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Spring Edition

A film starring Deepak Chopra

Depak Chopra


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Hard-core Cleansing Programs

Food-based vitamin C
Liver Support
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Detoxification support
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inflammation response
Alkalize with Nutrient-rich

When Nutrition Really Matters

The quality, therapeutic concentration, and affordability of a nutritional product can, and
often does, mean the difference between lethargy and energy, sickness and health, and,
quite literally, life and death. I dont want anyone to be tired, sick, or dead because they
could not obtain or afford the best possible product. Loyalties can be divided. I want to
make it clear where mine lies. My loyalty is to those who want to thrive, and those whose
life situation requires them to thrive. My loyalty is to the end user. My loyalty is
to you. In my life now, and one day when I look back upon my life, that will have
value to me incomparable to any amount of money, investors, or fame.
Dr. Jameth Sheridan Doctor of Holistic Medicine (D.H.M.) and Hard-Core Herbal Medicine Researcher 800-357-2717

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Annual Integrated Health Conference

(Formerly Known as The Cure to Cancer

Conference) Join thousands of people
dedicated to preventing,healing & reversing
debilitating diseases such as Cancer.

MARCH 20TH-22ND, 2015



By Dr. Antonio Jimenez, M.D. and Dr. Subrata Chakravarty, Ph.D







Dr. Kayla Smith, N.D.

Dr. Paul Drouin, M.D.

Patrick K. Porter, Ph.D



D. James Morre, Ph.D

20 Cannabis Out of The Closet Constance Finley

22 Side Benefits, Not Side Effects Sunil Pai, M.D.
24 Legacy of Royal Rife John Wright
26 PTSD and Your Health Dr. Robert Dee McDonald
30 Death Makes Life Possible Marilyn Schlitz, M.A., Ph.D
32 Elixer of Immortality Rehmannia Dean Thomas

Discover the Leading Edge Research and

Insights About Cancer and Its Possible
Solutions When You Attend The Integrated
Health Conference in San Diego.
The Integrated Health Conference Provides the
Latest in Integrative and Alternative Solutions
to Cancer from the Leading Edge Researchers,
Scientists, Doctors, and Health Advocates on
the Planet.
Discover some of the newest approaches
holistic practitioners are using to assist
people in healing their bodies naturally.
Learn the newest integrative and alternative
approaches Medical Doctors are using to help
patients heal their bodies of cancer.
Listen to the powerful stories cancer thrivers
will share with you about how they beat cancer
and maintained health

36 Successful Cancer Strategies Dr. Chas Gant, M.D., Ph.D

38 Enjoy Soy Thomas Lodi, M.D., MD(H), CNS
41 Insulin Potentiation Therapy Rebcca Stealey RN, BSN
44 Cruciferous Vegetables

Dr. Veronique Desaulniers

46 Hyperthermia Immunotherapy Oscar E. Streeter, Jr., M.D.

49 Geopathic Stress and Its Impact on Health Werner Brandmaier
51 Overcoming Cancer



Elaine Gibson

Is a Stress-Free Life Possible?

Al Sanchez

World Bank Funds Research on Cancer Herb

The Reconnection
Becoming You

Jackie Lapin

Brian R.Clement, Ph.D

Nadina C. Jose, M.D.


NATHAN CRANE IHI Founding Partner, President

Nathan Crane is a
highly sought after
lifestyle entrepreneur,
speaker, filmmaker
and bestselling author
dedicated to helping
raise awareness around
healthy living, sustainability, and living fulfilled.
From addiction, dependency, jail, and homelessness,
to a profound spiritual awakening becoming a highly
sought after international entrepreneur of personal
empowerment, Nathan found his lifes purpose in helping
people experience more health, joy, and fulfillment in their
lives -dissolving harmful habits and mental attachments
- and experiencing physical, mental, emotional, financial
and spiritual transformation.
Nathan is the CEO of Integrated Health International an organization dedicated to raising awareness around

integrative and alternative solutions to preventing,

healing, and reversing degenerative disease.
Nathan is also the Founder of The Panacea Community,
President of Panacea Publishing, Inc. Director of
Panacea Life School, and Producer of The Integrated
Health Conference. Nathan is focused on assisting
Billions of people to experience higher levels of health,
happiness, and fulfillment through online and inperson educational conscious publishing programs
and experiences.
Nathan enjoys spending quality time with his beautiful
wife and daughter, growing organic food, and traveling
the world sharing empowering solutions to living a
healthier and more fulfilling life.
You can learn more about Nathan and his projects at

JEAN SWANN IHI Founding Partner, Vice President

Jean Swann is a Holistic
Health Expert, Cofounder of Integrated
Health International,
Editor- in- Chief of
Integrated Health
Magazine and Founder/
Host of The Wisdom Show (http://www.TheWisdomShow.
com). Jean is a Board Certified Holistic Health
Counselor and member of the American Association of
Drugless Practitioners. She studied Naturopathy at the
International Quantum University for Integrative Medicine,
and Nutrition at the Institute for Integrative Nutrition

in Manhattan, N. Y. Jean is also a licensed Spiritual

Health Coach, and holds certifications as a Quantum
Biofeedback Practitioner, Reiki Master and ThetaHealing
DNA Practitioner. Prior to immersing herself in the
health field, Jean was an award-winning print Journalist,
News Anchor and Talk Show Host at top-rated New
York City syndicated radio networks and radio stations,
including ABC, CNBC, Financial News Network, the
number one all-news station in the world, 1010 WINS
Radio and Bloomberg Radio.

from the

Jean Swann

As we complete this edition of Integrated Health Magazine,

we eagerly anticipate hosting the second annual Integrated
Health Conference in San Diego. Thousands of people from
around the world will gather to hear more than 40 doctors
and experts share the latest advances in integrative,
alternative and holistic approaches to cancer and other
degenerative disease. We look forward to meeting many of
you in person for the first time, and basking in the collective
consciousness of healing mind, body and spirit.
Inside this edition, you will find gems of wisdom from many
of the speakers who will be featured at the conference.
They offer unique, paradigm-shifting perspectives to
enhance our health and our lives. Learn about integrative
medical doctors who Do More than Do No Harm (page
6 ), the latest on a new frontier: Cannibas: Out of the
Closet (page 20 ), The Legacy of Royal Rife (page 24 ) , the
longevity-enhancing properties of Chinese herbs in Elixer
of Imortality (page 32 ) and the healing power of information
medicine in The Reconnection (page 55). Another timely,
catastrophic health concern addressed in this edition is the
clearing of traumatic memories associated with PTSD and
other issues in PTSD and Your Health (page 26 ). Dr. Robert
Dee McDonald will lead an interactive, transformational
seminar on this topic at the conference, as we honor the
military, veterans and anyone suffering from this modern
day syndrome.
This year, we will also travel to the realm beyond the
physical, and contemplate life after death

The conference will feature a screening of the film, Death

Makes Life Possible (page 30 ), starring the inspirational
Deepak Chopra, M.D. and leading edge film maker Marilyn
Schlitz, M.A, Ph.D. Marilyn will also join us live via Skype
to answer questions and share a dialogue with us . We are
thrilled to showcase this evolutionary film, a reflection of
the growing spirituality in our culture. Fascination with
death and the afterlife has been rising exponentially in
the last few years, especially the last two. This timely film
opens the conversation and postulates that once we free
ourselves of fear over the physical death we inevitably face,
we can more fully embrace our lives and the gifts we bring
to this world. Many cultures around the globe honor and
embrace death as a part of life , but here in in the United
States, the subject has been taboo, until now. The time
has come to change that. What happens when we die?
Does consciousness transcend physicality? What more is
there to our essence? Is death a passageway into who we
really are? The movie addresses these and many other
compelling questions. As Dr. Chopra says in the film, The
key to the conquest of death is to find out who you are. As
long as you are confused with your body, your mind, you are
bamboozled by a superstitionDeath is an illusion; its the
movement of space-time events.
As you will discover in both this magazine and at our
annual conference, anything is possible! We invite you to
enjoy the speakers, authors and film creators we have
gathered to enhance our lives and beyond. The journey of
life, healing and death is ours to share together.

Do More
Do No Harm
By Antonio Jimenez, M.D. and
Subrata Chakravarty, Ph.D

Cancer has no easy answers. The choices for treatments are diverse and their
underlying philosophies are often in conflict with each other. Having to sort out
that conflict, while dealing with the ominous feeling that the sand is rapidly
running out of the hourglass of life, is understandably overwhelming.
When patients approach us at the Hope4Cancer Institute in Baja California
they are looking to ask us a simple question, Can you cure us? The answer to
this question lies in as much the ability of our doctors to treat the disease, as it
does in the patients ability and willingness to get educated about the nature of

Cancer has no easy answers. The choices for treatments

are diverse and their underlying philosophies are often
in conflict with each other. Having to sort out that
conflict, while dealing with the ominous feeling that the
sand is rapidly running out of the hourglass of life, is
understandably overwhelming.
When patients approach us at the Hope4Cancer Institute
in Baja California they are looking to ask us a simple
question, Can you cure us? The answer to this question
lies in as much the ability of our doctors to treat the
disease, as it does in the patients ability and willingness
to get educated about the nature of cancer.


In a famous paper published in the year 2000 in the journal
Cell, Hanahan and Weinberg discuss six fundamental
hallmarks - characteristics that define cancer. In 2007,
inflammation was added as a seventh hallmark, taking
into account its significant role in cancer. These seven
hallmarks are summarized in Figure 1.
All seven hallmarks participate in some way or the other
in the genesis, growth and proliferation of cancer. All of
them refer to abnormal biological processes that must be
contained, if not reversed, for a patient to truly heal from
cancer. They also explain why the commonly accepted
standard of care chemotherapy, radiation and surgery
has not made a significant impact on the disease for
leading to

The reason is simple. The standard of care focuses on

killing the cancer cells, or shutting down isolated biological
processes. However, even when the bulk of cells are
destroyed, cancer stem cells survive, carrying the genetic
information to differentiate and multiply into larger,
aggressive and more treatment-resistant tumors. This
leads to inevitable recurrence and steady progression of
the patient to an untreatable, terminal state.
Dr. David Tanton, in his book Taking the Mystery Out of
Cancer,s talks of cancer as the victim, not the aggressor.
Our bodys cells respond and react to their environment.
As levels of chemical and biological toxicity in the body
increase, our cells have no option other than adapt to the
altered, increasingly hostile environment. Many of those
adaptations manifest themselves as what we know as


How do we change the bodys environment to a noncancerous state? With cancer statistics showing a
staggering chance of getting the disease for 1 in 2 for
males and 1 in 3 for females, the answer to this question
is as important for cancer patients as it is to everyone else.
There are many factors that lead to creating conditions that
favor cancer that we summarize as the cancer terrain (see
Figure 2). The correspondence of the cancer terrain to the
seven hallmarks of cancer is quite obvious.

ability to



ability to


ability to
invasion and

ability to
blood vessel
feeding the

ability to
resist cell
death or

ability to

Figure 1. The 7 Hallmarks of Cancer.


Stress & Anxiety

Unresolved Trauma/Conflict






Probiotic Balance
Chronic Infections





Figure 2. The Cancer Terrain.

Hanahan, D. and Weinberg, R.A. (2000) The hallmarks of cancer. Cell 100, 57-70.
Hanahan, D. and Weinberg, R.A. (2011) The hallmarks of cancer. Cell 144, 646-674.
Colotta, F.; Allavena, P.; Sica, A.; Garlanda, C. and Mantaovani, A. (2009) Cancer-related inflammation, the seventh hallmark of cancer: links to
genetic instability. Carcinogenesis 30, 1073-1081.

The body suffers continuous harm through environmental toxins, poor nutritional and lifestyle
habits, processed foods and out-of-balance biological processes. It certainly does not need for
cancer treatments to further exacerbate the problem by adding to our daily toxic burden.


The treatment of cancer with natural methods takes into
account the importance of the cancer terrain and seeks
to address the cause, not just the symptoms. That is why
natural medicine remains at the core of our treatment
The body suffers continuous harm through environmental
toxins, poor nutritional and lifestyle habits, processed foods
and out-of-balance biological processes. It certainly does
not need for cancer treatments to further exacerbate the
problem by adding to our daily toxic burden. Unfortunately,
that is exactly what the standard of care has done for
decades. Maintaining a Do No Harm philosophy is, we
believe, essential to the treatment of cancer.
However, we believe that it is important to go beyond Do
No Harm. Once cancer takes hold of the body, attempting
to reverse the cancer terrain through steps such as
nutritional adjustments, detoxification and supplementation
is important, but simply not enough. Stopping the cancer
process is like stopping a runaway express train and any
treatment protocol must be able to live up to that challenge
in order to succeed.

could be specific to a principle, while some others have

crossover effects across principles. For example, some
of our non-toxic cancer therapies also help in reducing
pathogenic microbial activity as well as stimulate the
immune system.
Despite the ability to systematize therapeutic protocols
with the help of our seven principles, these treatments
should not be thought of as a smorgasbord from which
we can simply pick and choose. While the overall
principles remain the same, the way cancer presents
itself is unique for each individual. Also, accompanying
diseases and the fragility of the patient often adds new
challenging layers in the elaboration of a treatment
Figure 3 outlines the Seven Key Principles of Cancer
TherapyTM that are briefly described below:

Spiritual &


About 25 years ago, Dr. Jimenez formulated what has
now become established as the Seven Key Principles of
Cancer TherapyTM. These principles have formed the core
of our treatment protocols and the basis for educating
our patients about the true nature of cancer. It has also
been the guiding philosophy behind our ongoing efforts to
improve and modernize our treatments. A detailed account
of these principles was first published in a peer-reviewed
journal in 2012.
The value of these principles lies in their ability to provide
actionable guidelines to establish protocols that not
only directly reduce the impact of the cancer, but also
simultaneously minimize the impact of factors contributing
to the cancer terrain.
Our treatments protocols are designed around these
principles, helping patients rebalance their bodies back
to a healthy, self-healing state. Some of our treatments

the Immune







That is why we believe in personalized medicine, where

we carefully evaluate the health condition of each specific
patient prior to developing a highly personalized treatment
protocol that is continuously fine-tuned through the
duration of treatment.
Non-Toxic Cancer-Fighting Agents. The treatments
under this principle fall in the category of cytostatic
and cytolytic agents that define their ability to stop the
cancer cells from multiplying and to break down cancer
cells, respectively. These treatments must satisfy our allimportant criterion of not adding to the toxic burden of
the body.

