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Freshmen Biology Expectations

Mrs. Marshall Room 305

Daily Expectations
Come to class prepared: Biology notebook, writing utensil, colored pencils, (highlighterrecommended)
For Behavior Expectations think of the Three Rs:
1. Rights all students have a right to an education and actions that interfere with that right are not
2. Responsibility success and failure are determined by the decisions YOU MAKE.
3. Respect this is the Golden Rule. You should act in ways towards other people and things just
as you would want others to act toward you and your things. Show respect for the materials, the
classroom, the instructor, and each other to promote a safe and effective learning environment.
Arrive promptly and copy the days warm up in your biology notebook. TARDINESS will not
be tolerated.
Assignments: There will be a variety of assignments (homework, class work, quizzes, labs,
projects, & exams) to allow ample opportunities to demonstrate your knowledge!
If you are absent:
a. Make-up work for absences is to be completed within one week of an absence. Work not completed
within the specified time will result in 0 points.
b. Lab information must also be made up by asking a lab partner for lab notes. (In some cases, the lab
activity itself cannot be made up due to time and/or facility restraints, but you do need the notes!)
c. After returning from an absence, the student should check online or ask a classmate first, then pick
up missed work from the bin, and finally see Mrs. Marshall for a pass to makeup any quizzes or tests
if necessary.
d. Being absent does not excuse you from anything. For example this does not work, I wasnt there
when it was assigned. YOU are responsible for everything that occurs in class, even when you are
Late Work: Actions Speak Louder Than Words
In other words, it does not matter what your reason or excuse is. I just want to see the assignment.
All work will be accepted late with point deductions.
Students will actively participate during class discussions and activities.
Students will abide by the academic honesty policies in the student handbook.
Students NEED to legibly write their first and last name and the date on every paper or will lose
Lab Expectations
Assigned lab partners will work cooperatively to finish the assignment.
Each student is responsible for all lab materials located at his/her table.
Students will behave responsibly to eliminate injuries or harm from occurring.
Students will properly clean and return materials to their proper places, as well as keep their lab
tables clean in order to receive permission to leave class.
Microscopes are to be cleaned, properly wrapped, and stored on low power in the microscope
cabinet. (Microscopes are an expensive thing for you to replace!)
Biology Notebooks
Students are expected have a 3-ring binder or 5-subject notebook that is kept up to date, organized and
legible. If you are successful at keeping this, you will be successful in class. There will be notebook