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In the Name of God, the Compassionate, the Merciful

Honorable audience, respected guests, and learned organizers:

I would like to express my gratitude for your participation in this holy

conference, which focuses on righteousness, justice-seeking and humanitarianism.
I intend to speak a few words about the contents of this conference.
These days the Zionists in an illegal state called Israel, are celebrating the
60th year of their aggression against the nation of Palestine as well as the crime of
occupying their land, killing them and obliging them to leave their land.
They are celebrating the cruel attacks they had against Palestinians and
many old people, children, women and innocents were killed and a lot of orphans
are left, so, this is their nature to celebrate the crime and at the same time
expecting Germany to be ashamed of so called Holocaust.
Palestine is the holy land of all the religions and due to the aggression of
the Zionists its oppressed people have either been martyred or rendered homeless
and displaced from their home and hearth or are enduring suffering and hardship
due to the pressures exerted by the usurping Zionists. There is not a single day
when we don’t hear the news about the genocide of the innocent Palestinian
people, civilians, children and women in the West Bank and Gaza Strip.

Honorable Audience:
We have gathered here to join forces and implement what would lead to the
consent of the Almighty God, that is, supporting the people who are having a hard
time and are perishing away under the pressures of colonialism, exploitation,
destruction, pogrom, and plundering. We have learned from the late Imam
Khomeini that the victory of the Muslims, the oppressed and the disinherited of

the world is contingent upon their unity and their belief in struggle and reliance on
God and we have also learned that righteousness and justice-seeking are not
subject to passage of time. One cannot overlook the rights of the nations because
of the passage of time. Imam Khomeini was the initiator of new ways for
campaign and struggle against Zionism and the usurping regime of Israel. Many of
the fundamental movements struggling against Israel during the past three decades
were inspired by his guidelines. The Palestinian nation has realized that mistrust in
peace talks going on in the international organizations which tramples upon their
rights and Intifada as well as struggle with empty hands against the fully armed
Zionist regime and reliance on the divine power is a model that the leadership of
Imam Khomeini has taught them. Today, the resistance of the Palestinian people in
Gaza and the 33-day holy struggle of Hizbullah against the Zionist regime
demonstrate the fact that the enemy is not undefeatable rather it is very vulnerable
and we should know its vulnerabilities and define the appropriate mechanisms for
its defeat and through cooperation with the freedom-lovers and likeminded people
who support the oppressed nation of Palestine achieve it.

Honorable Audience, Respected Guests:

Those who consider Israel undefeatable, and consider its supporter
supreme, have little knowledge of God’s power. If we rely on God, and believe in
the divine support, the liberation of the holy Quds and the Palestinian nation
becomes possible.
The anti-Israel, anti-Zionist organizations supporting Palestine and the
oppressed, the freedom-lovers, and the human rights organizations as well as the
likeminded organizations which are quite many in the world, with considerable
membership, require an organization to encompass all of them. Fortunately we
have set up a union of the non-governmental organizations supporting the
Palestinian nation at world level, which currently has 25 members. Of course,
there are similar organizations in the world and through cooperation with them we
should set up a great international network so that God Willing through holding
fast to the Rope of Allah we will be able to discharge our humane duties.
We have already observed that with the announcement of the last Friday of

the month of Ramadan as the International Day of Quds by Imam Khomeini, the
unity of the Muslims and freedom-loving peoples of the world and their support
for the oppressed Palestinian nation have remained dynamic and steadfast. Hence,
we will continue our efforts throughout the world.
On the basis of my knowledge of the different anti-Israeli organizations
supporting Palestine across the world, I categorically announce that it is possible
to set up a great network in the light of whose activities not only will it be possible
to convince the international organizations but also the opponents of Palestine to
support Palestine to increase the vulnerability of Israel.

Honorable Audience:
As a proposal, it may be submitted that holding conferences will be
effective on the condition that such gatherings prepare the grounds for holding
greater conferences, create more cordial relations between the members and help
gain more knowledge of each other for greater cooperation. After a conference is
held, it should be transformed into a base and guide the participants towards the
implementation of its objectives and I hope that this objective will be one of the
achievements of the current conference.
In the end, as the Secretary General of the International Union of Non-
Governmental Organizations supporting the rights of the Palestinian nation, I
would like to announce the readiness of the union for admission of other members
supporting the rights of the Palestinian nation and hope that one day through your
efforts the holy Quds which belongs to all the nations of the world, will be
liberated and the Palestinians will achieve their absolute sovereignty over their
territory. This will not be possible unless we too continue our efforts on the side of
the struggles of the Palestinian nation including the residents and the refugees.

May God grant victory and prosperity to you.

Was Salam Ala Ibahillah al-Salehin
(Pease be unto the righteous servants of God)