Examples include Sono-Photo Dynamic Therapy,

Hyperthermia and Rigvir Virotherapy.
Enhance and Optimize the Immune System. We believe
that natures ability to heal itself far exceeds the ability
of any treatment methodology. Our best interest lies
in restoring natures innate capabilities. One of the key
characteristics of cancer that allows it to survive and grow
is its ability to either shutdown the immune system or
make it unaware of its presence. That is why turning on
the immune system and making it aware of the cancer is
one of our key treatment principles.
Examples of our immune-building and protecting
treatments include AARSOTATM Biological Vaccine,
AloeMedTM Therapy and Immune Power PlusTM. Some
of our non-toxic cancer-fighting agents also help in
triggering the immune system.
Rigvir Virotherapy protocol has the ability to uncloak
the immune systems ability to recognize cancer cells
(including cancer stem cells). This is in addition to its
ability to seek out and destroy cancer cells.
Full Spectrum Nutrition. Proper alkaline-based nutrition
provides all the building blocks that the body needs to
enable its natural defenses. Our Full Spectrum Nutrition
program is designed to empower the body to fight against
cancer by itself. We educate our patients on what to eat and
what to avoid, and make recommendations for whole food
Detoxification. (Heavy Metals/Toxins). Toxins accumulate
in the body from many sources: our polluted environment,
improper nutrition, pathogenic proliferation and toxic
breakdown products from cells in the body that do not get
properly eliminated. Changing our toxic environment is a
key principle in reversing cancer. Some vmethods include
the use of near-infra red saunas, coffee enemas, juicing
and biological dentistry.
Eliminate Microbes/Pathogens. In our body, many
microbes exist in symbiotic balance and necessary for
our survival. However, an out of balance body creates
conditions that favor the growth of pathogenic microbes,
or the pleomorphic conversion of beneficial microbes to
potentially harmful ones. Methods such as Ultra-Violet
Blood Irradiation help in eliminating significant load of
pathogenic microbes.

Oxygenation. Anaerobic conditions in the body favor the

growth of cancer as well as that of pathogens. Cancer cells
and pathogens, in turn, increase the toxic load of the body
and could directly influence the conversion of normal cells
to cancerous cells. Our oxygenation methods include ozone
and hyperbaric oxygen. Improved oxygenation not only
helps our treatments work better, but it also discourages
the growth of cancer and pathogenic microbes.
Spiritual and Emotional Integrity. Even as we treat the
body, we realize the importance of treating the mind and
spirit as well. Our clinical experience has confirmed that
mental trauma, hidden conflicts and spiritual imbalance
are potential triggers for cancer and may hamper recovery.
Our Recall Healing program assists patients discover these
hidden mental and spiritual factors and eliminate them.

The Seven Key Principles of Cancer TherapyTM hold true
today as much as they did 25 years ago. In fact, the latest
scientific discoveries about the nature of cancer have only
continued to strengthen the foundation of our treatment
protocols. These principles remain a work in progress as
we continue improving our therapeutic protocols with our
clinical research and worldwide cooperative efforts.
We are gratified to have helped many cancer patients find
a solution to their cancer crisis using the The Seven Key
Principles of Cancer TherapyTM
Dr. Antonio Jimenez, M.D. is the Founder
and Medical Director of the Hope4Cancer
Institute at its location in Baja California,
Mexico. Over his 25 years of experience
in natural and conventional medicine, Dr.
Jimenez has dedicated his life to the study,
clinical research and implementation of non-toxic and
effective natural strategies for patients with cancer and
other chronic diseases.
Dr. Subrata Chakravarty, Ph.D. is the
Chief Science and Technology Officer of
Hope4Cancer Institute. Dr. Chakravarty
has been instrumental in the launch,
enhancement and popularization of Hope4Cancers
treatment programs, creation of patient support
programs and information systems, and enhancement of
Hope4Cancer outreach campaigns.

Gems & Pearls

of Wisdom

from Dr. Max Gerson

By Kayla Smith, ND
Dr. Max Gerson was a German physician who developed
a holistic treatment for cancer and other chronic
degenerative diseases known as the Gerson Therapy.
Dr. Gersons work centered on principles of nutrition and
detoxification, and the idea that true healing requires the
total restoration of the whole body.
Dr. Gersons revolutionary work in the field of nutrition
began with his efforts to treat his own debilitating
migraines. Over the course of three decades, Dr. Gerson
expanded his migraine diet into a more comprehensive
treatment regimen, which he used to treat conditions such
as tuberculosis and diabetes, before turning his focus to
the treatment of cancer. Dr. Gerson successfully treated
hundreds of cancer patients, many of whom were in the
terminal stages of the disease.
Dr. Gersons book, A Cancer Therapy: Results of Fifty Cases
is a masterpiece. As many times as I have read this book,
each time I pick it up, I find some pearl of wisdom that had
escaped my memory or that I had not totally integrated into
my understanding of his brilliant rationale for his treatment
I would like to share with you some of his quotes and
concepts that reflect the deep philosophical basis
underlying his approach to restoring health, his great
reverence and respect for nature and living in accordance
with natural law. I believe that it was this perspective on
life that provided the foundation for the development of his
system of restoring health.
Chapter I is entitled The Secret of My Treatment. His first
sentence is Of course, there is none!! He explains that
he used this heading because he is asked this question
so often by reproachful physicians. He explains that the
harmony in the metabolism of all the internal organs
and systems must be maintained; it reflects the eternal
mystery of life expressed in our health and continuance.
This statement reflects his belief in the concept of totality,
a theme that runs throughout his entire book. He points
to the fact that we cant simply address the isolated


parts of the body, such as a tumor or the symptoms

it produces. What is essential is not the growth itself
or the visible symptoms; it is the damage to the whole
metabolism including the loss of defense, immunity and
the healing power. Dr. Gerson realized that the foundation
for restoration of the entire body can take place only by
addressing the entire body, starting at the cellular level.
Dr. Gerson studied the works of many doctors and
scientists who were interested in nutrition in relation
to treating cancer. In Chapter I he quotes Dr. Werner
Kollath, one of the pioneers of the health food movement
in Germany in the late 1920s and 30s, who stated:
Symptomatic treatment is harmful wherever in nature it
is applied to the soil, plants, animals, human beings, or
in medicine. Each part is important, but the whole in its
infinitely fine order is more important. In Chapter V, Dr.
Gerson reveals, the living being, whether large or small,
plant or animal, is in every respect perfectly created or
developed, in all its functions and all its parts, best in its
totality. I would propose that Dr. Gersons work was the
embodiment of the now-popular term, holistic medicine.
He certainly was in alignment with the principles of
naturopathic medicine, the field of medicine in which I was
trained, which has as its basis the idea of nature as healer
and to first do no harm.
He continually advocates for living in harmony with nature.
In Chapter II, he puts forth: In the nutritional field,
observations for centuries have shown that people who
live according to natural methods in which plants, animals
and human beings are only fragments of the eternal cycle
of Nature do not get cancer. On the contrary, people who
accept methods of modern nutrition on an increasing
scale become involved in degenerative diseases, including
cancer, in a relatively short time. He refers to the Hunzas,
who live on the slopes of the Himalaya Mountains and who
use only food grown in their own country and fertilized with
natural manure. This, he says, is similar to Ethiopians who
also have (or did have) natural agriculture and living habits,
which appears to keep people free of cancer and most
degenerative diseases. Conversely, he notes that Eskimos

started developing degenerative diseases and cancer

in those parts of their territory where canned food and
unnatural nutrition were introduced and accepted.
This leads us to his views on the importance of healthy
soil. In Chapter XXIV, The Significance of the Content of the
Soil to Human Disease, he writes, The familiar expression
mother earth is justified. When we take from and rob the
earth we disturb the natural equilibrium and harmony,
producing sickness of the soil, sickness of the plants and
fruits, and finally sickness of both animals and human
beings. He attributes the cause of many of these diseases
to the decrease in the important potassium-group minerals
of the fruits and vegetables grown on such poisoned soil.
Lets look at one of his very famous quotes in reference to
this topic:
We must conclude from these and many other observations that the soil and all that grows in it is not something
distant from us but must be regarded as our external
metabolism, which produces the basic substances for our
internal metabolism. Therefore, the soil must be cared for
properly and must not be depleted or poisoned; otherwise
these changes will result in serious degenerative diseases,
rapidly increasing in animals and human beings.If he were
alive today, he would sadly witness the fulfillment of this
prediction. However, I think he would be encouraged by the
current movements to support organic farming and restore
the soil, and by the resurgence in back yard gardening,
composting our waste and community-supported
agriculture. This work to reconnect with the earth, take
care of our soil and grow healthy food - is the underpinning
of food as medicine.
Dr. Gerson studied the works of many of the ancient
physicians and philosophers. He writes: I found the ideas
of totality more profoundly developed in the ancient work
of Paracelsus and many of other physicians of long ago.
He devoted Chapter VII to Paracelsus dietary regime.
Paracelsus believed that what he called Great Nature
governs the human being.
The human being has to acquire knowledge of what to
eat and drink and what he has to weave and wear because
nature gave him the instinct for self-preservation... If
someone eats what is useful for his health and avoids
other things that may shorten his life, then he is a man of
wisdom and self-control. All that we do should serve to
prolong our life.
I would like to add that as we detoxify and nourish ourselves
properly, these natural instincts will return to us, and we
will be driven by self-preservation rather than cravings.
This is just a brief journey through Dr. Gersons book, A
Cancer Therapy, highlighting his foundational ideas about

the theory of totality, Mother Nature and healing. I hope

it stimulates an interest for those of you who have not
read his book recently to re-acquaint yourselves with this
tremendous body of work.
Dr. Gerson passed away in 1959, but his legacy and work
are carried on today by the Gerson Institute, a non-profit
organization in San Diego that provides education, training
and support for those on the Gerson Therapy.
If you would like a copy of A Cancer Therapy, go to If you are a medical professional, we
can gift you a copy at no charge. We also donate the book
to libraries. If you know of a library that would like to carry
this book, email us at
Dr. Kayla Smith is the Director of Medical
Education for the Gerson Institute. She has
been a licensed naturopathic physician
for the past 20 years and has 10 years of
experience vas a Gerson practitioner.

Let Food Be Thy Medicine


Gerson Therapy
Practitioner Training
May 10-14th, 2015
San Diego, CA
Learn the principles developed by
Dr. Max Gerson to treat chronic
degenerative diseases and cancer
Food as medicine
Salt and water management

Cell rejuvenation and restoration

Gerson Institute


Learn about healing cancer and other chronic diseases

at the Integrated Health Conference
100+ exhibitors/40+ speakers/entertainment/gala dinner/and more!

March 20th-22nd, 2015

Town and Country Resort and Convention Center, San Diego, CA


Dr. Bernie Siegel, M.D.

Dr. Antonio Jimenez, M.D.

Dr. Jameth Sheridan

Dr. Nalini Chilkov, O.M.D.

Dr. Norm Shealy, M.D., Ph.D.

Dr. Sunil Pai, M.D.

Dr. Robert McDonald

Elaine Gibson

Liana Werner-Grey

Hyla Cass M.D.

Dr. Leigh Erin Connealy,


Pedram Shojai, O.M.D.

Dr. Aubrey de Greya

Dr. Charles Majors

George and Sedena


Reserve Your Tickets at:

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10 Simple Steps to Disease Prevention, Vitality & Youth

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...with Elaine


Dr. Nalini Chilkov
L.Ac., O.M.D.

at Work

by Dr. Paul Drouin, M.D.

Today, when you walk into the office of a

doctor, you should be aware that he (or she)
is looking to find out what is wrongwith you.
And if he unfortunately finds something,
the solutions are usually limited to
pharmaceuticals, or surgery, or palliative
care if you face a chronic condition.
A Creative Integrative Doctor looks at the
client from a completely different perspective,
defined in term of potentiality in other
words, what can be done to bring you to your
full potential.
In quantum physics, how you look at the world matters.
Without the comprehensive view of subtle energy
anatomy and a process of evaluation that looks not only at
parameters of disease, but more at parameters of life, the
patient/client is caught in a fatalistic approach where there
are no possibilities for regeneration, balancing, restoration,
or personal growth toward a greater experience of reality.


In the future, when you visit a creative integrative

doctor, this doctor should be able to see not only a
deeper perspective, but also be able to tap into layers of
information that have the possibility of helping restore
your full potential. The relationship Doctor/Patient
or Practitioner/ Client will be redefined in terms of
entanglement, rather than being defined based on the
idea of separateness and the illusion of a false scientific
In the process of evaluation, the creative integrative doctor
should look at an individual from a different perspective
than a conventional Western doctor does, meaning
considering more positive parameters that will monitor
health, rather than disease. They will ask questions such
as the following:
What will be the parameters of reference, not only to
evaluate whats going wrong with my patient, but also to
assess information that can reverse and restore optimum
How long should a client be on a particular diet? Are
the holistic approaches used working?

In the future, when you visit a creative integrative doctor, this doctor should be able to see
not only a deeper perspective, but also be able to tap into layers of information that have the
possibility of helping restore your full potential.

Are the acupuncture treatments or energetic approaches

making a difference in the energy field of the client?
Are any of the therapies addressing the health problem,
reversing the underlying functional problem, and bringing
the bio terrain back to a state of balance?
These are some of the many dimensions of the Creative
Doctor, along with a thorough understanding of the
mechanics of healing.
How the new health care will look in the next twenty years
is beyond the reach of a linear model of thinking. What
if I tell you today that the science for quantum healing is
available and that this knowledge makes perfect sense
according to the views of modern quantum physics? Not
only that, but we can teach you a step-by-step approach to
make these events more likely to occur. Who would not be
interested in this knowledge?
If you are involved in the study of natural or alternative
medicine, or if you are a medical doctor or other healthcare professional facing the limits of conventional cures
on a daily basis, would you not be curious about this? Why
should this not be taught at medical schoolsthe true
science of healingas part of a curriculum for natural and
integrative medicine, or at least as a perspective on the
healing of disease that provides an alternative to a fatalistic
Since Dr. Deepak Chopras book, Quantum Healing, many
patients, doctors, and writers have added their testimonies
to this phenomenon. Certainly, Dr. Amit Goswami, in his
book The Quantum Doctor, has contributed a major piece of
the scientific foundation for an understanding of quantum
healing, with the added concept of quantum creativity.
It was a priority to embed this critical information and more
into a comprehensive curriculum, pushing the frontier of
a new model of healthcare education. This understanding
of the science of spontaneous healing is being taught at
Quantum University [] in order
to bring a quantum insight into the healthcare field and
provide healthcare professionals the opportunity to explore
new creative approaches, which lead to a permanent cure
for disease.

shifting the paradigm of healing, inspiring doctors, nurses,

and other healthcare and wellness practitioners across all
disciplines to explore new avenues of healing outside the
conventional path of pharmaceuticals or surgery. The new
foundation of a medical curriculum based on the premises
of quantum physics allows for a broader acceptance of
ancient traditional medicine models and other modalities
of healing.
Many graduates of Quantum University are a testimonial
to this new generation of doctors, having manifested
their lifes passion by finding fulfilling jobs or enhancing
their chosen careers in the healthcare field and making a
difference in their communities.
Through Creative Integrative Medicine, we not only
empower ourselves to heal, but we also manifest a new
model for modern medicine to heal others.
The medicine of the future will be able to acknowledge,
through science and technology, the ability to tap into
the infinite possibilities brought forth through Creative
Integrative Medicine.
Dr. Paul Drouin is a Canadian MD,
Homeopath, Acupuncturist, Doctor of
Natural Medicine, and Professor of
Integrative Medicine. He has dedicated
his life to the promotion of natural
health, the prevention of disease,
and to bringing a greater depth and
understanding to Integrative Quantum
Dr. Drouin has spent more than twenty years as a Family Doctor,
and thirty years exploring both traditional and alternative methods
to further his knowledge of curative, preventive, and integrative
medicine. An ardent promoter of innovative evaluation methods as
a way to integrate quantum consciousness into the art of healing,
he is considered a pioneer in his field.
As founder and president of the International Quantum University for
Integrative Medicine (IQUIM), Dr. Drouin consolidates his knowledge
of naturopathy, acupuncture, homeopathy, quantum physics, and
advanced biofeedback into a model of Integrative Quantum Medicine.

