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Vol 42

Issue 7A
Bill Gates HasBillion
By Luke Martiros


As you all know, Bill Gates is a very rich

man. But just to try to imagine the sum of
money he has stored up... He has 56 billion
dollars now in 2011. Bill Gates is very
generous because he donates some of what
he earns to charities. If you think winning
the lottery of one million dollars is so much
money try to compare it to Bill Gates. One
million dollars needs to go into a billion
1,000 times. If you won the lottery and you
had zero dollars before you won, he would
have 56,000 times more money than you
would have. Keep your hopes up and you
could be as rich as him.

Fourth of July fireworks

By Sivahn Sapirstein
This year my dad and I decided to go to Boston for fireworks.
We were going to eat dinner at our friends house and go to the
fireworks with them. Only later did we realize that the Boston
fireworks started at 10:30 and I had camp the next day so it was
too late,. We settled for the ones is Newton and started driving.
When we got there the fireworks had already started and were at
least half way done. Since there wasnt any close parking we had
to walk for a long time and finally we just stopped walking and
watched from where we were. It wasnt my favorite fourth of July
but it was still fun.
Katie Predella
By Olivia Hartshorn
Q. What is your favorite color?
A. Purple

Harry Potter and J.K.Rowling

By Sivahn Sapirstein

Q. What is your favorite period at camp?

A. Cliffhanger and Daily Double.

J. K. Rowling took the world by storm

when she released her books on Harry
Potter. The orphan wizard entranced all and
made them wanting more and more and
more. The last Harry Potter movie () is
coming out soon and I cannot wait!!!!!!!
The only reason I started reading Harry
Potter was because I was afraid I would be
the only one in my class who hadnt read it.
The second I started reading I never put the
books down. I read at home, I read in the
car, I read on planes until I had finished all
7 books. I cant say I wasnt disappointed
with the movies, they skipped a lot and
that really bothered me. But I needed more
Harry Potter, so I dealt with it. Now that the
movies are almost finished Im sad again,
but the thought of seeing the last movie
cheers me up. I cant wait for the movie!!!!

Q. What is your favorite animal?

A. cats
Q. What do you like to do when you are not at camp?
A. going to the cape and drawing
Slang Too Much?
Alex Martiros
Lots of people text and use slang, which is fine, but some people
are starting to use slang when they talk and that is actually really
bad for you! Some people started to use slang even when they learn
new languages, and that can make the person fail the class because
there isnt slang in other languages that I know of.! People
use it when they speak and that could also affect future generations.
If we use this new language and we use it to our kids, it could
affect lots of people and personally, I dont think that would be
very good! So its ok to use slang while texting or emailing, but
dont use it to speak with, because its just too much!

Best College Mascot(s)

