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Internship Report

All the acclamation and appreciation is for Almighty Allah the most
merciful, gracious and beneficent who is entire source of all the
knowledge and wisdom endowed to mankind. All the thanks to the
name of Almighty Allah, who helped me in setting goals and
objectives and blessed me to reach the destination. Without His
assistance none is capable of accomplishment.
I would be doing injustice without mentioning the name of the person
who helped me through out the report and made me understand the
major concepts of accounting in Finance department of Dxant. So my
special thanks go to Sir. Vinod.
Heartiest gratitude and compliments to my Parents, without their
continuous love and encouragement I could not complete this task.
The report in your hand is the collection of my observations and

Internship Report

Executive Summary
Introduction of the Organization
Introduction of the Department Served .
Nature of the Work
Training Analysis
Work Analysis ..

Internship Report

In order to be able to cope with the changing environment it is
necessary to have some practical experience. As the students of
Business Administration we have to pass through a series of various
managerial techniques. During this practical program we are provided
with an opportunity to learn that how the theoretical knowledge can be
implemented in practical grounds.
I selected to do my internship in Dxant, Karachi. I worked there for six
weeks & it gave me a greater practical knowledge about the
operations of the Finance department. The objective of this Internship
was to explore the accounting concepts with practical experience
working in an organization and study the system of Dxant. There are
many possible improvements, which we can make positive changes in
the system.
The report includes the introduction, objectives and activities of the
company with special reference to Finance Department of Dxant and
some suggestions on the basis of my experience about the company.
At the end of report some recommendations are also given based on
my observation and study of system of Dxant.

Internship Report




Overview of the Company

Dxant is a web solution company, serving its customers with solution
oriented and cost effective work; a company with the team of vibrant,
energetic and highly qualified experts, who work their best to provide
all web solution services at one place. They utilize latest technology in
such an extravagant way to provide you with the best quality output to
help your company excel and succeed in every aspect.
Based in Karachi, Pakistan, Dxant has consistently providing high
quality and custom web designing and development services. They are
able to provide you with remarkable backend development combined
with creative and artistic designs for your websites.

Objectives of the Company

Customer Service
Competitive Analysis

Activities of the Company


Internship Report

Graphic Designing
Logo Designing
Domain Registration
Web Hosting
Website Maintenance
Social Media
Internet Marketing/SEO
Content Writing
Responsive Web Design

Organizational Structure of the Company


IT Department


HR Department

IT Manager

Finance Manager

Human Resource



HR Officer

Internship Report


Web Designers


Data Entry

2. Introduction of the Department

Dxant has 3 main departments, worked under the companys CEO
(Hataish Kumar).
These departments are as under.
1) IT Department
2) Finance Department
3) Human Resource Department
All of these departments have their own detailed functions and
As I have done my bachelors major in Finance, so I have done my
internship in Finance/Accounts Department under the supervision of
Sir. Vinod.

Finance/Accounts Department
Dxant Finance/Accounts department performed different tasks on daily
basis. During my internship, I have performed following accounting and
admin tasks with the Finance team.

Post Journal Entries

Prepare & Process Cheques, Vouchers & Invoices
Maintain Account Receivables & Payables


Internship Report

Prepare Debit Advice for Employees Salaries

Handling E-mails, Phone Calls & all Types of Incoming
Maintain Hard & Soft Copy Files
Handling Stationary Requirements & Maintain Inventory
Assist with Photocopying, Scanning of Vouchers & Supporting

3. Nature of the Work

I had spent 6 weeks in all the sub divided sections of Accounts and
Finance department of Dxant. The staff of every section was very
helpful and very cooperative.
Post Journal Entries
Performed all type data entry tasks of posting journal entries in the
Prepare & Process Cheques, Vouchers & Invoices
Assist the Accounting team in Preparing Cheques, Vouchers & Invoices.
Maintain Account Receivables & Payables
Assist the Accounting team in maintain Account Receivables &
Payables with the outflow of company cash, dealing with invoices and
Prepare Debit Advice for Employees Salaries
I was given the responsibility to make pay slips for employees salaries
at the end of the month.
Handling E-mails,








Internship Report
I check email inbox on daily basis, as the place where all emails are
stored and attend all type of incoming calls concerned to accounting
Maintain Hard & Soft Copy Files
I keep the paper copy of the records that did not scan, also maintain
soft files on PC.
Handling Stationary Requirements & Maintain Inventory
I was given the duty to maintain a selection of office supplies for
employees use and update the list of inventory purchased.
Assist with Photocopying, Scanning of Vouchers & Supporting
Assist the Admin & Accounts staff with Photocopying & Scanning of

4. Training Analysis
Academic Learning Objectives
Learn the fundamental and technical concepts of accounting
Learn how to apply the principles of accounting to tax preparation
Professional Learning Objectives
Learn critical-thinking and problem-solving skills
Understand ethical issues related to the accounting profession
Learn how to make Effective Decision & Work in Teams
Learn Presentation & Report Writing Skills
Personal Learning Objectives
Determine if working for IT Companys Finance department is an
appropriate career goal for me.
Future Job Prospects by doing this Internship
An internship is a period of work experience, offered by an
organization, usually lasting for a fixed, limited amount of time.

Internship Report
Interns are assisted with special events or short-term projects. Training
enables fresh students to offer fresh ideas and new perspectives.
This internship provides the opportunity to gain hands on work
experience that I just cant get in the classroom.
Apart from this, I have learned all basis concepts of accounting in this
internship that are practically worked in a multinational company.
There is a lot of entry level accounting jobs, posted by multinational
companies on different Job platforms, while looking for fresh
Finance/Accounting graduates.
Once I will get a job opportunity in a finance department of a
multinational company. I am sure; I will be growing to a managerial
position after spending some years.

5. Work Analysis
Job Analysis at Dxant identifies and determines in detail the
particular job duties and requirements and the relative importance of
these duties for a given job.
Job evaluation is the systematic process for assessing the relative
worth of jobs within Dxant.
A comprehensive analysis of each positions, tasks, responsibilities,
knowledge, and skill requirements is followed by Dxant to assess the
value to the employer of the jobs content and provide an internal
ranking of the jobs.
Dxant reviews the job responsibilities of current employees by
providing a job evaluation form to the employees to assess their work
and for the betterment of the organization, this job evaluation is done.
This job evaluation is done for the productivity of the Dxant which will
be beneficial in future.

Internship Report
Dxant offers several benefits to perform a job analysis and meet the
objectives. These Benefits includes:

Workforce planning
Performance Appraisals
Employee Development

6. Recommendations
Dxant is performing well as all of its operations are well planned &
organized. Followings are some suggestions to enhance the
performance of the Finance Department of Dxant.

Internee should be provided with proper training & working

environment so they could easily understand the nature of work.
Internee should be provided friendly environment in the company with
team work.
There is also need for up gradation in finance department way of
processing work.
All Computers in Finance department should be upgraded.

Internship Report
World Class accounting softwares like SAP, Oracle, Microsoft, Xero can
give better service to increase the productivity of the company &
reduce the time and cost.
Friendly competition should be created between internee and trainee