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Clearing TOGAF 9 Level 1 and Level 2 Certification Exam

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Clearing TOGAF 9 Level 1 and Level 2

Certification Exam

by Suhail Mohammad

Hi Guys , A few weeks back I passed my TOGAF 9 combined Level 1 and 2
Enterprise Architecture Certification and I thought it would be useful to share my
experience of the exam and hopefully it will help you in your preparation if/when you
decide to go that way.
Please be aware that the information provided in this article purely reflects my point
of vew with regard to preparation for the TOGAF 9 certification.

About the Exam

If you decide to do both Level 1 and Level 2 combined , there are 2 parts to the
certification exam. Both parts must be cleared to pass the certification exam.
Part 1 is simple multiple choice format : Pass mark 55% (22 or more points out of a
maximum of 40)
Part 2 comprises of 8 complex scenario questions, with gradient scoring : Pass mark
60% (24 or more points out of a maximum of 40) . For each scenario based question
there are 4 choices. The correct answer scores 5 points, the second best answer 3
points, the third best answer 1 point. The incorrect scores 0 points.
For more information on the exam format visit the official open group website :

Preparing for the Exam

The official guide book covering the complete TOGAF specification could be
downloaded from The Open Group website :
There could be later versions than G091 for the guide in which case you could
download that from Open Group website.
There are two ways to approach the TOGAF 9 certification exam :
You could attend a certified TOGAF 4-day training course and then give the
exam. I did this as my company paid for the course. The training company
provides their own PPTs ( which is all from the official guide book but presented
differently). They also give a Pocket Guide which can be quite useful in the
preparation( you can also buy this pocket guide online and its not very
expensive) and some other referential TOGAF documents which I didn't get time
to do. I found the course useful but I woun't really call it brilliant. The list of
Accredited training courses can be found on
Self-study and then appear for the certification exam. This is definitely an option
if you do not have your company paying for your 4-day TOGAF 9 training

2013/11/12 09:30 PM

Clearing TOGAF 9 Level 1 and Level 2 Certification Exam

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course. This, however, can be a little daunting as well as the TOGAF preparation
material can seem very dry and a lot to go through( Specially the guide book).
Once you are done with the course (and even otherwise) its slightly tough to decide
where to begin from. Every body prepares differently but my suggestion is as follows
:1. Before you start with the in-depth preparation its important to understand a very
high level picture of what TOGAF actually is otherwise it would be easy to get
overwhelmed when you are going through the detailed chapters. This could be
recalling basics from your own course or may be see this 10- part youtube video
few times which I found very useful .
2. Next would be to read chapter 1 & 2 from the guide book few times to get overall
picture clarity in your mind. Make yourself a picture or keep a printout of a
high-level diagram from Chapter 1 and when later on you read each chapter
remind yourself which area in the overall picture is this chapter related to.
3. Now at this time when you are ready to take a deep-dive , keep handy a printout
for the chapter 7 for the official conformance requirements guide ( link below ).
Read 7.1 to understand the format of entries later and then 7.2 section goes in
great detail whether a section in a chapter in official TOGAF Guide book( G091)
is covered in Level 1 ( closed book simple multiple choice test ) or Level 2 (
Open Book complex scenario questions ). This detailed information is available
for all the 52 chapters in the official guide book. Keep referring to this 7.2
chapter in conformance requirement whilst going through the study guide. This
way you can easily eliminate whats definitely not covered in the exam.

For the sections from each chapters which are covered in

Level 1 you need to remember the information( bullet points
etc) as it will be covered in the closed-book multiple choice
For the sections from each chapters which are covered in
Level 2 you should just be fully aware of the information in
the topic and not necessarily remember the tables,
Diagrams, bullet points etc as this information will be
included in a scenario based open book exam. Open book
means you get a electronic copy of the TOGAF Specifications
guide book (G091). However, i thought that the electronic
pdf provided was very poor quality and can be really a pain
to search in during the exam. So for the purpose of open
book exam it would be useful to be really aware which
information roughly resides in which section of the Guide
The Sections which are not covered in Level 1 and Level 2
can be easily left alone for the purpose of the certification

2013/11/12 09:30 PM

Clearing TOGAF 9 Level 1 and Level 2 Certification Exam

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Another very helpful source to keep handy for revision is the pocket guide. In fact
everything that will be asked in Level 1 is roughly covered or mentioned in the pocket
guide so its a decent source of Level 1 test preparation if you are short on time. If
you want to buy the Pocket guide

Booking for the Exam

You could book for the exam using the following prometric site.

On the exam Day

On the exam day , needless to say you need to be there before time. You MUST
Have two forms of identification with the exact name with which you booked the
exam. One of them must be a photo identification. Only after verifications of these 2
Ids would you be allowed to sit the exam. I carried my UK DL + Residence Card.
After the sign-in process you will have to keep everything in a locker( if the center
has lockers) as you won't be allowed to take anything inside the examination hall.
Once you are on the seat , you can take a small mock test for 10-15 minutes to
familiarise yourself to the system. The first part of the exam will be the closed-book
simple multiple choice as mentioned earlier and you will have 60 minutes for the test.
When you think you have answered all the questions as you wanted to you can finish
the 1st Part but I suggest that you can take the full 60 minutes available to you so
that you can get some rest before part 2. AS soon as you finish part 1 , part 2 will
start automatically so you wont have time to relax.
In Part 2, as I mentioned before, you get a soft copy of guide book and you have 8
complex scenario questions . You will get 90 minutes to answer these 8 questions.
You could also search ( although it wont be easy) the guide book in search of
answers once you have read the question and the provided choices. I made the
mistake of spending too long on the first question and was almost short on time to
attempt all questions properly. So its important to manage the time that you have.
Each question will have few paragraphs to explain the scenario for a company and
then explain what needs to be achieved. Then the answer is on the lines of "you are
a lead Architect ...... what do you recommended to do from the available options...."
You need to choose the most correct answer. Even the answers can be quite long
and a little complex to read so again time management is important . I would
recommend to first attend all the questions you are confident on and then come back
to the ones you weren't sure about.
When you finish part 2 , immediately your result will be shown on the screen. If you
passed, CONGRATULATIONS you are now TOGAF 9 Certified.
You need to make you way back to the reception and they will give you a prinout of
the result. The result will then be passed to Open Group as well and you should
receive an email within few weeks to complete your registration and then your name
would be registered in the list of TOGAF Certified Directory which you can also see

2013/11/12 09:30 PM

Clearing TOGAF 9 Level 1 and Level 2 Certification Exam

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online @

After the Success..

Congrats you are TOGAF 9 certified now. To be honest merely getting the
certification doesn't necessarily make one an expert to do an Enterprise Architect
role unless its backed by a fair amount of relevant work experience as well as an
I personally feel for those of us who are not already in Architect positions the
experience will happen overtime with the right effort and a bit of luck. In the mean
time the best way to learn further is to try and put in practice the various things and
techniques you learnt in TOGAF in your current job profile until you get your break to
work as an Architect. Once you are working as an Architect it would be a good to
start putting the relevant bits from TOGAF into practice more and more and gain
good experience and expertise for future senior roles.

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2013/11/12 09:30 PM