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Warp knitting machine is one of the flat

knitting machine .This machine produced by
warp knitted loop in Wales direction pattern
mechanism determine how many yarn is
feed to the needles guide bar get shogging
movement by pattern mechanism. Arrange
with chain links pattern pattern wheel does
the pattern mechanism pattern wheel
provide accuracy and smooth running at
high speed but they are only economical for
long production runs of the common , simple
structure .For fancy structure
frequent change of pattern and long pattern
repeats, the shogging movements are
obtained by assembling a chain of are
usable pattern links .


To be introduce with different parts of

the machine .
To know the function of the different
parts of the machine .
To know the working principle of the
machine .
To know about the maintenance of the
machine .
To know about the needle bar , guide bar
, sinker bar movement .

To know about the let-off motion and

take up mechanism .
To produce the various shed of knitted
fabrics and control different parts of the

Machine Specification:


: COP 2K
M/c Width
: 84

M/c Gauge
: 28

: Western Germany

Company name : Maschinenfabrik ,

Naila .

Main parts of the Machine:

Compound needle
Guide bar
Intermediate shaft
Take up mechanism
Timing belt
Pattern chain
Main shaft
Sliding latch
Warp beam
Needle bar

Sinker and sinker bar

Let- off mechanism
Machine A/c
Pattern drum
Sliding latch bar
Toothed bar

The operation principle of yarn to

fabric path diagram:
In an on/off motion there are two buttons
operating it. The yarn that is in back position
passes through back guide bar and front of
the rest .When yarn passes through the
guide bar the connecting rod which is
attached to the patter drum gives shogging
The rocker shaft which is adjacent to the
connecting rod give swinging motion with
the help of spring mechanism the
connecting rod moves back to the initial
position .Finally the machine is run inching
motion .If everything is ok then the machine
is run an production manner.

Main parts of the pattern drum


Pattern drum

Chain guide bar

Pattern spring
Push rod


The shogging movement is initiated by

varying the radius of continuously turning
pattern shaft .It can be obtained into
different form as follows
In form of different height of pattern
link which passes over the pattern drum
attached to the pattern shaft .

In front of carefully shaped metal

circular cam ,named as pattern wheel
attached with it .An increasing height of
the pattern link to the next .Produce a
trust against the end of the guide bar
resulting position shogging motion
.Where as decrease as produce a
negative shog towards the pattern shaft
by the action of the resulting spring .he
perephere of the pattern wheel is joined
at the end of the guide bar by up push

Let- off mechanism:

Motion gives motion to gear through motor

pulley and machine pulley .At first the
mechanism which is used to supply warp
yarn from warp beam is called let off
mechanism and its motion is called let off
motion .Then motion is transferred from
main shaft to side shaft when with an
endless belt three gear are connected .
Take-up mechanism:

At first motor gives motion to gear box

through motor pulley and machine pulley
.Then the motion is transferred from main
shaft to side shaft with which a warm wheel
is connected through shaft .The motion is
transferred to another two warm wheels
through a number of gears over which take
up roller gears are connected .These two top
take up rollers and bottom take up rollers
get motion .
Needle and sinker bar movement :

The needle bar and sinker bar gets motion

from the bottom shaft of the m/c with the
help of connecting shaft .The shaft gets
motion by cams and moves the needle and
sinker bar in proper time while knitting .
Guide bar movement :

The guide bar have two types of

movement .One is known a shogging and
the another one is swinging motion .The
swing motion is carried out by the shaft
connected with guide bar and moves up and
down with the help of an engineering cam
connected with the m/c side shaft .The
shogging motion is carried out by the
pattern drum .Two connecting rod gets
movement from the pattern drum with the
help of various links .Thus the guide bar
gets shogging motion.
Remarks :

The mechanism described over, are very

important for warp knitting m/c because for
these two mechanisms uniform supply of
warm yarn and proper winding of cloth are
possible .From this experiment we learned
about the driving mechanism of the m/c
.Hope it will be help for our better future.