By Luke Martiros


Katie Pedella

I personally think that the best college football mascot I just felt like writing about something So why is
is the Oregon Duck. I wanted to know what the world
Jell-O squishy? Here is a funny fiction story about how
picked as the best college football mascot, and as it Jell-O came to be and came to be squishy:
turned out the world agreed with me and the Oregon
Once there was this random thingy that came to earth.
Duck is at the top. The Oregon Duck is at the top of
He had these weird tentacles that squirted this strange
the list for many reasons. But mostly why he is up at gooey stuff that eventually became Jell-O. He landed in
the top is because of when during the regular season;
the very center of the Pacific Ocean and since he was
every time the Ducks scored a touchdown he would mad, he squirted this weird stuff out of his tentacles.
do 100 pushups. Also he is so popular in America
His weird stuff fell in the water and became all wobbly.
because of his personality. Coming in at second is the When he escaped the water, he served his weird stuff
Penn State Nittany Lion. The Nittany Lion is a dancer to a human who got scared and tried to run away. The
and gymnast in front if the crowds. If you really follow thingy decided to throw his stuff at the floor to trap the
the Nittany Lion you can find YouTube videos of him human. It landed right where she was going to step,
with his own version of Thriller. In third comes the and her feet got caught in the gooey mess. The thingy
Stanford Tree???? I know you are probably thinking forced the human to eat the squishy weird stuff, and she
why would a tree be so popular among America, but
ate it. She told the thingy that the goo was quite good.
the tree is so famous because all game long it is getting
Then the human asked for more, so the thingy turned
wasted. Following in at fourth is the Auburn Eagle. on the sink. He ran the pink gobbly goop under the
The Auburn eagle is a real eagle (not a person dressed water. It turned into a strange squishy gob of gloop.
up as an eagle, like other mascots), that they have on
He shaped it into a heart because he liked the human.
the sidelines during football games. Number five is the
She ate it. She ate rainbow jell-o for the rest of her life.
Notre Dame Leprechaun. I have actually never heard
When she died, she was buried in Jell-o. THE END!
of the mascot until I read the article about the best Epolouge: the humans decided to name it Jell-o, but I
mascots. Nobody knows if he is a student or a mascot dont know why so I cant tell you. Sorry.
that really looks like a leprechaun. The leprechaun
cheers and applauds his team from the sidelines. The
number six mascots are the Georgia Bulldogs. Most
Katie Gorson
people enjoy them because one of them is a mascot
and one of them is a real bulldog. Most people think
the real bulldog is so cute so that is where they get most
-Feathers in hair
-clips in hair
of the popularity. But, the mascot bulldog entertains
-Tie Die
the crowds during halftime and before and after the
-Hippy Bands
-head bands
game. Rolling in as number seven is Mike the Tiger of
-Srtrappy Sandals
LSU. Mike the Tiger is named after 5 generations of
other tigers that have already been the mascot. Mike
is the 6th ever Tiger mascot for LSU. The number 8
mascot in the world for college football is Sparty of
the Spartans of Michigan State. Sparty gets angry very easily. He has caused disruption between games of football
when the Spartans are losing. Sparty is a very sore loser. Coming in at number nine is Brutus Buckeye of Ohio
State. Brutus was thinking of changing the name to Brutal Buckeye because of the brutal wins in the 2007, and
2008 championships. Brutuss head looks like a donut and he looks like a brick outhouse so he can probably bench
350 pounds. The article says they think Mrs. Brutus is smoking hot. The number ten seed is Bevo the Longhorn
Cow from Texas College. Only in Texas could your mascot be a real cow. They have the cow at games for support
of the team. To keep the cow calm they give it drugs. Once a player named Jordan Shipley smacked the cow in the
butt, and if the cow wasnt on drugs then he would have hit Jordan Shipley 100 feet in the air. But the cow was
on drugs so it was calm. Many people come to Longhorn games because there school plays Texas, but also to see
the cow. That is yout top ten college football mascots.

A First Time for Something

By Elizabeth Napier

San Francisco
By Lily F. Gomberg

You know the saying Theres always a first time for

everything? Well, that saying is true. This fall Im
going to be a new girl at a new school for the first time.
In every school Ive gone to, Ive started in the very
first grade, so I dont know what its like to be the new
kid. Wish me luck!

No, my hair is not real. Im wearing a purple wig

today. Or it might have been yesterday or a while ago
depending on when this article is actually published
in the Daily Double. Its a wig from China Town
in San Francisco. I went to San Francisco over the
Fourth of July weekend with my mom, dad, and sister
Maya (who also goes to CRCAP). We got in late on
Thursday, around 11:00pm San Francisco time, but it
was one in the morning Boston time!! We fell asleep
right away and when we woke up, we called our
grandparents in the room next to ours in the hotel. Our
Auntie Elisa, Auntie Laurie, Uncle Rob, and Cousins
Rachel and Janna were there to. We were all there
because it was my grandpa, Papa Izzys, 80th Birthday!
We went to China Town the first morning, where I
bought the purple wig. Then we went on a ride in the
San Francisco Bay with my moms cousins Sandy
and Ann. Sandy likes to be called Marty though, just
a fun fact. We also went to Haight-Ashbury. I bought
a sparkly, multicolored hat there. There was a man in
front of the Ben & Jerrys there who was sitting with
a chair, table, typewriter, and a sign that read, PICK
His poem didnt make much sense at all. We also went
to Alcatraz. There were only three people who ever
escaped from there, but they were never accounted
for. They might have drowned in the mile to half mile
of 50 degree water they had to swim, they might have
made it and went to South America, they were all three
studying Spanish. Who knows? I do know this; our trip
to San Francisco was loads of fun!

Ultimate Fusions (Part 1)

By Scott Dagen

Storm yelled from above the clouds. Down below,
Sawsbuck walked out of the small forest he lived in.
Doesnt that idiot Storm know that he can find me
if he would descend below the clouds for once? he
muttered. He knows, or rather should know, that
I cant fly. Sawsbuck then used one of his many
abilities. This one created snow, which Sawsbuck
directed to land only on Storms head. WHO DID
THAT?! Storm yelled as he plummeted to the ground.
I did, Sawsbuck said calmly, walking up to Storm.
WHY YOU-! Storm started, but Sawsbuck used a
variation of his previous action, causing snow to fall
into Storms mouth, muffling any further protests.