Creative Integrative Medicine is no longer just a concept,

but is now a reality. The world of medicine has begun


By Patrick K. Porter, Ph.D

Is Modern Super-Stress Putting Your Health at Risk?

Today we are faced with a new kind of stress never before
seen in human history; its a dangerous form of stress
directly linked to our overloaded, high-tech lifestyles.
Doctors are calling it super-stress, and the effects can be
devastating, causing serious afflictions such as anxiety and
depression, diabetes, insomnia, chronic pain, memory loss,
obesity, heart disease and gastro-intestinal disorders like
acid reflux and cancer.
This stress effect has become so rampant in our country,
the National Institutes of Health recently stated, Up to 90%
of all illness is related to stress.


Your body is designed to be in a relaxed, healing state most
of the time. These days, however, most people spend the
better part of their day in a stress state called the fight-orflight response.
This physical response is natures way of keeping us safe,
and is normally triggered when we encounter danger.
But in todays frenzied world, fight-or-flight is being set
off multiple times a day by worry, over-stimulation and a
new pressure to multi-task. It starts with a rapid release
of stress hormones for instant energyso you can fight or
fleebut later leaves you feeling lethargic and hungry, one
of the reasons stress causes weight gain.
But the problem doesnt end there. The brain copes with
fight-or-flight by producing more of a high-intensity brain
wave frequency known as beta, and suppressing the more
relaxed alpha and theta brain waves. Once your brain
habituates to this new stress pattern, it becomes difficult

for you to wind down. You may experience foggy thinking,

sleeplessness, poor memory, lack of motivation, negative
self-talk, weight gain and low energy. This chronic superstress is what leads to disease and impedes healing.


Alternative practitioners regularly recommend mind/
body approaches to healing such as meditation, yoga or
deep breathing exercises, but for many these are difficult
to master. Another easier option that has come on the
scene is called brain wave entrainment, which combines
gentle pulses of light and sound with visualization and
soothing music to return you to the right balance of brain
wave activity, thus producing the relaxation response. The
industry standard for such devices is the PorterVision
Regular use of the PorterVision MindFit can go a long way
in undoing the ravages of stress by stimulating healthier
brain chemistry, restoring normal sleep rhythms, boosting
energy and the immune system, along with fostering
optimism, healthy behaviors and an improved quality of
life. More than a thousand clinics worldwide now use the
PorterVision MindFit to address the stress component of
their patients healing and wellness journeys.
Patrick K. Porter, PhD has been at the
forefront of brain wave training technology for
25 years and is developer of the PorterVision
MindFit. He is author of eight books, including
his newest publication, Awaken Your
Flourishing Brain. He is professor of
Mind-Based Medicine at the International Quantum University
of Integrative Medicine. To find out more, call 800-901-4980.

Is STRESS Standing in the

Way of your Health Goals?
According to the National Institutes of Health, 90% of disease is caused by stress.
Fortunately, you can now undo the harmful effects of stress in 20 relaxing minutes with MindFit!

Were here to help! Call 800-901-4980 for a phone consultation


Biomats & Far Infrared Portable Saunas:

Quantum Tools for Your Health, from A to Z

by Clint Willett,
Far Infrared Medical Foundation

Benefits of Structured
Alkaline Water
Helps to reestablish the
bodys proper pH balance
Its micro-clustered for
proper cellular hydration
Helps the body absorb
important minerals

Alkaline your
body today.

The statements herein have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. The products mentioned are not
intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. Information and statements made are for educational purposes
and are not intended to replace the advice of your doctor.


he Far Infrared Biomat

helps with 1,800 Medical
Issues from A to Z, with
the Biomat's technology
based on a Nobel Prize in Medicine.
The Quartz Enhanced Biomat allows
the Infrared to gently go into your
body 6-8 inches, whereas most all
other Infrared Devices and Saunas
only go 1-2 inches into the body.
Therefore, Biomats and Portable
Saunas have a superior technology to
other saunas and infrared devices, and
they are also the most affordable.
In addition, you can use Biomats
on your couch, chair, or bed. And, you can use the
Biomats settings, with or without sweating.
Biomat and Far Infrared
Portable Sauna Technology
* Alkalizes Blood
* Boosts Immunity
* Circulation & Cellular Improvement
** Detox & Eases Joint Pain and Stiffness
** Relieves Pain, Restores your Energy
** Renews your Skin, Organs, and Body
** Reduces Stress and Fatigue,
& Removes Toxins
*** Slows the Aging-Process
*** Speeds Cellular Recovery
*** Promotes Deep Sleep and Weight Loss
Biomats are Especially Helpful with Arthritis,
Autism, Cancer Support, Cellular Inflammation,
Diabetes, Fibromyalgia, Neuropathy, Promoting
Weight Loss, & Sports Training-Recovery. Medical

centers and Pro Sports

Teams use them as well.
On a personal note,
when I was 29, in 2001,
after running a marathon, I
discovered I had cancer,
and I healed it holistically
in one year, which
launched and deepened my
passion for optimal health.
With 14 years of
expertise in this field, I
serve as director of a nonprofit, the Far Infrared
which investigates infrared
research, shares resources,
works with cancer support,
and promotes which infrared devices and saunas are
the best. Our non-profit foundation of 11 years
sells Far Infrared saunas and Biomats, offering the
most advanced and most affordable products.

* 100% of all sales support cancer

and autism non-profit foundations
* Guaranteed Lowest Prices
* 30 year trade-in warranty
* 60 Day Full Money Back Satisfaction guarantee.
email: Clint @

Biomat Health

PAYMENT PLAN ... $ 65 a month

11 months * Interest Free

(314) 527-2042

Early detection is the key to fighting and conquering the

cancer battle, and if youve taken charge of your health and
and gotten a colonoscopy, mammogram, thermography
scan, PET scan or other cancer screening test, youve
already made the most important first step.
And if youve received a high PSA, abnormal mammogram
or suspicious PET scan result, you might be wondering what
the next best step is in continuing to keep your health at the
center of your focus.

The answer just might lie in a simple blood test. Simple

blood tests are quickly becoming an important tool in
accurate and fast cancer diagnosis. Medical science is hard
at work trying to cater screenings and tests that can identify
cancer at its most minute level with no question in certainty
of diagnosis.
As we work towards this, we readjust our focus to tests
created to be minimally invasive and acutely sensitive, tests
that can identify proteins in the blood like that of ENOX2, a
protein that is only present if cancer is present.
Born out of increasing need for an alternative, we
are developing tests and screenings that can give
you a certain answer for a hopeful future both
internally and externally. Its a bright future and a
staggering weapon in the battle against cancer.

Suspicious test results dont always carry with them a

positive cancer diagnosis, and follow up tests can be
complimentary counterparts in the journey through cancer
discovery. The key, once again, is early detection. Whatever
can be done to provide an early diagnosis will create a wider
range of options for targeted treatment and recovery.

D. James Morr, Ph.D. is President, CEO and Director

of Research, MorNuCo, Inc., and ONCOblot Laboratory.
Former Dow Distinguished Professor Medicinal Chemistry,
School of Pharmacy, Purdue University, Ph.D. Biochemistry, California
Institute of Technology, over 750 papers and reviews published.

That being said, there are still many cancers that cant be
diagnosed by typical scans and tests until their later stages
of development, thus giving you less time to create the best
plan for treatment.
Pancreatic cancer is often diagnosed once its reached its
more advanced stages, and unfortunately, even at its earliest
stages it typically spreads more aggressively than most
other cancers.

Early Cancer Detection

Colorectal cancer most often begins as benign lumps,

which then become polyps or abnormal growths inside the
colon or rectum. These polyps are troublesome for many
reasons. One reason is that polyps create oddities that can
seem extremely small and produce little to no symptoms,
bypassing the easiest time to treat and remove them.


Very rarely, leukemia may be discovered during blood tests

for another condition. But this occurrence isnt frequent
and happens predominantly by chance. Its only after other
options are exhausted that a doctor may begin the testing
for leukemia.

The ONCOblot Test is being used today:

But these facts shouldnt be used as a hopeless statistic.

There is, in fact, much hope in the problems that arise in
their pitfalls. We then look to new questions: How do we
diagnose faster? How do we diagnose more accurately?

The ONCOblot Test

A simple, non-invasive blood test

Detects if cancer is present or not
Reveals origin of cancer

As a follow-up to:
High PSA, Abnormal Mammogram,
Suspicious PET Scan
As a test for:
Recurrence, Post Cancer Treatment,
Overall Health, Familial Cancer Concerns
Laboratory Developed Test (LDT) CLIA Certied & CAP Accredited

Visit: Contact:


Out of the

Cannabis is finally in her element. For a very

long time, she has been carefully camouflaged
from view stuck in basements, garages, and
remote fields. Today, cannabis is being talked
about and used by elders, women, and even
children with epilepsy or cancer.

Cannabis is no longer referred to as marijuana and is

no longer solely owned by young men driven by a desire
to evade dominant culture. Cannabis has come out of the
closet, out of prohibition, and out of irrelevance. This plant
has co-evolved with us and we can now take advantage of
the helping hand she has always offered. Science has come
to cannabis.
Last month, I was interviewed by Al Jazeera: America
Tonights Science and Technology correspondent. The pitch
for his story was that cannabis legality has been marching
forward while the research stays behind. They hoped to
capture peoples attention by painting this current situation
as dangerous. As we all know: fear sells. Their point was
that people could wrongly trust this newfangled plant, about
which we nothing potentially wasting their money and
possibly their lives.
The truth is that no plant has been more studied by man
than cannabis. Our co-evolution was artificially halted
by anti-immigration politics and 1930s competition
between cotton and hemp farmers. In the 1960s, Raphael
Mechoulam isolated and identified the main psychoactive
component: THC. Since then, many countries have been
more open-minded than the US and decades of scientific
research has been done. What has not been done? Doubleblind controlled studies with human subjects.
Here at Constance Pure Botanical Extracts, we can access
custom cell sensitivity analysis in California oncology
labs for cancer patients utilizing cannabis therapeutics. A
biopsy of their tumor is tested in a petri dish against the
different ratio cannabis oils we produce. Cutting edge cancer
treatment that is tailored to the very individual can now be
utilized with cannabis oil therapeutics.


By Constance Finley

In December 2014, I sat in a room with doctors of the

Society of Cannabis Clinicians and we listened to Johan
Marcu, Ph.D.s survey of the current research on cancer
and cannabis. The talk took about an hour and covered the
high points of the latest research. Jahan worked with Sean
McAllister, Ph.D. as a research fellow during his graduate
work. I got to see slides of his taskwatching THC and CBD
kill cancer cells in a petri dish. Theres nothing like a visual!
Last week I was with young Canadian scientists giving a
talk at SXSW in the Interactive Business Division. They are
making cannabinoids in a vat of wild yeast in nine hours. By
combining these cannabinoids with whole plant medicine,
epidemics could be efficaciously, quickly, and cheaply treated
with cannabinoid therapeutics.
CBD has proven efficacious in critical conditions where
spasticity is a major symptom. Its serotonin enhancing
properties, synergistic enhancement of the anti-tumor
activities of THC, and its anti- epileptic qualities make it an
exciting and inevitable therapeutic. The anti-inflammatory
and neuroprotective aspects of both CBD & THC through
different and complementary meansthat is our future.
At CPBE, we have recently filed patents and will be filing
more in the near future. The herbal neutraceutical revolution
is informed by cannabis, which is possibly the most broadly
helpful plant for all mammals. Young scientists on my
team work with my ideas and are starting to develop lifeenhancing products that will seriously improve health,
beauty and relaxation. Stay tuned for the vey exciting future
of Cannabis Therapeutics: Ancient Methodologies Emerging.
Constance Finley
Constance Pure Botanical Extracts


Constance Pure Botanical Extracts is a

California based legal medical cannabis
collective. We produce and distribute high
quality cannabis extracts rich in CBD and
THC cannabinoids for patients being treated
for various serious life threatening illnesses.*
Constance Finley, CEO & Founder, created the company
after suering from a decade-long debilitating autoimmune
illness. Finding little success from biologics available to her,
she reluctantly turned to cannabis as a possible relief. When
both her condition and her pain improved, she researched
ways to increase the potency of the extracts. So began her
journey to develop the products she oers today.

Significant improvements in her condition led doctors to

inquire about what she was doing. Two patients with terminal
brain cancer and no longer responding to medication, came
to Constance for assistance. Together they consulted with
Sean McAllister of California Pacific Medical Center, a wellknown researcher on cannabinoids and aggressive cancer;
both patients began using the extracts. They both went
into remission.

As a result several other patients working with their

prominent oncologist began using Constances extracts.
Constance Pure Botanical Extracts respects the importance
of legal, scientifically researched paths to health. We
operate in a small and controlled environment, delivering
our products in partnership with patients medical teams.
Our mission is to act as an herbal compounding apothecary
providing physicians access to the highest quality, and
greatest variety of cannabis extracts and allowing for
individual patient protocol.

Our Products are:

Ive been aware of and interested in cannabis oil for 40

years. As an oncologist, I began recommending cannabis to
cancer patients for palliation of nausea, pain and anorexia
after Proposition 215 was passed in California. I had heard
anecdotes of occasional major tumor responses of cancer
patients over the years, but it wasnt until I met Constance
and began to interview her patients that I saw these on
a regular basis. Cannabis extract of the proper type and
amount, appears to be one of the most useful botanical
medicines in supporting cancer patients.

- Dwight McKee MD, CNS, ABIHM

Diplomate American Boards of Medical Oncology
and Hematology
Board certified in Nutrition, Integrative,
and Holistic Medicine

The first to market standardized cannabinoid

profile extracts

Contact us for more information:

Research driven, and currently being studied by

world-class physicians

Delivered in conjunction with physicians and our teams

professional coaching
Copied, but never replicated to our quality standard, of
variety or consistency of supply
Always available in multiple standardized cannabinoid
ratio extracts

Constance Finley

For mammals, assisting the endogenous cannabinoid system.

* Diseases for which cannabis is adjunctively used include multiple forms of cancer, diabetes,
Alzheimers, epilepsy, multiple sclerosis, Lyme, Parkinsons, Huntingtons, anxiety disorders, asthma,
autoimmune disorders, and other health conditions.

