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Assignment Written Responses Student Instructions

BSBLDR501 Develop and use emotional intelligence

Students must complete all tasks as outlined in the following pages.
Hints: - The following hints will assist when preparing reports for
Report format:
Executive summary
An executive summary is a very useful tool in communicating your information to busy
people. It is essentially a short summary (often no more than a page) of the report
objectives, findings, and conclusions.
Any report over three pages in length should have a list of contents. A list of contents
not only helps people find their way around the report but it also gives an indication of
what is in the report and the structure.
The introduction should set the scene for the report by concisely describing the reason
for the report and the background or history relevant to the report.
The body should address the main information including:
objectives of the review;
how the review was conducted, who was consulted, etc.; and
results of the review and key issues identified
Your conclusions should be clearly justified with reference to the results of the review.
Your recommendations should be made twice, briefly in the opening summary or
Executive Summary and then in more detail in the recommendations section.
Useful links to assist with assigned tasks.

This information is to be handed to each student to outline the assessment requirements.

Assessment due date:

May 2015 V1.0

This will be aligned to Session Plan

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Assignment Written Responses Student Instructions

BSBLDR501 Develop and use emotional intelligence
Answer all questions based on data from the following scenario. Or by using your
own organisation.
Scenario: The CA City Department Store is a one-stop shop for style and fashion.
Our modern Australian-made homewares and competitively priced electrical goods
are hard to leave the store without. Great deals can be found both in store and
online. Making happy customers is what we do. We are a proud member of the CA
City Retail Group.
You are to assume the character of Hanz Konig, Head of Operations, CA City
Department Store. Esther Smithers Managing Director, CA City Department Store
had you attend a learning and development 3 day seminar on understanding and
developing emotional intelligence for todays organisations.
Esther Smithers is looking forward to a report from you detailing how CA City
Department Store can introduce emotional intelligence in the organisation. She has
provided you with the following key points of concern which she and other
managers have as potential problems:

High absentee rates

Organisational politics between departments
Low numbers of employee promotions despite employee interest
Positive customer survey responses have not been shared ,staff are not
aware of the good work they are doing

Hanz is a quietly spoken gentleman and he can give the impression that people can
walk over him but they dont because he has great experience as a manager. He
does generate loyalty amongst long servicing staff members of the organisation.
The CA City Department Store has people from many cultural backgrounds and
some staff have worked for the company for over 7 years. Hanz has found himself
sorting out a lot of small issues involving staff not working well together, sometimes
he has moved people into different sections of the organisation to fix the problem.
There is one new staff member and also one manager who are constantly
undermining Hanz and causing trouble in the teams. He has spoken to them on
many occasions and their behaviour persists.

Task 1
Every member of staff, managers and support staff will need to identify the impact of
their own emotions on others in the workplace
1. a) Describe why organisations implement emotional intelligence strategies?
include principles of emotional intelligence to describe how this is useful for
the organisation
Hint: consider workplace relationships and business objectives in your answer
(minimum 100 words)
Emotional intelligence is the ability to manage your own emotions effectively and it is
central to achieving high performance in the workplace. As a manager how you handle
yourself and your relationships drives the emotions of the individuals you are leading
within a team.
It is also an individuals ability to recognise the emotions and feelings of others and
interact with them in a way that manages their behaviour and relationships with others.
May 2015 V1.0

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Assignment Written Responses Student Instructions

BSBLDR501 Develop and use emotional intelligence
It is the ability to recognise heightened emotions in both yourself and other around you,
remove yourself from the stress and manage the situation objectively, taking into
account the feelings of those involved, to arrive at a resolution agreeable to all involved.
There are four components to emotional intelligence, which are categorised in pairs both
personal and social competence, and recognition and regulation. For effective
leadership, a manger must demonstrate all of the four components in each given
situation or predicament.
Personal competence
Accurate, honest and
reflective self-assessment

Social competence
Social awareness
Empathy (recognition and
understanding of emotions
and behaviours of others)
Awareness and
understanding of feelings,
emotions and behaviours of
the organisation.
Relationship management
Maintaining emotional self- Conflict management and
control in emotive or
volatile situations.
Inspirational and influential
Being honest and
leadership and
management style- leads
Able to adapt behaviour
by example and models
and approach according to
good emotional
the situation and changes
in the situation.
Collaborative approach to
Initiative and innovative
management- involves the
approach to management.
team in decision making
Optimistic- uses every
and resolutions.
situation as an opportunity. Develop others.
Emotional Intelligence is important for the understanding of and the use of
emotional intelligence strategies is useful for an organisation for the following
reasons: it is an individuals ability to recognise their own emotions and the
emotions of others, by using emotional intelligence allows leaders to better
understand and motivate their staff, be recognising and embracing employee
emotions can assist to feel more committed and motivated.
b) As Hanz how would you react in a similar situation? It is important to identify
your own strengths, weaknesses, stressors and emotional states. Based on this
situation or one in your workplace complete the table below? (Include three for
each area)
As hanz, being questioned by a team for a decision I had made would feel
uncomfortable, upset and defeated and probably need to stand up for myself
according to the organisations policies and procedures. By identifying my own
emotional strengths and weaknesses will assist me in improving and developing my
emotional intelligence.
Calm and reasonable under
Dedication and commitment.

