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Honorable chief guest, Respected Audience and my dear fellows!

I am glad to join you today on the day of independence. Dear audience! I am here to make you
remember the days of Independence, The day of 14 august when Islamic Republic of Pakistan
came into being. I am here to make you remember the story of freedom of Pakistan.
On 14 August 1947, Pakistan attained freedom from the British and Hindus Rule. Every year,
August 14 is celebrated as the Independence Day in Pakistan. This national festival is celebrated
with great enthusiasm all over the country. The Independence Day of any country is a moment of
pride and glory. On this special occasion, rich tributes are paid to the freedom fighters, who
sacrificed their lives and fought to free their motherland from the clutches of the oppressors
British who ruled the country.
Respected Audience!
The story of freedom is a continuous struggle of 100 years of the Muslims of sub-continent. I
remember the days when all the Muslims were united for the great cause of Pakistan. I remember
the days when the Muslims were devoted for the cause of their freedom. I remember the days
when the Muslims were devoted for their slogans.
I remember the days, ladies and gentlemen! the leadership abilities of a great Lawyer of
subcontinent. Yes, you are right, I am talking about Quaid-e-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah. Lets
solute the father of nation for his great efforts for the establishment of Pakistan, It is because of
our great Quaid that we are living in an independence country, we are no longer the slaves of
Hindus and British people, so once again I salute the great Quaid for his sincere efforts. Ladies
and Gentlemen! I remember the days when Allama Iqbal gave hope to the hopeless people of
sub-continent. I remember those glorious days.
Dear Audience!
Those days and 65 years later in the present days, when I make comparison between these I find
a big difference. When I compare the people of those times with today, I am surprise to see that
people now-a-days are divided into different sects. They represent themselves by their casts and
sects. We need to develop a system today so lets built a better nation because millions of our
brothers are helpless, they need our help. Lets discover the secrets of a satisfied life. In previous
times, people who were not so wealthy but they were happier and content then the people of
modern age. The reason behind that was their simplicity and love for each other. They were not
selfish and greedy like the men of modern age. The wealthy people used to distribute their wealth
to the poor person and Islam is all about that. Being a Muslim and Pakistani, We need to develop

the system of justice and equality in all parts of our society. So if wealth within a community
stops at one place, then that society can never progress. This is the reason that Islam emphasizes
to build a system where there is justice and the life of a common man is same as the life of a
Respected Audience!
As a Pakistani we need to realize that Pakistan was established in the name of Islam. We need to
show unity and brotherhood. We need to act upon Quaid saying (UNITY, FATH &
DISCIPLINE), we need to help others and make sincere efforts to make Pakistan the real
Pakistan as Quaid-e-Azam thought. Lets remove corruption and terrorism from our country. For
this we need to take a step ahead to make Pakistan the homeland of prosperity. I request the
youth of our country to save Pakistan from these social crimes. Lets take Pakistan to another
level of glory. The day is not far when we will make Pakistan the homeland of sincere people.
INSHALLAH we can achieve our aim, if all the Leaders think as a real Pakistani. We should try
to lead the mission of Quaid. In the end Lets Pray for Pakistan, Lets pray that our country would
make progress as other countries of the world. All this can come into reality when our leaders
will make sincere efforts as a Pakiatani and as a true Muslim.