Side Benefits, Not Side Effects


The Role of Synergistic Formulation

From allergies to asthma, from fibromyalgia to arthritis,
from colitis to cancer, research now suggests that all
diseases begin and worsen with inflammation. With this
understanding, we need to learn how we can naturally
reduce inflammation through diet and natural therapies
for prevention (and in certain cases) resolution of diseases
altogether. When using natural anti-inflammatories, it
is critical to understand how the constituent ingredients
work together in a synergistic relationship to reduce and
resolve symptoms brought on by an inflammatory insult.
Similarly when eating a plant-based meal, we never eat
only one vegetable or use one type of spice but rather
combine ingredients to optimize their taste and nutritional
benefits. This concept may seem obvious when it comes to
food but when it comes to natural therapies such as dietary
supplements we often tend to forget this concept.
Traditional medicines such as Ayurveda
have long understood the importance
of synergistic blending, the art of
combining multiple compounds to
maximize their efficacy. Today,
we are revisiting this idea of
formulating natural medicine
using multiple ingredients, rather
than using just single agents.
Pharmaceutical drug companies
synthesize drugs with one single
agent losing the potential benefits
of synergy. These single agents
are often so specific that if they arrive off of target in
the body or not balanced correctly with other compounds,
there is the potential for side effects. Natural ingredients
are thus safer and when combined synergistically are
more potent. Such compounds have a balancing effect and
can be used over long periods of time without building a
tolerance or decreasing the efficacy. A perfect example of
this synergy effect is demonstrated with the use of four
Ayurvedic natural anti-inflammatory ingredients, used
for centuries and gaining in popularity again - cucurmin,
boswellia, ginger and black pepper. Combined together


By Sunil Pai, M.D.

they have proven successful not only historically but in

recent research studies (and in my own clinical practice). In
my Integrative Medicine practice, I have learned first hand
the importance of synergy and how we can utilize these
concepts for improvement of outcomes. Many of you have
probably already taken a curcumin or boswellia supplement,
some with benefits, some without. What maximizes the antiinflammatory effects of these ingredients are the following:
1) selecting the right combination of ingredients
2) how the ingredients are grown
3) standardizing certain active components for
maximum benefits
4) providing the right delivery system.
In inflammatory conditions that are systemic, curcumin
derived from turmeric, plays a very important role. It is
one of the most researched natural ingredients with over
5,000 scientific publications and 65+ human clinical trials.
Curcumin has strong anti-inflammatory effects. Its safety
profile as spice with no known reported deaths (only tasty
meals), and its recent use as a supplement, has placed
curcumin into one of the most recommended natural
compounds that can be taken on a daily basis.
Boswellia, also known as Frankincense, has systemic
anti-inflammatory effects. It has been used for thousands
of years and is most commonly recognized from Bible
quotations as one of the gifts brought by the Magi to baby
Jesus. Boswellia is used in the U.S. and Europe
for treating arthritis. It has been shown to be
effective on specifically targeted areas
such as the brain and lungs and can
be helpful to those patients with
neurological conditions and
Ginger is used in cooking
throughout the world. It is very
popular in Asian restaurants as
a tea. What most people dont
realize is that it too

When using natural anti-infla mmatories, it is critical to understand how the constituent
ingredients work together in a synergistic relationship to reduce and resolve symptoms
brought on by an infla mmatory insult.
anti-inflammatory effects, particularly as a gastro-protective
agent, protecting against ulcers and decreasing nausea.
Ginger can be extremely helpful for upset stomach and
nausea during pregnancy and also during chemotherapy
treatments. When combined with curcumin and boswellia,
gingers benefits are synergistically enhanced.
Black pepper is even more commonly used in cooking and
you most likely have a shaker on your kitchen table. Black
pepper not only has anti-inflammatory and antioxidant
properties, it also increases absorption of the other
ingredients from 30 60% when taken together. That is why
we use black pepper on our food - to enhance the absorption
of what we are eating. Ayurvedic medicines commonly use
black pepper in their formulas to increase absorption. In
modern medicine, pharmaceutical drug manufacturers have
technologies such a sustained-release formulations that
deliver the same benefits.
The pharmaceutical approach for reducing inflammation
using NSAIDs (i.e. Motrin, Advil, Aleve, Celebrex,
etc.) targets only one pathway. Unfortunately, they also

carry Black Box Warnings by the FDA. The combination of

curcumin, boswellia, ginger and black pepper at specific
purities and potencies lowers not only one pathway, but
over 97 different pathways of inflammation. By using these
four natural synergistic compounds, the total benefits are
enhanced. As I often say, natural ingredients provide side
benefits, not side effects.TM
The role of synergy is just as important when it comes
to plant based meal replacements. Plants are antiinflammatory by nature. There is an art and science
to blending different super foods, herbs and spices
to balance the amount of protein, fibers, antioxidants
and phytonutrients along with taste. With the right
combination of plant based food ingredients along with
adaptogenic herbs, the body systems such as the immune,
gastrointestinal and cardiovascular can be detoxified,
balanced and rejuvenated at the same time. Lowering
inflammation through a plant based diet and using natural
anti-inflammatories is a key example of letting food be thy
medicine and a wonderful lifestyle choice for better living.


The Legacy of

By John Wright

Approximately 83 years ago Royal Rife,

a native of San Diego, left a legacy
to the world which has been largely
ignored. It was probably one of the
most important breakthroughs in the
history of medicine.
By virtue of his extraordinary Universal microscope
(with 50,000x magnification), Rife was able to view living
viruses. Observing that each virus was of a different hue,
he recognized that color equates to frequency. From
this, he was able to establish a mortal oscillitary rate for
each virus. Pairing his frequency theory with the already
existing technology of frequency generators, he established
protocols which were proven effective in eradicating
cancer with hundreds of lab animals and even with latestage (deemed incurable) cancer patients. This was well
documented in 1934 and Rifes work was discussed openly
well into the 1940s. ( 2/
Since that time, beginning with the TENS unit in 1971, (the
same year Rife passed away) Rife technology has been
gradually gaining acceptance everywhere in the world. The
TENS unit is one of many devices that borrows a small part
of what the Rife technology can do, reducing it to practice
with a device and a protocol that addresses only one or two
specific problems.
After decades of experimentation and tens of thousands of
users, we have learned that the Rife technology is capable
of effective treatment for almost every infectious disease.
Its a shame that it has been ignored for so long, and that
so many people who could have benefited from it have been


denied simply because it has been made so obscure.

The technology has only endured for this length of time
because it is a genuine therapy of great value. There are
always a few well-informed, usually well-educated, intrepid
individuals who have their own Rife machines built for their
own use. This is a service Wright Labs has been providing
clients for almost 30 years.
Most private experimenters use it for Cancer, Lyme
disease, or other incurable or terminal disease. It is
compatible with virtually all other therapies, and we have
long observed that even when it is used in the most generic
way, it tends to enhance the effects of these therapies.
The safest way to deliver frequency to the body is via direct
contact with what is termed a transducer device. This
instrument delivers current to the body that is a stimulus
to the user, yet simultaneously provides a destructive force
to all kinds of pathogens.
The effects of this type of stimulus, applied according to
simple standards, has long been shown to lead to benefits
such as:

These effects are essentially without fail, if applied
correctly. This makes it an ideal prophylactic that can
also act as a potent intervention or emergency modality.
The technology is compatible with most other therapeutic
modalities and is well known to enhance the benefits of
virtually any other kind of therapy.
The reason this happens is probably due to the fact that
this kind of electro-therapy often removes or modifies the
factors that inhibit the effectiveness of other therapies. The
noted increase in circulation, for example, often is thought
to open the channels that, when closed, prevent drugs and
other remedies from reaching the target areas in sufficient
In the first 10 minutes of this therapy, the increases in
immune response are observable in the blood as seen
under the microscope. A notable correction and an
acceleration of the lymphocytes also corresponds to an
improved overall condition.
These are general benefits that are completely nonspecific, but bring consistent changes that are easily
measurable. Used the way it has been done traditionally for
decades, this therapy cannot harm human cells, so there
can never be any harm to doing the therapy. Although it is
possible to over do it.

After decades of experimentation and tens of thousands of users, we have learned that
the Rife technology is capable of effective treatment for almost every infectious disease.
For most, Rife technology is a best-kept secret. It
represents a rich history and great potential; but, like our
grandfathers overcoat, it has languished in the closet long
forgotten. Largely misunderstood, even misrepresented,
this technology represents an approach to health and
healing that is light years ahead of what we call modern
The science is based on declassified technology we
obtained from the United States Department of Defense
USAMRID in the 1990s, through the United States
Technology Transfer Consortium. Specifically, Electro
Conformational Coupling, a theoretical model used to
understand the results of electromotive forces used to
create endergonic reactions. (See link:
rifetechnology- 2/skeptical/pentagon/ )
We serve private users, and practitioners alike, with
full customer support. Our Model A users report results
with numerous conditions, even those which were

misdiagnosed. We strive to keep this technology in the

hands of the people via a straightforward, user-friendly
device that packs the punch of our original-style machine
commissioned in 1986 by colleagues of Royal Rife. (Model
A start-up video: Most any
medical practice or clinic can benefit by adding a simple
and cost effective modality for out- patient use that
supports virtually all of their work. We can provide turnkey manufacturing services to produce custom devices for
clinics that are ready for approvals, or for any clinical trials
that might be needed.
John Wright
Wright Laboratories


and your health

By Dr. Robert Dee McDonald


Fortunately, most of our experiences and therefore most
of our memories are not painful at all. More than likely
you have neutral or positive emotional reactions to the
memories of the vast majority of your experiences. For
example, take a second to recall what you were doing a
minute before you began reading this article. Your memory
of that event is probably pain free.
On the other hand, certain experiences can produce
memories that make us suffer emotional pain, whether
mild or extreme. A mildly painful memory exists when
just recalling an experience makes us feel sad, mad or
scared. But a traumatic memory exists when the thought
of a terrifying past event makes us feel overwhelmed and
Trauma means injury. People can be injured or traumatized
on one or more levels of reality: physical, sexual, emotional,
mental and spiritual. The sensations of a traumatic
memory are felt in the body, typically somewhere between,
and including, the throat and the genitals. A traumatized
individual, someone at the mercy of an extremely agonizing
memory, may report feeling horror, fear, shame, terror and


disgust. Essentially, a traumatic memory is the result of

mentally representing a terrifying past event as if it were
happening now.
Painful memories and traumatic memories - like all
memories - are invariably about an event that happened in
the past. And whether we recall a mildly painful event or
an overwhelmingly traumatic one, our emotional reactions
are always felt in the present moment. For purposes of this
article, it is important to realize that traumatic memories
always precede a diagnosis of PTSD, a disorder that can
weaken the immune system.


PTSD is a diagnostic label for a prolonged mental health
condition connected to a past traumatic event. Someone
with PTSD has experienced or witnessed a terrifying
event, such as death, combat, serious injury or sexual
violence and exhibits symptoms for a least a month.
Symptoms may include re-experiencing the traumatizing
event during the anniversary of the event, intrusive painful
thoughts, nightmares, hopelessness, and flashbacks. Other
symptoms are often insomnia, hyper-vigilance, feelings of
horror, helplessness, guilt, shame or sadness, as well as

A mildly painful memory exists when just recalling an experience makes us feel sad,
mad or scared. But a trau matic memory exists when the thought of a terrifying past
event makes us feel overwhelmed and miserable.

attempts to avoid anything that might stir memories of the

Post Traumatic Stress Disorder is not mysterious; it is
made of ongoing extremely painful reactions to a specific
memory. Since PTSD is a result of a memory of a terrifying
event, it makes sense that the diagnosis of a life threatening
disease, such as cancer, can also cause it. For example,
the sight of a blood test and the sound of a physicians voice
saying, You have cancer, can be overwhelming and form
the basis of a traumatic memory.


Your mind and your memories are made of visual and
auditory representations, what you mentally see and hear
as you think. I call these inner pictures and sounds mental
maps. And, believe it or not, it is your mind that creates
all your mental maps, which subsequently trigger all your
emotional experiences -- from joy to terror.
Of course, your mental maps are also made of smells,
tastes and bodily sensations, which can trigger positive or
negative emotions in the same way that visual and auditory
maps do. However, due to limited space and to maintain
concision, I have restricted my brief explanations of the
mind and memories to inner pictures and sounds, the most
commonly reported forms of mental maps.
People react emotionally to their memories of experiences,
that is, they are triggered by the images they see in their
minds eye and sounds they hear in their minds ear. In
other words, your mind uses mental maps to represent
events from your past. And, under certain conditions, your
mental maps will form a re-enactment of a painful event,
as though it were happening now, and you will emotionally
react. Your mental maps are your mind in action. So a
mental map or memory is a thought about what you saw
and heard in the past. When you allow your mind to think
about a terrifying past event, such as a life-threatening
diagnosis, that memory, unless it is resolved, will trigger
painful emotions in the present. Essentially, your mind, in
the form of mental maps or memories, determines your
current emotional experiences, whether pleasant or painful.


When you learn the nature and structure of your mind,
and how memories are created, you will be empowered to
transform painful memories into pain-free memories and

completely neutralize traumatic memories. The way you

think of your past, the images and sounds that constitute
your mental maps, determines your emotional state. And
since you can change your mind, you can change your
emotional reaction to any past event. You can transform
your experience from overwhelming pain to comfortable
neutrality and even full freedom from the past.


PTSD is not a reaction to the future. It is a reaction to
something that happened in the past. Since memories are
always about something that has already occurred, we
cannot have a traumatic memory about the future. But we
can agonize about what is to come. Our fearful thoughts or
mental maps about the future are the basis of the pain of
anxiety. PTSD is about the past; anxiety is about the future.
PTSD is addressed and resolved using one set of tools from
The Destination Method (TDM); anxiety is addressed and
resolved using another.


The universally acknowledged gift of suffering is
compassion. The pain you experience as you re-live a
terrifying event is the basis of your ability to appreciate
the pain others feel, to put yourself in their shoes, which
deepens your humanity. There is an emotional law: No
suffering, no compassion. Compassion comes from
the Latin com, which means with or together, and
passion, which means to suffer. So if you are suffering
from PTSD, you have the opportunity to more deeply
connect with other people and feel compassion for them.
Since compassion can only come to you through the pain
of your broken heart, you may be reluctant to accept the
gift. Nonetheless, the offer of Spiritual deepening via
compassion is made to everyone who has PTSD. Of course,
we do not need to create or add unnecessary suffering
to become compassionate; there is more than enough
gratuitous suffering to suffice.

Objections to Ending PTSD:

Even though painful memories can now be healthily
ameliorated and even resolved, not everyone wants to end
PTSD. Many people believe that PTSD cannot be resolved at
all. They are convinced that all such attempts are not only a
waste of time but evidence of chicanery and thus not worthy
of serious investigation. Some think it can be resolved
but only after many years of intense struggle, requiring


You will know your painful memories have ended when you are able to think of that past
event, have no emotional reaction to it, and feel as though a stinger has been removed
from your heart forever.

extraordinary courage, psychiatric medications and

nearly unlimited funds. The idea of quickly and thoroughly
resolving PTSD strikes these people as superficial and
essentially disrespectful. Others regard the end of painful
memories as a kind of self-betrayal, believing something
like, If I feel fine when I think of what happened to me,
wont that mean that I have condoned the painful event
or approved of what was done to me? But most people
continue to suffer from painful memories for two reasons:
They have not received the gift of their suffering. And, not
having access to a trained professional who knows how to
help them, they simply dont have the means to notice their
mental maps, change them, and resolve their PTSD.

hormones can be beneficial in the short-term, but if you

are exposed to them for too long, you may experience high
blood pressure, heart disease, muscle tissue damage,
anxiety, depression, sleep problems, weight gain or loss,
memory and concentration impairment, and much more.
Although studies have not shown a direct link between
chronic stress and cancer, the medical community agrees
that chronic stress compromises the immune system and
therefore decreases the bodys ability to fight disease and
kill cancer cells.