May 2015 V1.0

Irrational behaviour



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Assignment Written Responses Student Instructions

BSBLDR501 Develop and use emotional intelligence
2. Now that you have completed the activity regarding your own emotional strengths
and weaknesses in relation to this scenario or in your own workplace. Were you
able to be completely honest and transparent in identifying your own emotional
strengths and weaknesses? Explain you answer. (minimum 75 words)
We all experience stressors in the workplace, by recognising my own stressors and
emotional responses will enable me to begin the journey to developing my own
emotional intelligence.
Within a management or leadership role, there are a number of stressors or pressures to
perform or fulfil your role and responsibilities, there are always circumstances that can
create them for example: natural disasters, changes to legislation and regulations.
There may be one or more in your role that causes stress and anxiety, and may be other
things that evoke your emotions such as annoyance or anger and recognising what
causes your own personal stressors will help you to understand that of others within your
As a manager, it is your duty to identify and alleviate workplace any potential workplace
stressors that could be detrimental to your health or job performance or the
effectiveness of your team.
3. You will need to categorise your personal stressors and own emotional conditions
in the workplace, how will you work through this process? (minimum 75 words)
The following are categories of personal stressors in the workplace:

Poor Leadership


Dealing with conflict

Lack of support
Lack of understanding


May 2015 V1.0

Key performance indicators.

Targets and budgets.
Time management and schedules.
Meetings with senior management.
Impatient/unfair managers.
Multiple managers and supervisors.
Managers that dont understand my role.
Bullying in the workplace.
Conflicts between you and others that
havent yet be resolved.
Conflicts between members of your team
that you must resolve.
Strained relationships with
clients/suppliers and customers.
Such as angry customers.
From team members, supervisor and
Poor communication from management.
Not understanding your role and
To management and own role and
Organisational structure for example:

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Assignment Written Responses Student Instructions

BSBLDR501 Develop and use emotional intelligence
Recognising these personal stressors and own emotional condition will enable me to
recognise these stressors and emotional response for you to begin the journey to
developing my emotional intelligence. I may be on my way and particularly if my
emotional states are positive ones.
4. We all have different emotional triggers, how will you develop awareness of your
triggers and use this awareness to allow control of emotional responses?
(minimum 75 words)
In order to develop your emotional triggers is to consider what is important to you, that if
threatened or removed would cause an extreme emotional reaction in you and they are
often your morals and values.
In order for you to become aware of your emotional triggers are the following:

Stop and reconsider.

Detach yourself from the situation.
Think about the process you have put in place to deal with the issue.
Have you taken it personally, when it wasnt the intention of the action.
Use that emotional strength to analysis the problem.
If the need is being compromised, how are you going to deal with it objectively
without being over-sensitive and emotional?

By identifying and understanding the reasons for emotional responses to work stressors
and personal pressures< I have made myself aware of the issue. This will enable me to
recognise the trigger and stop the emotional reaction before it occurs. Being able to
rationalise my understanding of why the reaction occurred, will enable you to step away
from the issue and take control of how you are going to deal with it and manage the
emotional response. In order to control your emotional response to the work stressors,
you should be able to identify the emotional strength thats most appropriate and
suitable to deal with the situation.

5. How will you manage your workplace emotions to serve as a role model to all
employees and would staff watch this behaviour? (minimum 100 words)
As managers and leaders, you have to model workplace behaviours that
demonstrate management of emotions because you set the tone and stanard for
the behaviour of the rest of the team and/or organisation. Not only you must set
the stanard on which the organisation models its own behaviour, you will also need
to deal with consequences of inappropriate emotional responses and behaviours
from your subordinates and possibly complaints from customers or clients exhibiting
heightened emotions. If you are unable to handle the scenarios you will be
exacerbate the situation. You will need to learn to control your emotions by
detaching yourself from the issue, not taking it personally, rather than concealing
your emotions. By remaining impartial and indifferent to the situation you will be in
a much objective position to deal with it effectively and fairly.
Your staff would watch this behaviour because it is up to the manager to stay in
control of the situation for your team members and others around you, look to you
of control a problem situation and provide solutions in a rational and calm manner.
If the manager is panicking or losing control of their emotions, the chances are that
this will cause panic amongst the staff and/or staff may lose respect for the
manager, which will have a negative impact on the managers authority and the
ability to manage the team.

May 2015 V1.0

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Assignment Written Responses Student Instructions

BSBLDR501 Develop and use emotional intelligence
6. You will be required to use self-reflection and feedback from work colleagues
to improve growth of your own emotional intelligence. How will you develop
this skill? (minimum 100 words)

Task 2
You are now required to recognise and appreciate emotional strengths and
weaknesses of others.
7. How will you now respond to emotional states of employees and assess
emotional cues? (Minimum 75 words)
8. Workplaces are growing in employee diversity and it is necessary for you to
recognise cultural expressions of emotions and various emotional cues. How will
you do this in the CA City Department Store (or in your workplace)? (Minimum 75
9. Outline how you will demonstrate flexibility and adaptability when dealing with
others in the CA City Department Store (or your workplace)? (Minimum 100 words)
10. Making decisions is a daily occurrence for you, how will you take into account
others when making decisions? (Minimum 75 words)

Task 3
You will now be looking to develop emotional intelligence of others in the workplace.
How will you offer opportunities for others to express their thoughts and
feelings in the workplace? (Minimum 100 words)
12. It is important for you to provide assistance for all employees to understand the
effect of their behaviour and emotions on others in the CA City Department Store
(or your workplace). Explain how this can be done? (Minimum 75 words)
Encouragement for employees to self-manage their emotions is another
task you must implement at CA City Department Store, how will you put this task
into action? (Minimum 75 words)
You will now have to inspire others to grow their own emotional intelligence
to build productive associations within the CA City Department Store and
maximise workplace outcomes? How will you achieve this outcome? (Minimum
100 words)

Task 4
You will need to use emotional intelligence to maximise team outcomes in the
department store.
How will you encourage a positive emotional climate in the workplace?
(Minimum 75 words)
Achieving workplace outcomes is important for the CA City Department
Store (and your workplace), how will you use the strength of the workgroup to
achieve this outcome? (Minimum 75 words)

May 2015 V1.0

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