.
4. How long was your longest game?
5. One time my friend and I played for 2 hours!
6. We were really tired afterwards.
7. Do you think you could play that long?
8. I also like to play freeze tag!
9. Have you ever played freeze tag?
10. Do you like running away or chasing better?
11. I like both of them.
12. Maybe someday we'll get to play freeze tag together.
13. Doesn't that sound like fun?

_______ 14. How many people do you usually get to play?

_______ 15. I like to get as many people to play as I can.
Making Commands and Request
Exercise: Tell whether the following sentence is a command or a request.
_______ 1. Write your name on the first page of your notebooks.
_______ 2. Please go to the grocery and buy a bottle of milk.
_______ 3. Pass the papers forward.
_______ 4. Would you please get me a cab?
_______ 5. Please deliver the package to my house tomorrow.
_______ 6. Look out!
_______ 7. Call the police!
_______ 8. Don't come near me.
_______ 9. Send me an email tonight.
_______ 10. Would you buy me three bento boxes at the convenience store?
_______ 11. Please review your lessons.
_______ 12. Would you dance with me?
Making a Paragraph
Below is a paragraph that is full of errors. There may be spelling, punctuation,
capitalization, or grammar errors. Rewrite the paragraph correcting all the errors.
At the start of school Dora was afrad of her new Teacher. Mrs. Davis seamed
nice, but she had so manny rules for the class to folow. Scare someone to
pieces. As the school year cotinued, Dora begun to understan how the Teacher
come up with the rules The rules were their so students would be respecful of
theyselves and each other. By the end of the year, Dora though Mrs. Davis was
the best Teacher she evere had!