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Senator Eddie A.

Lucio Middle School

8th Grade Science Syllabus 2016-2017
Teacher: L.Noell
Room #: 405
Phone #: 956-831-4550

Subject: 8th Grade Science

Conference Period: 11:0811:53am

What is 8th grade science?

The purpose of this 8th grade Science class is to educate the students in the awesome
world of science through labs, experiments, and to prepare your child for the 8th Grade
Science STAAR. Working together (teachers, students, and parents) we can make this
school year a wonderful experience that will prepare the students for their future and
hopefully increase their interest in the scientific world and become responsible and
productive citizens. This syllabus is intended as a general guide of the expectations in
class. For a complete guide of expectations and requirements please refer to the 20162017 Brownsville ISD Student Code of Conduct/Student-Parent Handbook.
Classroom Procedures
Beginning of Class

Be prompt and prepared

Be seated at your assigned seat with Science journals, text book and something to
write with before the bell rings.
Start on Warm-ups and wait for further instructions

End of Class

Put away Science Journals

Clean area around you
Bell does not dismiss students (Teacher does)

Classroom Rules:
1. Be on time
2. Be respectful
3. Be prepared
4. Follow directions
6. Obey all safety rules


Verbal warning/change seating arrangement (documented in Review 360)

Parent contact/home visitor (documented)
Counselor referral (documented)
Parent conference (documented)
Office referral (documented)

*Severe violations will automatically be referred to administration.

Strong student attendance is directly related to academic achievement. If the student has
an excused absence, he/she may make-up missed work within a reasonable amount of
time. It is the students responsibility to request missed work/tests. (See student
handbook for more detailed information.).
Not tolerated. Students will sign-in if they enter the class late. After the 3rd tardy,
students will serve lunch or afterschool detention.
Dress Code:
Refer to BISD and Lucio Middle School student handbook.
Homework will be assigned when necessary and will be counted as a daily-work grade,
unless otherwise stated by teacher. All homework is due the next school day or given due
date. All late work will be deducted 10 points per day that it is late. If student is absent it
is their responsibility to ask for make-up work. No EXTRA- CREDIT work will be
given to students.
Grading Scale:

Major assessments (tests, labs, projects, reports, abstracts, etc.)

Daily assignments (quizzes, notebooks, daily work, etc.)

50 %

Note: Cheating will not be tolerated on major and daily assessments and will be recorded
as a zero (0) in the teachers grade book. Retest will be scheduled and must be taken
within five (5) school days of a failing grade and student may raise score only to a
maximum of 70. Six Weeks Tests and Semester Exams do not qualify for retesting.

Students please keep class syllabus (top portion) in your folder/binder.

Bottom portion must be filled out, signed by parent/student, dated and returned to
teacher the first week of school. Thank you!
Student Class Schedule:
Student name: ________________________ ID: _______________________
1st Period Class:________________ Room #:_______ Teacher: ____________________
2nd Period Class:________________ Room #:_______ Teacher: ____________________
3rd Period Class:________________ Room #:_______ Teacher: ____________________
4th Period Class:________________ Room #:_______ Teacher: ____________________
5th Period Class:________________ Room #:_______ Teacher: ____________________
6th Period Class:________________ Room #:_______ Teacher: ____________________
7th Period Class:________________ Room #:_______ Teacher: ____________________
8th Period Class:________________ Room #:_______ Teacher: ____________________
9th Period Class:________________ Room #:_______ Teacher: ____________________
I have read and understand the class syllabus for 8th grade Science and will follow
all guidelines to be successful in class.
Teachers signature: _________________________________Date:_________________
Students signature: _________________________________Date:_________________
Parents signature: __________________________________Date:_________________
Address: _______________________________________________________________
Parents please provide all phones numbers you may be reached at and indicate
whether its a cell, work or home number. Thank you!
Name: ________________________ Phone number: _____________
Name: ________________________ Phone number: _____________
Name: ________________________ Phone number: _____________
Name: ________________________ Phone number: _____________

Parents please keep school supply list for future reference.

School Supplies
*All school supplies are due by the first week of school.*

2 Composition Notebook
1 inch binder
Large pack of glue sticks or 2 bottles of Elmers glue
Clorox Wipes
Hand Sanitizer
#2 pencils
1 package of Notebook Paper
1 box of Kleenex
1 Roll of paper towels
1 box of colors
1 sharpener
Other items may be requested throughout the school year for specific

A science fair project is mandatory for students in GT classes. Pre-AP students may be
asked to participate as well. All other students will have the option to research and
conduct an experiment in their area of interest during the first semester. Each student that
participates will have the responsibility to turn in a completed science project. Students
will participate in the District Science Fair. From there, some projects may qualify for
Regionals and/or for State Science Fair competition.

STEM Students:
Students in the STEM program will be following a Project Based Learning Curriculum
(PBL) in conjunction with State Readiness Standards (TEKS). Through this program
students will be applying Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) to
solve real world problems that will help them prepare for the technological advancements
being introduced to our community such as Space-X.