Obviously, traumatic experiences are extremely stressful.
But when painful memories of traumatic experiences
remain unresolved, as in PTSD, they can weaken your
immune system, resulting in greater likelihood of disease.
For example, one study found that combat veterans with
PTSD were two to three times as likely to develop heart
disease as those without that diagnosis.
Sadly, in 2012, the Pentagon announced that more soldiers
took their own lives than were killed in combat. In 2013, the
Veterans Administration announced that 22 veterans a day
are killing themselves.
Although PTSD is usually associated with war, sexual
abuse and serious accidents, the disorder can also emerge
in cancer patients, because seeing test results and hearing
a diagnosis of cancer or having a recurrence of cancer can
trigger profound distress. For example, a recent study found
that almost 25% of women who were newly diagnosed with
breast cancer experienced PTSD.
Research also reveals that 70% of adults in the U.S. have
experienced some type of traumatic event at least once in
their lives, and up to 20% of these people go on to develop
PTSD. Among people who are victims of a severe traumatic
experience, as many as 80% will develop PTSD. Almost 50%
of all outpatient mental health patients have PTSD. And, an
estimated 10% of women will develop the disorder.
Painful emotions suffered for a prolonged period of time,
as is the case with PTSD, eventuate as chronic stress. It
is well known that chronic stress releases adrenaline and
cortisol, called corticosteroids, into your body. These stress



The tools of TDM help people to resolve painful memories,
including PTSD, reduce stress and thereby strengthen your
immune system. They gently guide you in a step-by-step
fashion to mentally represent the traumatizing event in a
neutralized form. They include a profound process of selfcompassion that lifts you to a higher level of awareness, as
you participate in conscious evolution.
You will know your painful memories have ended when
you are able to think of that past event, have no emotional
reaction to it, and feel as though a stinger has been
removed from your heart forever. The goal of healing your
wounded heart is to free you from unnecessary suffering so
you can strengthen your immune system and get on with
your life.


For the past 35 years I have helped literally thousands of

people resolve intensely painful memories of all kinds. I

have worked in 18 countries, around the world, teaching
professionals and the lay public about the nature and
structure of the mind and providing a plethora of powerful
tools for ending unnecessary suffering. Recently I conducted
several trauma-resolution workshops comprised of
hundreds of people suffering from painful memories of all
kinds. I worked with everyone in each group, all at the same
time. To my knowledge, no one has ever attempted large
group trauma resolution before or since. I am honored to
report that after each workshop, the participants reported a
success rate of greater than 96%.
Unfortunately, the vast majority of people cannot imagine
that painful memories can be quickly diminished or
resolved, whether in large groups or in individual sessions.
And because so many people, including professional
therapists, simply dont believe relief is possible, very few of
them invest the necessary time and energy required to heal
their own wounded hearts, much less learn how to heal the
hearts of millions of other sufferers.


The TDM Trauma Resolution Process is my most powerful
tool for resolving painful memories. It is one of many
instruments within The Destination Method, which is a
transpersonal coaching strategy that I developed many
years ago. This healing process gently guides you to
time-bind the trauma, dispassionately separate from it,
syntactically deconstruct it, and compassionately reassure
your unconscious mind that safety and honor are already
secured, which results in meaningful emotional freedom.
One of my American students, Dr. Jane Bolton, is a
compassionate and brilliant psychotherapist. She wrote,
Since being certified in The Destination Method by
Dr. Robert Dee McDonald, what used to require months
and even years of therapy is now often accomplished in
a single session. I have helped my clients rapidly resolve
grief reactions as survivors of suicide, traumas from
childhood sexual abuse, panic attacks, damaging emotional
enmeshments, addictions and much more. If every
psychotherapist would take the time to learn the tools of
TDM, a great deal of suffering could be avoided.
Essentially, it is the way we see the trauma in our minds
eye and hear it in our minds ear that makes the actual

difference in our emotional lives. Irrespective of country,

language or culture, it is now possible to resolve painful
memories by learning how to change our thoughts and
beliefs, that is, the mental maps that cause PTSD and
disturb our peace of mind. In this way, trauma can be
healthily, honorably and quickly resolved.
And such a resolution is a not temporary fix. For example,
in 2008 one of my clients wrote, I worked with Dr. Robert
Dee McDonald 16 years ago, because I was raped at 13 and
raped again by someone else at 14. I got pregnant from the
second rape and had the child. Those traumatic events were
a major part of my life, emotionally draining and confusing.
I was living under a huge cloud of despair and had very low
self-esteem. I saw many therapists for help but nothing
worked. Then in 1992, at 34, I saw Dr. Robert McDonald for
one session. The work I did with him changed my life. It
set me free. I felt immediate relief, got past those painful
memories and was able to get on with my life. The benefits
of that one session have lasted for 16 years.
V.J., California
My work with PTSD, painful memories, shock, grief, and
emotional conflict is designed to resolve chronic stress,
strengthen the immune system, and support your health.
My mission is to heal and be healed. My vision is to see the
world populated by compassionate and extremely effective
coaches, counselors and therapists. And my purpose is the
same as yours: To help create heaven on earth.

2015 Copyright by Dr. Robert Dee McDonald. All Right Reserved.

Dr. Robert Dee McDonald

Creator of The Destination Method,
a Transpersonal Coaching Strategy
Director of Mental and Spiritual
Wellness at The Center for New Medicine
Founder of The Telos Healing Center,
offices in the USA and in Europe
Co-Founder of
Internationally Known Trainer, Published Author, Frequent
Guest on Radio and Public Broadcasts | 714-577-5717


By Marilyn Schlitz, M.A., Ph.D

What is death? What happens

after we die? And how do our
answers to these age-old
questions impact how we live
our lives?
Deepak Chopra has considered these questions since
he was six years old and his grandfather passed away
suddenly. He shared with me that it has taken him almost
a lifetime to fully comprehend that the passing away of
one form allows a new one to emerge. As he explains in
a newly released documentary film that I co-produced
with the gifted writer and spiritual teacher, Death Makes
Life Possible: This is a continuous and totally necessary


processDeath offers us the opportunity to return what

was given to us at the moment of birth: an invisible gift
of potential. We return the gift by having actualized the
potential into experience.
The topic of death is both timely and relevant to all of us.
As the demographic facts reveal, were an aging population.
There is an unprecedented increase in the average age of
people throughout the world. In 2008, the number of people
worldwide who were sixty-five and older was estimated
at 506 million; it is calculated to hit 1.3 billion by the year
2040. Members of the Boomer population are rapidly
reaching retirement, confronting their own mortality, and
facing challenges as they care for aging parents and ill
or disabled children or spouses. In this process, many
people are seeking new sources of meaning and purpose

in their lives. Many are pursuing a self-reflective quest for

wholeness, exploring diverse practices and approaches
that allow us to forge our own truth system, alone and in
the company of others.
Despite how relevant the topic of death is for everyone,
many of us do not like to think or talk about it. If we are
healthy, we may be less likely to prepare for its inevitability.
If a member of our family is terminally ill, we may be
reluctant to bring up the subject because it means
acknowledging the truth of the situation or offending our
loved ones. Many of us hesitate to talk about death due to
our own fear or our cultures taboo about discussing its
But as Dr. Chopra tells us, death offers us an opportunity
to grow and live more fully. By not talking about this
potentially charged topic, people miss the chance to share
with their family and friends about their wishes and hopes.
We give up our autonomy, decision-making power, and
personal authority. In this process, we all deserve better.
To address this timely and important topic is the focus of
the new documentary film, a companion book that will be
released in May, 2015 by Sounds True, and an educational
program entitled, Death Makes Life Possible that is currently
being piloted in retirement communities throughout
North America and Europe. Our goal in this campaign is
to redefine death and transform fear into an inspiration
for living and dying well. We offer support for people who
wish to engage in a conversation that could make all the
difference in how we can live and die well.
The award winning film will be shown at the Integrative
Health Conference in San Diego on March 21, 2015. In it we
follow my own journey as an anthropologist and scientist,
exploring diverse cultures and faith traditions. We learn
how people have transformed their own fears based on
near death and out of body experiences, reincarnation, and
dreams that connect us to our loved ones In this search
for answers, I conducted hundreds of hours of interviews,
convened focus groups, participated in ceremony and
ritual, and collected data and stories. Each step of the way,
the work seeks to identify core threads in the complex,
multidimensional tapestry of life, death, and what may
lie beyond. Through intimate and tender conversations
and rich cinematography, we are moved from tears to
awe to deep belly laughs, all in a matter of moments.
Exploring our own and others worldviews on death offers a
compelling invitation to our own personal transformation
and deep healing.

Both the book and film, Death Makes Life Possible, offer
a hopeful message for all of us. It offers each of us the
opportunity to ask ourselves the deepest questions and
to consider how they shape our experience of living. As
Deepak explains:
We are the potential of all that was, all that is, and all
that will be. Thats what it means to be alive, connected to
a source that keeps replenishing itself. If you can ground
yourself right this moment in this eternal potential, which
is your fundamental state, then life is a gift and death is
a gift.
May we all find the courage to live life fully, embracing the
gift of our own mortality and our shared human experience.
Marilyn Schlitz, MA, PhD,
Researcher, Speaker and Writer

awaken your soul and

manifest your dreams
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When combined with a healthy diet of living, untainted

foods and an active lifestyle, the tonic herbs can help
counter stress, rejuvenate the kidney/adrenal, assist
metabolism, strengthen blood, fortify the reproductive
and adaptive energies and support spiritual well-being;
they can lengthen our lives and make us more vital. In
particular, tonic herbs can help us adapt to the stresses
of modern life.

Elixir of
By Rehmannia Dean Thomas

Ancient Chinese history is replete with tales of old wise

men who lived as recluses in the remote mountain forests
of the Chungnan range. Legends state that they attained
immortality by taking elixirs of herbs they collected. Scroll
paintings depict wisened sages drinking tea or collecting
herbs in the forest, often accompanied by a young
In 2975 BCE, Shennong wrote the first book on herbs
and their therapeutic actions, proclaiming that many
of them could promote very long life. Many of these
herbs are still in the modern Chinese medical system,
and can offer immense benefits for our overall health
when applied to any healing or preventative health
strategy. These rejuvenating and empowering herbs are
said to tonify (bring to homeostasis) the body, mind
and spirit. They comprise the superior class of herbs
in Chinese medicine. Tonic herbs offer holistic health
benefits and are considered safe for long-term daily
Tr. by Yang Shouzhong (1998) The Divine Farmers Materia Medica:
A Translation of the Shen Nong Ben Cao Jing, Blue Poppy, pp. 17-18


Constant stress can chip away at our health. When

our adrenals are taxed, we have less energy for lifes
endurances and excitations; we may have less defense,
libido, adventure and creative drives. There are three
types of stress: physical, emotional and spiritual. Spiritual
suppression through stress on the heart may block us from
realizing our higher calling. These kinds of stresses may
stem from past hurts or doubts, and can cause a proverbial
dark cloud to hover over our heads. This was known to the
ancient Chinese, who sought and found herbs that tonify
the spirit, as well as enhance general health.

The following herbs are well regarded for their

empowering qualities. Long-term consumption can
help us gain enduring equilibrium of body, mind and
Lingzhi) (Lat. Ganoderma lucidum)
tonifies spiritual clarity (Shen), and
is called the Mushroom of spiritual
immortality. Reishi has also been
found to support the bodys protective
energies (immune system). Beta 1-3
glucans in reishi are a unique class
of polysaccharides that embolden the white blood cells to
phagocytize unsavory elements in the blood.
Shennong wrote that reishi; -- treats binding in the chest,
boosts the heart chi, supplements the center, sharpens the
wits, and [causes people] not to forget. Protracted taking
may make the body light, prevent senility, and prolong life
so as to make one an immortal.


supports general immunity and
upright Chi. Astragalus is a
top adaptogenic herb, helping
fortify and balance the bodys
adaptive and defensive faculties.


HO SHO WU (Polygonum
multiflorum) is purported to return
greyed hair to its natural pigment by
tonifying the kidney/adrenal meridian.
Ho Sho Wu is truly the worlds premier
anti-ageing/rejuvenation herb.

Add all herbs except schizandra into pot (glass or clay

preferred) with 1 gallon water. Bring to boil. Reduce heat
to lowest simmer and cover pot.
Cook 1-2 hours. Add schizandra in last 3 minutes only.
Allow to cool 1-2 hours. Strain and drink 2-3 cups daily.


(Shu Di Huang) is another premier

anti-ageing Jing herb, called The
kidneys own food. It also fortifies
blood. It is an excellent herb in fertility
formulas, especially for women.

GOJI (Lycium Chinensis) is a

nutrient-packed berry, high
in beta carotene and other
antioxidants. This is one of the
top longevity herbs in Chinese
SCHIZANDRA (Wu Wei Tze) is a
superior wild berry that is said to tonify
all five of the organ systems as viewed
by Chinese medicine. It is considered a
beauty herb in China.

(Hong Zao) is used to harmonize

the formula, and supports the
spleen meridian (digestive organs/
glands) and is warming for general
NOTE: The herbs in this tea formula are considered safe for longterm daily consumption when used according to tradition. One to
two cups of this tea daily is considered beneficial for assistance
in general health maintenance. Yet, one should not rely entirely
on this tea to produce suitable health. The author recommends
this tea be drunk in conjunction with fresh green juices, a healthy
living-food diet and sufficient daily exercise.

Reishi Mushroom (lingzhi)
Astragalus (Huang Qi)
Ho Sho Wu (Polygonum Multiflorum)
Rehmannia glutenosa (Shu Di Huang)
Goji (Lycium Chinensis)
Jujube date (hong zao)
Schizandra * (wu wei tze)
* Add during last 3 minutes cook cycle only.

30 grams
30 grams
40 grams
40 grams
30 grams
25 grams
7 grams

Keep tea in fridge.

Keep the leftover herbs in separate sealed container and
When tea is drunk, you may cook the herbs again, same as
above (you dont need to separate the schizandra in the 2nd
Rehmannia Dean Thomas is an initiate
into the Gate of Life lineage of Taoist
Tonic Herbalism. He has written the
books Healing Thresholds, Raw Chi,
Elixirs of Immortality, Shilajit; The Resin
of Life, and a novel The Hsien. He is
creator and president of Shaman Shack Herbs and creator
of an online Tonic Herbalism course.


What are the symptoms of fibromyalgia?

Chronic muscle pain, muscle spasms, or tightness
Moderate or severe fatigue and decreased energy
Insomnia or waking up feeling just as tired as when you went to sleep
Stiffness upon waking or after staying in one position for too long

Read full list at:


Cannabis Cures and Reliefs but not limited to:

LYRICA is indicated to treat :

Nausea Relief

Diabetic Nerve Pain
Spinal Cord Injury Nerve Pain
Pain After Shingles.

