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Ahmed Magdy Ismail Abar

Personal Contacts

Address : Elbagour

Mobile : Egypt (+2)


Telephone : (+2)

co m

Personal Data

Gender: Male

Date Of Birth : 15/ 2/ 1991

Marital Status: Single

Nationality: Egyptian

Military service: exempted finally

2007 to 2014

Faculty of Medicine, M e n o u f i a
University, Egypt
Bachelor of Medicine & Surgery MBBCH
Six year CGBA: very good (78.15%)

March 2014-March 2015
House officer:
Menoufia University Hospitals
April 2015-May 2016
Family medicine physician and GP:
Kafr El-Dawar family medicine unit, ElBagour, Menoufia
May 2016- till now
Resident of Neuropsychiatry:
Neuropsychiatry department, Shibin El-kom
teaching hospital
Technical experience
I have worked in a private lab as a part time job for nearly a
year doing a lot of lab tests specially PCR for Hepatitis C
Virus, Tissue culture, Complete Blood Count, Hepatitis C
surface antigens, Liver enzymes.

Research Experience


research about Rheumatic heart disease for

pathology department
Menoufia medical school archive 2010
research about Drug abuse for community
Menoufia medical school archive 2011

Honors & Awards

2007- 2014

honors in community, Parasitology

Very good in pathology, pharmacology,
Microbiology, Otorhinolaryngology,
Forensic & Toxicology, Internal Medicine,
Pediatrics, General Surgery and Obstetrics &
gynecology, family medicine

February 2016

Certificate of Appreciation from El-Bagour

Health care administration in recognition of the
Effort done in polio virus vaccination campaign

March 2016

Certificate of Appreciation from El-Bagour

Health care administration in recognition of the
Effort done in accreditation of Kafr El-Dawar
Family medicine unit, ElBagour, Menoufia

Summer Occupation

Critical Care & Emergency Medicine

Department (Menoufia University)
Learning work under stress and how to
manage critically ill patients at Emergency
ward training.

Conferences & Courses


Certificate for participation in First Aid Course

at Menoufia University Emergency Hospital
which organized by Medical Club Family.

December 2014

Certificate for participation in

(Menoufia Faculty of Medicine-Student
Research Program) MFM-SRP.

December 2014

Certificate for participation at a

Mendeley workshop as a part of the
course organized by Menoufia Faculty

of Medicine-Student Research
December 2015

Certificate for participation in the

enduring material titled Neurological
Emergencies: Case Studies in
Critical Diagnoses from Harvard
Medical School

January 2016

Certificate for participation in the

enduring material titled Stroke
Management in Low-Resource
Settings from Harvard Medical

I am very interested in working to your lab that will boost my CV a
lot and give me a push in the start of my career, you will find me a
very active working and the best thing I think that is special in me is
that I am very faithful and care a lot about the place I work for.

Language Skills
1. Arabic: mother tongue.
2. English: fluent.

DR Jehan Abd-Elhamid Afify
Family physician and General administrator
El-Bagour health care administration
DR Rabab Nashat Abu-shady
Neuropsychiatry Specialist
Neuropsychiatry department at Shibin El-Kom teaching hospital
DR Ahmed Said Neklawi
Pediatric Resident
Liver National Institute at Shibin El-Kom
Tel: +201024765996