Come on, Sawsbuck spoke (calmly, of
course), Lets go find Hyper. Hyper was their
nickname for Hyperigatr, their armored type-changing
friend. Fine, Storm tried to say, but it came out
more like Ffn. Sawsbuck laughed, and started to
walk, unleashing a certain scent from the leaves on his
head which signaled that he and his companion were
members of the resistance.

Years before, a stranger had come into another
colony with an army of clones. They destroyed
anyone who got in their way and enslaved the natives.
Afterwards, that stranger enslaved another colony,
and another. Eventually, they reached the colony of
the prophets. This takeover was different than the rest,
because the prophets fought back. All of the prophets
were killed, and their home became the enemy
stronghold. When the tyrant came to Sawsbucks
village, all of the natives were enslaved with three
exceptions: Sawsbuck, Storm, and Hyperigatr. These
three fled their colony, vowing to free their neighbors.
But they knew that to try now would be futile. What
use would three fusions be against millions of drones?
They need more allies.

The Ballad of Sheriff Jackson!

By Cowboy Adam Bass
It all started on a Sunday at the Saloon. I was talking
to the mayor of the town about them cattle rustlers.
Its horrible Sheriff! he said, Without the cattle we
wont make money! Yer got nothin to worry bout
Sir. I said all them Rustlers are rounded up. Then
everything went very wrong. SHERIFF! said the
mayors wife. Our daughter has been taken hostage
by the Red Bandit! Now everyone in the town knew
the Mayors lovely girl, Miss Sophie. I was hopin that
she and I be married in this here town. Ill find her or
my name aint Sheriff Jackson! and riding off on Ol
Browney, the quest was on.

What Kind of Donut are you?

By Emily Sophis and Madison
When it comes to the noontime show
A) Are in the spotlight singing your
heart out
B) Are performing with a group or class
C) Are in the audience
How would you describe yourself?
A) Loud and funny
B) Someone that just goes with the flow
C) Shy and quiet
What colors




Spots my cat
By Greta Goldberg
Spots is my cat and she always goes outside. There is also a cat in
my neighborhood named Tomis. He never ever goes in his house, not
even to eat! And he is a rival with my cat Spots. So last night Spots
was outside and Tomis came walking in my yard. Spots got all wide
eyed and sprinted after Tomis. Tomis is a rival with Spots but doesnt
always want to fight so he started to trot away but Spots did want to
fight so she went off after Tomis. After a couple minutes one of my
neighbors said Spots was in their yard. We went into their yard and
got Spots and brought her back inside.
Sirius Black
Gabe Rogovian
Editors Note - if you havent read Harry Potter and the Prisoner of
Azkaban, this article reveals key plot points you may not want to know
until you have finished that book.

A) Bright red and yellow

B) Clear black and white
C) Disguised green and blue

Sirius Black is a very cool man. He is a man who can turn into a dog.
He turns into a big, black dog named Padfoot. Everyone thinks that
Sirius Black is a very bad guy but he is not. He is actually a very good
guy. In fact, he is Harry Potters godfather.

If you could be one animal it would


Google vs. Yahoo: whose side are you on?

By Madison Richards

A) A lion
B) A dog
C) A turtle

Lately there has been a war between the popular search engine
websites, Google and Yahoo. People have taken sides and have gone
onto the websites to see which one was really better. I am personally
on the Google side of the battle, but dont let me influence you, see for

I feel that Google is better for MANY, many reasons. One of
them is the introduction I got from Google when I went on today. I
logged on and Google gave me this: Your name is Galloping Gertie.
How many furlongs long are you? Yahoo on the other hand gave me
this: YAHOO! Now, this is just me but I am pretty sure that Google
won that round

I have read articles and pieces of writing that have tried this
whole Google vs. Yahoo battle and have always had Google be the
winner so as another test I tried what others did by typing in a query
and seeing what I got for suggestions. In each I typed in Its a
Google gave me this: Its a boy girl thing. Yahoo: Its a trap. Point
2 Google!
I know that there are some of you out there that think this war is stupid
but it isnt. It is really just as important as unicorns and dinosaurs, or
ninjas and pirates. So, after reading my article I just want to know one
last thing Whose side are YOU on?!?!?!

If you had one wish it would be.

A) Become a Broadway star
B) Write your own book
C) Sleep
Mostly As: You are a glazed donut! You
arent afraid to shine and be yourself.
Mostly Bs: You are a jelly donut! You
seem pretty normal on the outside but
once people see what is inside of you
they will love you just the way you are!
Mostly Cs: You are a plain donut.
You are pretty normal and you dont
want to stand out so much. But you
shouldnt worry because you have
tremendous talent in other areas, not just