(E.G., Aids, Cancer Therapy, Sea Sickness)

Epilepsy, Multiple Sclerosis, Back Pain, Muscle Spasms

Antibiotic CBD Disinfectants
Arthritis, Herpes, Cystic Fibrosis And Rheumatism
Lung Cleaner & Expectorant
Sleep & Relaxation
Therapeutic Emphysema Potential
Stress & Migraine Headache Relief
To Increase Appetite
To Reduce Saliva
In Addition. . .
Aids, Depression & Hundreds Of Other Primary
Medical Uses

Acceptable Risks/Side Affects

Every U.S. commission or federal judge who has studied the
evidence has agreed that cannabis is one of the safest drugs
known. With all its therapeutic uses, it has only one side
effect that has been exaggerated as a concern: the "high."
Cannabinoids arer useful in the treatment and prophylaxis of
wide variety of oxidation associated diseases, such as ischemic,
age-related, inflammatory and autoimmune diseases. The
cannabinoids are found to have particular application as
neuroprotectants, for example in limiting neurological damage
following ischemic insults, such as stroke and trauma, or in
the treatment of neurodegenerative diseases, such as
Alzheimer's disease, Parkinson's disease and HIV dementia.
Nonpsychoactive cannabinoids, such as cannabidoil, are
particularly advantageous to use because they avoid toxicity
that is encountered with psychoactive cannabinoids at high
doses useful in the method of the present invention.

LYRICA is also indicated to treat:

Partial onset seizures in adults with epilepsy who
take 1 or more drugs for seizures.

Acceptable Risks/Side Affects

LYRICA may cause serious, even life threatening, allergic
reactions. Some signs are swelling of your face, mouth, lips,
gums, tongue, throat or neck or if you have any trouble
breathing, or have a rash, hives or blisters. LYRICA may cause
suicidal thoughts or actions in a very small number of people,
about 1 in 500. These changes may include new or worsening
depression, anxiety, restlessness, trouble sleeping, panic
attacks, anger, irritability, agitation, aggression, dangerous
impulses or violence, or extreme increases in activity or
talking. LYRICA may cause swelling of your hands, legs and
feet, which can be serious for people with heart problems.
LYRICA may cause dizziness and sleepiness. You should not
drive or work with machines until you know how LYRICA
affects you. Also, tell your doctor right away about muscle
pain or problems along with feeling sick and feverish, or any
changes in your eyesight including blurry vision, or if you
have any kidney problems or get dialysis. Some of the most
common side effects of LYRICA are dizziness, blurry vision,
weight gain, sleepiness, trouble concentrating, swelling of
your hands and feet, dry mouth, and feeling high. If you
have diabetes, tell your doctor about any skin sores. Before
you start LYRICA, tell your doctor if you are planning to
father a child, or if you are pregnant, plan to become pregnant,
or are breast-feeding. If you have had a drug or alcohol problem, you may be more likely to misuse LYRICA. In studies, a
specific type of blood vessel tumor was seen in mice, but not
in rats. The meaning of these findings in humans is not known.

Successful Cancer
Keeping It Simple
By Chas Gant, M.D., Ph.D

Most people know that toxins are carcinogens,

and that eating organic food, drinking purified
water and avoiding air pollution can prevent
cancer, but sadly many believe that detoxification is not important once cancer develops.
Detoxification is more important than ever in any successful cancer strategy. The immune system identifies and kills
cancer cells, but if it is distracted by the two main sources
of toxicity, germs (viruses, yeasts, bacteria, parasites) and
pollutants (in air, food and water), the immune system loses
Once youve cleaned up sources of toxicity, so that you
are not adding to the stockpile of immune-damaging
carcinogens, the next job is to release what has accumulated. One strategy that never fails to get results is based
on a very important, often forgotten nutrient: Oxygen.
Carcinogenic and immune damaging toxins in the body are
generally oxidized to prepare them for excretion, so anything
that interrupts oxygen, from sleep apnea to lack of fresh
air and exercise, will slow down toxin oxidation and release.
Cancer cells tend to thrive in lower oxygen tension and
need sugar for anaerobic metabolism, whereas the immune
system and white blood cells that kill cancer cells and
infections do better in optimal oxygen environments. Thus,
colon hydrotherapy, hyperbaric oxygen, IV hydrogen peroxide
and ozone therapies and other aggressive detox-ification
methods are routine treatments in integrative treatment for
After detoxification is started, the next keep it simple
approach to cancer treatment involves 2 considerations.
Firstly, what is unique in the individuals metabolism that
allowed cancer to occur? And secondly, what is unique to the
kind of cancer that occurred that can be used to persuade it
to go away? Conventional treatment usually fails to ask the
first question as almost all of the attention is directed at the


cancer. For many integrative practitioners and healers, the

biochemical uniqueness of the individual, their metabolic,
genetic, immune, allergic, toxic and nutritional status is far
more important than the cancer itself. A careful functional
medicine and genomic workup will reveal many correctable
weak links in cancer resistance.

In addition, various types of cancer appear to

have quirky characteristics which can be exploited.
For example, there are some very interesting and
profound ways to manipulate melanoma. I share
this information at conferences, and in my practice I
have watched patients use this knowledge to reverse their
conditions. However, I can never determine exactly why one
of these melanoma patients gets well, because they are also
provided with the benefits of many detoxification strategies,
a full functional medicine workup, allergy elimination,
oxidative therapies, IVs, antioxidant treatments, etc., all
intended to strengthen the immune system.
Equally important in the keep it simple strategy of cancer
treatment is mindfulness therapies. My patients are advised
to practice putting their past resentments and future
concerns aside, and practice living in the present using
mindfulness. They are also advised to stop analyzing their
health concerns (they are paying me to do the worrying)
and instead focus their attention on the part of their body
where the cancer manifests, especially if they experience
discomfort. This then directs the command control center of
the immune system, the Brain, which is 10-20% white blood
cells (essentially a giant lymph node!), to expose the hidden
cancer cells to the immune system. Numerous studies
have shown that mindfulness practices also greatly assist
patients in adjusting to and coping with the stressful events
of treatment and recovery, which would further ease the
burden on the immune system.
To put it simply, all integrative cancer treatment is intended
to strengthen the immune system and assist in the killing
of cancer cells, and this keep it simple approach can help
anyone navigate their way through the complex journey of
cancer recovery and treatment.
Dr. Chas Gant, M.D., Ph.D.,is the author
of numerous books, including Ending Your
Addiction Now, Instructor for Doctor Progam
in Nutrigenonmics, Huntington College of
Health Sciences and Director of Education and
Training, The Academy of Functional Medcine
and Genonomics.


Health Strategy
to optimize your


Dr. Chas Gant, MD

biochemical and genetic


D R . C H A S G A N T, M D , P H D , A N I N T E R N A T I O N A L L Y
K N O W N A U T H O R , E D U C AT O R A N D I N T E G R AT I V E /
D I S O R D E R S , B O T H P H Y S I C A L A N D M E N TA L .

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By Thomas Lodi, M.D., M.D.(H), CNS
Soybeans are a species of legume, like chickpeas, lentils,
peanuts, alphalfa and carob, all of which are classified in
the family Fabaceae. Soy beans are like many legumes
capable with the help of certain bacteria that live in their
roots of fixing nitrogen directly from the atmosphere into
organic compounds. It is this process of taking nitrogen
from the air and combining it with an acid (fixing) that
results in amino acids which form the building blocks of
protein. For this reason, the soybean contains as complete
a protein as animal flesh but without the violence or blood.
It is unclear exactly when soy actually entered the human
diet but probably during the Zhou dynasty (1046-256 BCE),
the same era that brought about hydraulic engineering.
Raw soybeans are toxic to humans due to the trypsin
inhibitors and phylates they contain; hence, they must be
modified prior to eating. Early during the Zhou dynasty, it is
believed fermentation techniques were applied to soybeans
producing the very same foods eaten today in Japan and
China like natto, miso and tempeh as well as soy and tamari
sauces. Sometime after the application of techniques for
fermenting soybeans, bean curd (tofu) was introduced.
Although cooking can greatly reduce the concentration of


trypsin inhibitors, some remain, as do the phylates, which
are completely eliminated with fermentation. Since the
trypsin inhibitors block protein digestion and the phylates
chelate essential minerals, they are considered to be antinutrients. Indigenous Chinese, Japanese and Koreans
have known this for over a millennia but, as usual, science
rejects wisdom in favor of nave folly and must go about
proving that apples actually do fall to the ground.
The use of soy with regards to cancer, especially hormonally
related cancers such as breast, uterine, ovarian and
prostate remains controversial in the public arena. However,
a careful review of the scientific literature regarding soy
makes it abundantly clear that it is not only safe, but is both
preventative and therapeutic.
It is well known that breast, uterine and ovarian cancers for
women born and raised in Asia have been historically lower
than in Western countries. And it is further recognized that
once Asian women immigrate to the United States, there is
a significant acceleration in the incidence of these cancers.
This is particularly true of Japanese women, where the
dietary factors have been well described in many studies

Japanese continue to eat several servings of both fermented & unfermented soy foods daily
and they continue to outlive people in Western countries in spite of the fact that they are now
also consu ming more Western food.

comparing the incidences of these cancers for women born,

raised and who remain in Japan vs. those who emigrate
to Hawaii vs. those who emigrate to the US Mainland, as

concluded, In summary, the results of our meta-analysis

of available epidemiologic studies demonstrated that
consumption of soy food was related to a lower risk of
prostate cancer in men.

In all these studies, the incidences increase sequentially

from Japan to Hawaii to the Mainland, US and diet is clearly
identified as the major contributing factor. The dietary
differences identified include both an increase in Western
food and a decrease in traditional Japanese food (e.g., soy)
for emigrants to Hawaii and an even greater change for
those having moved to the US Mainland.


Consuming soyfoods has been found to be inversely

correlated with the incidence of breast cancer in both pre
and post menopausal women, albeit there is a greater
protective effect for post-menopausal women. However,
in one large prospective cohort study in Japan, it was
found that frequent miso soup and isoflavone consumption
reduced the risk of breast cancer, whereas the same was
not found in association with the consumption of nonfermented soyfoods.
It is well known that increased density of breast tissue is
linked to a higher risk of breast cancer; hence the findings
in a joint study reported in July 2002 (Cancer Research UK,
the National Cancer Institute of the USA, and the National
University of Singapore) were quite significant. They clearly
indicated that women with a diet high in soy were found
to have less dense breast tissue than women with low soy
diets. In other studies, eating soy phytoestrogens regularly
over several weeks actually reduced innate estrogen levels.
That is, eating soy resulted in lower estrogen levels.
Quite a few very large studies that followed women over
several years all indicate that soy is protective against
endometrial (uterine) cancer. When compared with women
who do not eat soy, women who regularly eat soy have a
significantly lower risk of endometrial cancer.

Polyphenols are secondary metabolites produced by

plants in order to defend against UV radiation (sunlight)
and plant pathogens. These compounds are able to
quench free radicals, hence they are anti-oxidants. This
same mechanism of quenching free radicals that the
plant employs for its own defense becomes of vcritical
importance and benefit to the creatures that eat these
plants. This is especially true for humans who were
obviously not satisfied with the normal array of free radicals
produced just by simply living, so they (we) went
to extraordinary lengths to produce an overwhelming
number and variety of artificial free radicals (pollution, nonorganic food, nuclear waste / fallout, etc.).
Flavonoids are the most studied subgroup of polyphenols
with more than 4000 varieties having been identified.
Isoflavones quercetin, lignans, catechins, flavanones,
curcumin, ellagic acid, red wine polyphenols, and
resveratrol found in a variety of plants including green
tea, grape seeds, citrus peels, blueberries, soy and ginkgo
leaves have been extensively researched. All of them show
protective and/or therapeutic effects with regards to cancer.
Of the 6 subclasses, isoflavones are of special interest for
hormonally related cancers.
Soy contains three isoflavones: genistein, daidzein and
glycitein. The isoflavones found in soy (phytoestrogens) are
biochemical structures very similar to the natural estrogens
produced by humans and can produce similar effects as

Although most studies suggest that soy protects against

ovarian cancer, some indicate no reduced risk. However,
in none of these studies is their any suggestion that soy
increases the risk of ovarian cancer. Hence, the scientific
literature is reassuring in that it affirms that soy does not
increase ovarian cancer risk.

Fermenting soybeans converts them into a form which is

more bioactive and readily assimilated by the body. However, if there is a healthy digestive system with abundant,
beneficial bacteria, even the unfermented soybeans can
be converted (somewhat) into more bioactive forms.
Unfortunately, most people with cancer have disturbed
digestive systems and moderate to severe microbial
imbalance in their guts with yeast overgrowth and
pathogenic bacteria.

Several studies in China, Japan and the US have clearly

shown that the consumption of soy products is protective
against prostate cancer, reducing the risk significantly.
In one large meta-analysis published in 2005 the authors

These isolflavones can significantly inhibit the growth of

tumors, tumor invasiveness and stop metastases, as well
as enhance the effectiveness of radiation therapy (although
this is rarely necessary).


Genistein significantly decreases both cancer cell invasion

and progression via direct effects on different processes
in the nucleus (DNA). It actually directly affects gene
expression and transcription, hence completely interfering
with the malignant process.
By decreasing inflammation, as measured by NFkB activity,
isoflavones are able to reduce resistance to chemotherapy
drugs AND diminish the overall aggressiveness of cancer.
In fact, high phytoestrogen isoflavone intake has been
shown to reduce the recurrence rate and mortality in breast
There are two forms of estrogen receptors, alpha and beta,
to which estrogens can bind. The beta-receptors have been
found to be inhibitory, hence when they are activated, it
slows or stops breast cancer growth and invasion (inversely
correlated with risk).
Unlike natural estrogens, phytoestrogens (isoflavones)
preferentially bind to beta-receptors. Isoflavones are
referred to as SERMS or selective estrogen receptor
modulators. Therefore, they sometimes act like estrogen
and sometimes they have the opposite effects and
sometimes no effects at all. Additionally, phytoestrogens,
like genestein can actually enhance the effects of certain
drugs used by onolcologists, like Herceptin for HER2(+)
breast cancers.
These phytoestrogens have also been found to be extremely
effective with prostate, ovarian, cervical, and colon cancer
with regards to prevention as well as treatment. Finally,
they actually sensitize these malignant cells so that
both chemotherapy and radiotherapy are more effective,
suggesting that lower doses may provide the same or better
Much of the controversy regarding the use of soy (or
isoflavones) with ER (+) breast cancer has been based on
studies with mice who had their ovaries and/or thymus
glands removed, rather than women with breast cancer.

