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Conference On Knowledge ManagementBest Corporate Practices

23rd-25th October2013

Conference Objectives
HP Services

program is to
creation, sharing,
and reuse to:
Increase our win
rate Drive down

sales and delivery


Knowledge is
like money : to be
of value it must
circulate , and in
circulating it can
increase in
quantity and
hopefully in

With the dynamic business environment characterized by

rapid technological advancements, globalization, sudden
changes in the regulatory frameworks and attrition due to
want for talent or large retirements etc.; Knowledge
Management(KM) is not an option now but a necessity.
KM provides people, processes, and technology to help
knowledge flow to the right people at the right time so
they can act more efficiently and effectively
Any KM initiative needs to positively impact the business
result of the company. The goal of KM should therefore
be derived from the companys goal culled out
from the business environment and consequent
Knowledge has to be created,
company strategy. The conference designed as
captured, and processed. It needs
an KM initiative benefiting the participants by
to be leveraged, managed, and
making them aware about KM and related
audited. Its useless if it is hoarded,
challenges , which could be of immense benefit
valuable if it is shared, essential
to their respective organizations.
for keeping the competitive edge.
Knowledge, suddenly, is a hot
Participant Benefit
At the end of the Conference, the participants will
be able toGain Insights into how to identify their organizations knowledge areas.
Understand the critical success factors involved in introducing knowledge
Exchange current Knowledge Management practices, experiences, and Challenges
and look for similarities and cross cutting issues.

Invitation for Papers

PMI, NTPC Ltd. invites papers to be include the conference on Knowledge
Management- Corporate Best Practices. The papers could be on one of the sub-themes
mentioned on the next page. The paper may be sent by email or post to Dr. A.P. Dash
(contact details mentioned overleaf) . The full paper, both in soft and hard copy and not
exceeding 5000 words need to be sent along with a brief bio-note of author on a separate
sheet including full name, designation, affiliation, contact details (land line and mobile,
email ID, etc.)and brief professional achievements. The full paper must include the
abstract, key words, illustrations, pictures, figures, references(use "APA" Style, etc. The paper should be in MS Word and content of the paper
should include the objective, design/methodology/ approach, findings, research
limitations, implications of the study.

Sub-Themes for the Conference

Target Audience

Sharing of Best Practices in the context of

Knowledge Management(KM) pertaining to
KM architecture
People, processes and Policies
Knowledge Management and strategy
Technology & Knowledge Management
Innovation & KM

Chief Knowledge
Managers and
Partners of

Last Date for Submission of Papers:

For NTPC Participant- 31/07/2013
For Others-00/00/2013
Location- Goa, Venue- To be notified later

Duration 03 Days

Dates- 23rd -25th October, 2013

e-payments can be made for which

the payee bank details and tax
numbers are given below:Service Tax Registration Number
Income Tax: PAN : AAACN
TAN : DELNO 5281D, TIN :
Bank Name :- Punjab and Sind Bank
Branch Address : Plot A8A, Sector
24, NOIDA- 201301. District Gautam
Buddha Nagar (U.P.)
Type of Account :- Current Account ,
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Did you Know ?

Knowledge Forums
bring together
practitioners from
NASA, industry,
and academia to
share best
practices and
lessons learned
about developing,
acquiring, and
sharing knowledge

Participation:The acceptance of the nominations shall be

duly confirmed by Power Management
Institute. Nominations can be sent by
email to the address mentioned overleaf.
Nominations can also be sent directly from
PMIs website. The course fees may be
remitted in the names of NTPC Limited
through crossed cheque/ demand draft
payable at New Delhi
Course Fee:For Public sectors:
For Non-Public Sector Organizations:

Service tax as applicable shall be charged.

Essence of
knowledge is,
having it, to apply

it; not having it, to

your ignorance. Confucius


For more information, Please contact:

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