This extrapolation is really too far reaching and is not

consistent with the epidemiological evidence of low breast
cancer rates in Asian women who have a high dietary
intake of soy phytoestrogens. They are, for the most part,
living quite well and significantly longer than their Western
The glaring fact that phytoestrogens are safe and have
been consumed by humans for millennia is evidence that
our scientific model regarding how to uncover (learn) the
truth is not only inexact but is actually counterproductive
and dangerous.
After all, consider how much research and speculation have
filled countless volumes of paper and computer storage
software discussing whether or not to use a plant that has
been consumed in large volumes by human beings for more
than 2000 years, while the approval, manufacturing and
administering of incredibly toxic substances continues with
relative ease. It is time that we come back down to Earth
and open our hearts and minds so that common sense can
once again prevail, rather than manufactured opinion to
further commercial interests.
References available upon request
Japanese continue to eat several servings of both fermented
& unfermented soy foods daily and they continue to outlive
people in Western countries in spite of the fact that they are
now also consuming more Western food.
Dr. Thomas Lodi, previously a psychologist
received his medical degree (MD) in 1985 from
the University of Hawaii. After completing his post
graduate training in internal medicine at Columbia
University, he practiced for 10 years in ICU/CCU
and urgent care.
He is a member of ASCO, a Fellow in Integrative Oncology and a Diplomat
of Anti-Aging and Restorative Medicine Therapy, an instructor in Insulin
Potentiation Therapy, and is certified in oxidative and chelation therapies.
At An Oasis of Healing (Mesa, AZ), the foundation of the program is
restoring the bodys biochemistry and immunity, through nutrition and
detoxification, while targeting cancer metabolically to enhance efficacy
and minimize toxicity.



Natto (Nattokinase)
Soy sauce (tamari)
Fermented tofu
Fermented soy milk
Pickled tofu

Soy milk
Fresh green soybeans
Whole dried soybeans

Soy nuts & chips

Soy flour
Soy sprouts

Soy cheese / veggie cheese

Soy infant formula

Insulin Potentiation Therapy (IPT):

A Therapeutic Approach to Cancer Chemotherapy
By Rebecca Stealey RN, BSN
Chemotherapy medications are powerful, cell-killing
drugs. Their application can be beneficial when advanced
cancers cause pain, such as when cancer has spread
to the bones or skin. They can be beneficial when
cancer is causing discomfort, such as in the instance of
lymphedema (swelling and fluid retention due to lymph
node obstruction). And they can be beneficial when cancer
is interfering with the function of vital organs, such as
the liver and lungs. While not necessarily curative on
their own, chemotherapy medications can nevertheless
significantly reduce the suffering associated with cancer,
and sometimes give us the time we want to have one more
Christmas with our loved ones, or see a daughter on the
bus to her first day of kindergarten.
Chemotherapy can sometimes be a rough ride. Nausea,
vomiting, fatigue, hair loss, and increased risk of infection
are just a few of the possible side-effects associated with
these medications. Nevertheless, many people make the
choice to avail themselves of chemotherapy when the
difficulties of advanced cancers become more than they
can comfortably tolerate. And of course, the will to live and
spend as much quality time as possible with loved ones is
an overwhelmingly powerful motivator.
Insulin Potentiation Therapy or IPT is a therapeutic
approach to the application of chemotherapy. The
procedure involves administering small doses of insulin
to make more cancer cells more sensitive to the cytotoxic
effects of chemotherapy. By making more cancer
cells more sensitive, we can reduce the doses of the
chemotherapeutic medications, and yet still achieve a
tumor effect (reduction, and in some cases resolution of
tumors). Because the side-effects of chemotherapy are
dose related, with IPT we can greatly reduce the possibility
of these side-effects, while simultaneously improving a
patients quality of life when this has been compromised by
the advance of cancer.
Developed shortly after insulin became available pharmaceutically by Donato Perez Garcia MD around 1929, IPT is
now available in a limited number of clinics in the US and
abroad, largely due to the training efforts of Donato Perez
Garcia MD (grandson of the physician who developed the
therapy) and Steven G. Ayre MD. Dr. Ayre was a Canadian
physician who worked closely with the Garcia family and
various divisions of the National Cancer Institute (NCI) to
conduct clinical trials with IPT and cancer. When funding
for clinical trials failed to materialize, Dr. Ayre opened

Contemporary Medicine in 1999 to make IPT available to

people with cancer here in the United States.
Dr. Ayre also emphasized educating his patients on
Comprehensive Cancer Care, composed of Nutritional
Biochemistry (dietary modifications and nutritional
supplementation to support immune health) and Mind-Body
Medicine, for healing on a deeper level. Though Dr. Ayre
passed away in 2013, his staff continues to offer IPT within a
Comprehensive Cancer Care educational setting to support
our patients in achieving their goals and getting what they
want out of life, whether that time may be measured in
months, years, or the decades to come.
Rebecca Stealey RN, BSN can be reached at The Ayre Clinic
for Contemporary
Medicine in Burr Ridge, Illinois.
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Call 630-321-9010 or visit

Founded by Steven G. Ayre, M.D.



Health care keeping pace with changing times.

Featuring Insulin Potentiation Therapy
The Kinder and Gentler Chemotherapy

Also offering Integrative Therapies and support in

Nutritional Biochemistry and Mind-Body Medicine
to improve the quality of our patients' lives.

w w w. c o n t e m p o r a r y m e d i c i n e . n e t





This comprehensive eCourse
will walk you step by step
through the process of
creating life changing habits
that make you
empowered to live a
life of wholeness and




Dramatically Reduce
Your Breast Cancer Risk

By Dr. Veronique Desaulniers


Be proactive with prevention by eating organic food as much as possible and include
cruciferous vegetables and their cancer fighting components as part of your daily diet.

No matter how hard we try to eat organically and live clean,

we are surrounded by environmental toxins that increase
our cancer risk. On the Macro level, we are exposed to
radiation from cell towers, satellites and radio towers.
The air we breathe is loaded with toxic emissions from
cars and trucks. Pesticides and herbicides are everywhere.
Take the issue of toxicity closer to home and there are
the hundreds of chemicals that we are exposed to from
furniture, cleaning products, tap water, artificial candles
and sprays. Bring it even closer and you have over 150
chemicals that the average person is exposed to using body
care products alone. Lastly, our internal environment, our
body, can be loaded with toxins from parasites, bacterial
and fungal invasions. And the list gets longer

These cruciferous vegetables have been shown to control

cancers On and off switch in Breast Cancer. But the
most powerful cancer fighting component, glucosinolate,
is found in broccoli and broccoli sprouts. These turn on
protective genes, encourage cancer cell death and turn
off the genes that tend to promote cancer.

Most of these chemicals impede our detoxification

pathways and can ultimately lead to DNA damage and
cancer. Although you cant fully protect your body from the
onslaught of chemicals, you can equip your body with tools
it needs to identify the toxins and remove them from the
body BEFORE they cause damage.

DIM and I3C are other components of cruciferous

vegetables. They are specifically powerful for balancing
estrogen metabolites. As your liver breaks down estrogen,
it is important that the proper ratios of specific estrogens
be maintained: decrease the more aggressive estrogens
and increase the protective estrogen. If you struggle with
estrogen dominance and are concerned with the effect of
environmental estrogens, DIM and I3C supplementation
may be warranted.

Thankfully, Nature has supplied us with the most potent

detoxifiers on the planet: Cruciferous Vegetables. They
optimize our Phase II detoxification system in the liver,
which helps to neutralize the effect of these foreign
chemicals on our DNA. In fact, following a diet high
in healthy oils, certain fruits and plenty of cruciferous
vegetables can reduce your Breast Cancer risk by


Arugula Kale
Bok Choy
Brussels sprouts

It is important to note that it is best to eat these raw,

since cooking can destroy the healthy nutrients. Rather
than trying to eat bowls of raw cruciferous vegetables,
there are a few companies that produce powdered broccoli
sprouts. Before purchasing, make sure that they have been
processed at low temperatures and that you are getting an
enzymatically active product.

Be proactive with prevention by eating organic food as

much as possible and include cruciferous vegetables and
their cancer fighting components as part of your daily diet.
Dr. Vronique Desaulniers, better known as
Dr. V, has maintained successful practices
in the Wellness Field since 1979. Because
of her passion for health and wellness, Dr.
V undertook extensive studies in various
fields of Energy Medicine. Specializing in
Chiropractic, Bio-Energetics, Meridian Stress
Analysis, Homeopathy, and Digital Thermography, Dr. V brings a
unique approach to Health and Wellness.
After 30 years in active practice, she decided to retire and devote
her time sharing her personal, non-toxic healing journey with Breast
Cancer. Her years of experience and research have culminated as
The 7 Essentials , a step-by-step coaching program. Dr. V is a #1
best-selling author and has a # 1 Best Selling book on Amazon,
Heal Breast Cancer Naturally. Her website and her personal healing
journey have touched the lives of thousands of women around the
globe. www.breatcancer


Discoveries of
the Role of
Hyperthermia in
for Cancer
By Oscar E. Streeter, Jr., M.D.
The use of heat as a cancer therapy is ancient, with
evidence dating back to ancient Egypt. The therapeutic
use of this heat is called hyperthermia and the field of
medicine dedicated to the study and application of its use
in cancer is called Thermal Oncology. New studies into
immunotherapy and cancer reveal how heating tumors to
therapeutic range actually stimulate anti-tumor immunity,
activating the immune system in several ways. Over the last
30 years, substantial clinical data supporting the efficacy
of hyperthermia when used as a combination therapy with
either radiation or chemotherapy has been published. The
results are compelling, with response rates more than
doubling in most tumor types studied. These beneficial
effects have mostly been attributed to the mechanism of
action that locally heating a tumor produces: that of dilated
blood vessels leading to the tumor, which allows more
oxygen rich blood to reach the tumor, effectively enhancing
radiation and allowing more chemotherapy medication to
reach the tumor. Scientists now believe that hyperthermia
does even more, as recent studies on immunotherapy and
cancer show multiple pathways in which heat specifically
activates the immune system and fights cancer.
What is very new and exciting in Thermal Oncology is
a recent publication out of Dartmouth University Geisel
School of Medicine that examines the role of hyperthermia
in immunotherapy for metastatic cancer. Recent research


examining how the immune system works and how

tumor cells can be damaged or killed by natural immune
response has revealed multiple levels by which therapeutic
heat actually activates anti-tumor immune response. Think
about how your body naturally fights foreign bacteria and/
or virus through fever.
The Therapeutic Fever Range of Hyperthermia (between
39-43C or 102-109F) is now understood to:

A. Help the immune system see tumor cells, allowing the

natural killer (NK) immune cells to destroy the tumor cells.
B. Cause the tumors to release heat shock proteins (HSPs)

which do several things, including activating natural killer

(NK) cells AND then releasing a tumor specific antigen,
which acts like a specific alert messenger to the immune
system of your specific cancer, which then alerts something
called CD8+ T cells or Natural Killer T Cells to destroy
tumor cells.

C. Release Exosomes which are vesicles that transfer

potential tumor antigens between cells allowing the alert

messages of the cancer to travel through the body.

D. Directly activate immune cells including natural killer

(NK) cells, dendritic (DC) cells, natural killer T cells (CD8*
T), enabling them to do their job to destroy cancer cells.

The use of heat as a cancer therapy is ancient, with evidence dating back to ancient Egypt.
The therapeutic use of this heat is called hyperthermia and the field of medicine dedicated
to the study and application of its use in cancer is called Thermal Oncology.
E. Improve the tumor vasculature, not only making

radiation and chemotherapy more effective, but also

allowing more T cells and other immune cells to enter the
tumor to destroy cancer cells.
Many of these
are behind the
new, expensive
are trying to
induce these
same immune
through new
drug therapies.
these new
immunotherapy drugs are still drugs with side effects.

The evidence-based data of the important

role hyperthermia plays in immunotherapy
for metastatic cancer further expands the

Oscar E. Streeter, MD, FACRO is a board

certified radiation oncologist and certified
Medical Acupuncturist practicing at The Center
for Thermal Oncology, in Santa Monica, CA.
Dr. Streeters prestigious 32 year medical
career includes corporate, academic and
private practice with expertise in integrative cancer care.
Call (888) 580-5900, or visit




Hyperthermia alone has no significant or

lasting side effects. In fact, most patients
when treated appropriately with highly
trained physicians and physicists, report
that the heat treatments feel good.
Patients who suffer painful bone metastasis
have felt palliation, and after a few
treatments report they no longer required
crutches or high doses of pain medication.
Hyperthermia is commonly used around
the world, although currently less so in
the U.S. due to the high level of clinical
expertise required and the treatment time,
which is one hour. Heat used in clinical
hyperthermia must be administered for
an hour with specialized equipment and
physicians and physicists closely monitoring
the patients temperature to ensure safety.
Most U.S. insurance companies cover this
effective FDA approved treatment, including

long-accepted important role hyperthermia can play in

tumor response and long-term survival in many tumor
sites. Practically all tumors respond to hyperthermia,
with the strongest evidence in validated clinical trials for
the treatment of locally advanced and recurrent cancers,
head and neck tumors both primary and recurrences, all
skin cancers including melanomas, recurrent breast or
chest wall cancer, anal and rectal cancers including local
recurrences, prostate cancer, advanced or bulky cervical
cancers, soft tissue sarcoma, bladder cancer, recurrent
lymph nodes throughout the body such as the underarms
in breast cancer, inguinal nodes in the pelvis and nodules in
the neck. The question for U.S. practitioners is, Why is this
proven and effective modality not used more routinely in
cancer clinics around the country?

Head & Melanoma2 Soft


Bladder4 Cervical5








Valdagni et al.,1994 | 2 Overgaard et al.,1995 | 3 Issels et al., 2010 | 4 Colombo et al.,2011 | 5 Van der Zee., 2000

Vernon et al.,1996 | 7 Hurwitz et al., 2011 | 8 Kakehi et al.,1990 | 9 Jones et al., 2005 | 10 Vernon et al.,1996


The CenTer for Thermal onCology is the premier hyperthermia cancer

treatment center in the U.S. We combine Hyperthermia with the most effective,
advanced conventional modalities and technology with the best integrative
medical protocols to optimize both conventional and integrative approaches.
Hyperthermia Has:
Tripled 10 year Disease free Survival in Bladder Cancer
Doubled response in head & neck Cancer
20% Increase in Complete response in Breast/Chest Wall Cancer
melted melanomas That Were recurrent/Persistent
find out how We Can help you, Call (888) 580-5900

Hyperthermia Can Help Save Your Life.

Randy Z., Patient

Hyperthermia Treatment Is:



Gentle, Safe, and Non-Toxic

Proven. Effective. FDA Approved
Activates Natural Immune Response
Heat Shock Proteins
Natural Killer Cell
Dendritic Cells
Tumor Specific Antigens
Oscar streeter, MD,
Palliative for Pain
FacrO, Board Certified
Covered by Most Insurance
Radiation Oncologist and
(Including Medicare)
Certified Medical Acupuncturist with 30+ Years Experience

The Center For

Thermal Oncology Offers:

cyrus raFie
Medical Physicist, has Performed Over 10,000 Hyperthermia Treatments - More
Than Anyone in the World


Clinical Experts In Hyperthermia

Personalized Treatment
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Soothing Environment and
Compassionate Staff
Concierge and Travel Services

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This comprehensive eCourse
will walk you step by step
through the process of
creating life changing habits
that make you
empowered to live a
life of wholeness and





By Werner Brandmaier

GEOPATHOLOGY (pathology study of illness, from geo the earth)

is the scientific term for the study of harmful earth energies. European
research over the past decades reveals significant correlation between
chronic disease and earth energy drain caused by GEOPATHIC STRESS.

First documented in the 1920s researchers found that

cancer is nearly always accompanied by this draining
energy in the environment, often in the bedroom where we
spend 7 to 8 hours a day. If not addressed and neutralized,
the immune system will be weakened over time, chronic
and long term health issues can develop and medical
treatment, traditional or alternative, will be diminished in
their efficacy (1).


Today we know that there are usually several components
coming together to cause disease, geopathic (earth related)
stress being just one of them. However, if not addressed
and changed accordingly, geopathic stress prolongs a
possible recovery and likely leads to reoccurence within a
few years.

Typical early symptoms of exposure to environmental

stress are:
Overall state of exhaustion draining the bodys own
capability to heal.
Depression and Chronic Fatigue.
Sleeping problems of all kind, most importantly waking
up around 3am. (Geopathic stress has its maximum
intensity between 2 and 3am.)
Small children falling out of their bed.


Most plants do not grow well on geopathic stress. Dead
trees and misshapen tree stems often help to identify the
path of such stress lines.
Many insects are attracted to geopathic stress. Ants build
their hills on earth line crossings. If you have to fight ants
every spring in a specific part of your house you should be

Most large animals such as dogs, horses, cows, sheep or

pigs are very sensitive to geopathic stress. They will avoid
laying down on such a spot and will get sick if forced to (for
example keeping a horse in a specific stall). Cats on the
other hand do the opposite. (Who is surprised..?) It is a
well-known fact among dowsers (2) that cats are attracted
to geopathic stress without being harmed when exposed.
However, observing the favorite spots of your pet can help
to identify harmful places in the house. Please be aware
that geopathic stress often only affects parts of a bed,
so watch the specific area your pet prefers. I found many
times in my practice that a geopathic area on a bed is
precisely correlated with the area where cancer occurs
in the body.


1. The he body recovers and naturally heals at night but
cannot do so under permanent subtle environmental
stress. Sleep in a different bed for a few nights to see if
this makes a difference.
2. It takes several days to fully discharge the body from
geopathic stress. Make yourself a warm footbath with
salt for 10 minutes before you go to bed. Youll sleep
much better.
3. Avoid all electronics in your and your childrens
4. NEVER use a microwave. It destroys nutrients in
food and the healthy structure of water.
Health from an energetic perspective is like a bank
account. As long as the overall balance is positive, we are
healthy. Environmental stress is like having big cracks
in your system where energy constantly runs out. Before
you even start adding positive energy through better diet,
meditation, energy work etc, you need to close those
cracks to support all your efforts to get better quickly.


Werner Brandmaier Werner Brandmaier is

the founder of the Institute of Feng Shui &
Geopathology in Portland, Maine. He brings
three decades of professional experience in
Engineering, Dowsing and Advanced Medical
Technology to his consulting practice. After
battling cancer in his family he is passionate
about the neutralization of geopathic stress and harmful earth
energies. Werner is also the developer of a proprietary line of
bioresonance tools. He speaks and teaches throughout the US and
Europe and offers a free newsletter
at contact@ Office: 207-772-7888
(1) Freiherr von Pohl, Gustav, 1929, Erdstrahlen als Krankheitserreger
(title translated:Earth-rays as the Cause of Illness)
Harmann, Ernst, MD 1953, Geopathie(title translated: Geopathy)
Hartmann, Ernst, MD, 1955, Krebs als Standortproblem (title translated:
Cancer as a problem of location)
Bachler, Kaethe, 1988,Earth Radiation (available in english, but out of print.)
Banis, Ulrike, MD, ND, 2003, Geopathic Stress and What You Can
Do About It
(2) DOWSING is the art of locating energies or energetic changes which are
not accessible through our main five senses. A dowser usually uses a tool or
instrument to help him indicate subtle changes in space, on a property or with
people. You can find more detailed information on dowsing on our website


Having to tell my children, Marlo and Seth, was the worst.
While it was terrifying news at first, the cancer was earlystage, localized and the prognosis was good. I knew that
traditional protocol was not the road for me. Instead, I
searched for treatments I could trust.

But listen, you do not have to have cancer to feel lousy

and out of sorts. These days, we see more babies, teens
and young adults experiencing greater health challenges
as a result of increasing toxicity. Families today are overwhelmed, often eating foods that create acidity in the body
and that ultimately lead to disease.
I want you to have an easier road than I did, which is why
I created a simple detox program filled with healthy living
habits and mouthwatering recipes for your whole family.
Utilizing real food and simple steps that give you complete
control, Renewed Living Detox teaches you how to shed
pounds, increase your energy and renew your health.

Cancer with
a High Alkaline
By Elaine Gibson

By May of 2002 just 3 months later I was officially in

remission. Five years later, my oncologist declared, This
is not coming back, and released me completely. No
more scans, nothing, I was home free.
When I was diagnosed in 2008, this time with Stage IV
Non-Hodgkins Lymphoma, I have to admit I was afraid.
Having to tell Marlo and Seth again was now unbearable.
My husband Nevin and I cried together. My doctors did
not believe I would recover.
Although I had beaten this disease once before and
thought I was home free, my body had other ideas. My
oncologist told me conventional treatment was my only
hope, but I heard a voice in my heart telling me there
was another way. I chose to listen.
Relentless in my desire to seek the knowledge that would
save my life, I began to understand my body and health
through a different lens. I didnt realize how much I didnt
know about the bodys ability to heal itself if given the
right tools. Here is the bottom line:

The foundation of health comes down to a wellfunctioning immune system and healthy cells.
Ridding our bodies of toxins is paramount and detox
is crucial to our ability to obtain and maintain a strong
immune system. After incorporating a seasonal detox,
green juice and alkaline water into my lifestyle, miracles
unfolded. I am proof that this program works. Today I am
cancer free, filled with love and gratitude.

Cited as One of the Top 10 Most Inspirational

Natural Cancer Survivors by Extreme Health
Radio, Elaine Gibson is proof that lifestyle
matters. Having beaten Stage IV Cancer
without traditional protocols, she shares her
hard won lessons so that you can lose weight,
have more energy and renew your health.
Today Elaine is a raw food educator, chef, author, sought after coach,
speaker and a green juicing lovin grandmother of twelve!


Is a
By Al Sanchez

Theres no sugar-coating it - life is stressful. But would it surprise you to know

it is sometimes necessarily so?
Even before the moment we take our first breath, oxidation has begun in our cells.
When this breakdown targets certain pathways, it can start a process which is the
basis of degenerative disease. Ironically, the same process plays a key role in the
prevention of aging. It is used by the immune system as a way to deal with
pathogens, and as one of the ways our cells communicate to thrive.
Free radicals are unstable molecules normally produced
within our bodies, and when out of balance they will steal
electrons from cells, leaving them damaged and with
less energy to carry out day-to-day functions. This can
ultimately lead to unwanted cell proliferation (cancer), cell
arrest (breakdown), or demise of the cell.


Now for a little chemistry. Within the cells, there are tiny
organelles called mitochondria. They produce energy
molecules (ATP), through a complicated multiple-step
process (Krebs Cycle). Even a small 1% inefficiency causes
the formation of other free radicals; when this happens,
downstream reactions may not occur, and the cell is left
without what it needs for efficient cellular functions.

This cycle quenches and absorbs free radicals. When

we are out of balance, the antioxidant cycles capacity
to protect the cell is limited, and the cell is said to be
in excessive oxidative stress.
There is not a magic bullet, one simple step to stop or
repair free radical destruction and its process. What we
eat, drink, think, feel, and participate in physically and
emotionally all play a part in how our bodies function
each day.
Biological antioxidants that can help include alpha
glutathione, vitamins (like E,D,C,B), CoQ10, lipoic acid,
L-arginine, amino acids, and lipoic acid mineral complex
(LAMC ), a unique and powerful antioxidant that has been
shown to protect and support the cells energy production.
The cells thousands of processes work toward the same
goal to create the healthiest cell possible. This requires
many chemicals, proteins, vitamins, and more - and all in
the right combinations. They come from the food we eat
and the supplements we use for proper cellular function.
What is most important is a complete balance of the right
nutrients and lifestyle choices to help create and maintain
the right chemistry on a daily basis.
These processes and more are truly an amazing gift that
we have been given in this life. So start this day with a step
in a healthy direction, even if it is a small step. What are
you going to change today so that you may share more of
yourself tomorrow?

An example of this process is our bodys ability to produce

nitric oxide. This free radical is used by our immune system
to kill aberrant cells, like cancer. If the process is out of
balance, however, it can lead to protein damage. There
are more than a thousand proteins in every cell, and the
cell membrane is made of lipids (fats). Both the lipids and
proteins are in the direct line of fire of these free radicals.
This can lead to damage or destruction of any or all of
the following: cell structures, active chemicals, enzymes,
molecules and/or protein catalysts which cause normal
cell process to occur and maintain health at the cellular
level. Additionally, DNA and RNA within each cell are
easily compromised; oxidation within the cell nucleus
causes DNA mutations, leading to breakdown, damage
and possible cancer and other disease states.
So what can we do to protect our cells against this cascade
of oxygenated free radicals? This is where food, lifestyle
and our amazing design come into play by providing an
integrated system, the bodys antioxidant system/cycle.

Al Sanchez, Jr., a former college instructor,

entrepreneur and current president of Amarc
Enterprises, is a director for the Foundation
for Advancement in Cancer Research, an
organization founded in 2004. After losing both
his mother, Julia, and sister, Tina, to colon
cancer, he committed to joining his family,
friends and colleagues in their quest to find better options, access
to information, treatments, and hopefully one day a cure for those
stricken with such a devastating disease.
Al speaks at various health conferences throughout the world and
shares with audiences his experience and research presentations on
degenerative disease and his knowledge of health that have helped
many people find answers, hope and a better quality of life in many
situations. He is committed to the FACR Foundations mission to
seek out promising, validated complimentary/integrative treatment
methods, to actively educate the public about them and to support
and assist in funding research for development of integrative and
safe treatments to help others. He like so many others is dedicated
to the belief that we can vastly improve the Health of the World with
educated choices, improved diet and life style combined with natural
products that can change the lives of our family and friends in our
struggle with cancer and other degenerative diseases, one person at
a time.


World Bank Funds Research on Historic Cancer Herb

By Nadina C. Jose, M.D.
Each year more people search for herbal alternatives to
maintain health and fight cancer. Now World Bank funding
will support clinical trials for herbal cancer research in
Vietnam. Dr. Tram Nguyen has developed concentrated
herbal extractions for cancer treatment, plus prostate herb
supplements for benign prostatic hypertrophy (BPH); uterine
fibroid tumors, dysmenorrhea (menstrual pain, cramping
and excessive flow) in younger women and menopause
symptoms in older women. As an MD engaged in clinical
trials management, Im normally cautious about hearsay
medicinal herbs. Heres why Dr. Trams Crinum latifolium
has won me over, and why you need to know about it.
Crinum was historically used to treat cancer and maintain
mens and womens reproductive health. In 1990 Tram
established organic plantations to grow her own variety,
developed a concentrated extraction of the beneficial
compounds, and called it Crila. Many varieties of the
crinum plants look alike. Some are useless. Some varieties
contain ingredients harmful to male sexual health. DNA
testing confirms Trams unique plants contain properties not
found in other varieties of crinum.
Testing by the University of Illinois Chicago, College of
Pharmacy also confirms Trams Crila contains no phytoestrogens. Excess estrogen can be the leading cause of
menopausal symptoms - insomnia, hot flashes and night
sweats, is dangerous for breast cancer survivors, and can
contribute to prostate cancer. As concerns about estrogen
dominance rise, its essential to know if products are
Trams hard work paid off in 2005 when a 60 day study
found her capsules effective for 89% of men suffering
from enlarged prostates. Men reported their quality of
life improved markedly, they felt more comfortable and
prostate volume and residual urine remaining in the
bladder decreased.


Fifty percent of American men notice declining prostate

health by the age of 50. Conventional prostate treatment
usually involves either surgery, or drugs, or both. Prostate
surgery can result in impotence and/or incontinence. Drugs
prescribed for prostate enlargement often result in a slump
in sexual performance. This new prostate herb breakthrough
offers you a real alternative, proven effective for most men.
A 2007 study confirmed the herb is effective for fibroids.
After only 90 days, 79.5% of the womens fibroids had either
stopped growing or were shrinking. These results are
especially encouraging because there is no pharmaceutical
drug that consistently shrinks fibroids.
In fact, 40-50% of American women have a hysterectomy or
morcellation for fibroids by age 65. Morcellation, a minimally
invasive, one-day surgery to remove fibroids by inserting a
rotor device through small slits in the abdomen, was thought
to be a safer alternative to hysterectomy. New evidence
warns that morcellation can spread uterine cancer. Women
with previously undiagnosed uterine cancer were going to
Stage IV in as little as two months following morcellation.
Expect to hear more this year as the morcellation controversy explodes. Trams supplement may provide a safe
alternative to morcellation/hysterectomy. If you weigh the
risks of a hysterectomy or upstaging uterine cancer versus
taking a safe herbal supplement- No contest.
Whats next? In January, as I toured Trams well-kept
plantation and FDA-registered factory we discussed her
upcoming clinical trials targeting lung and prostate cancer.
It is not every day that a medicinal herb in a developing
country gets World Bank funding for clinical trials. Science
is key to substantiate the value of these promising plants.
Expect to hear more about Crinum latifolium.
Dr. Nadina Jose is CEO of Anidan Group which conducts global
clinical trial management(over 200 clinical trials) and Phase I-IV
studies in Urology, Oncology, and Integrative Medicine. For more
information on Crinum, visit

Heal Others, Heal Yourself
By Jackie Lapin

Todays headlines are filled with stories that chronicle our broken medical system,
the people who suffer because of a failed safety net, or who cannot afford the care
that would help them. And still more people are written about who can afford medical
treatment, but modern medicine seems not to allow them to heal or even eliminate
their pain and suffering. Even alternative healthcare is found to be only mildly
We wonder, What if there was another way, one so simple and easy that it defies
present day belief? A method so effective that many chronic health conditions and
emotional traumas could be eliminated, in many cases, virtually immediately? A
method that anyone can learn in a weekend and can use it to help others?

...continued p 56


Reconnective Healing has given many people the joy of personally helping those they know,
love and care about to heal physically, emotionally and spiritually.

This is not a futuristic scenario. Its known internationally

as Reconnective Healing, a remarkable new transformative
paradigm in healing that has been learned by 100,000
people in more than 75 countries. Its the cutting edge
of what researchers are calling Information Medicine.
Scientifically documented frequencies, credited with
bringing about a state of restored health. You can learn
how to access these frequencies to heal others, and to
heal yourself as well. Stanford Professor Emeritus Dr.
William Tiller says that when information carried through
these frequencies is introduced, it creates coherence and
order. The result: dramatic reports of regeneration instead
of degeneration and numerous accounts of seemingly
unexplainable, often instantaneous and life-long healings
from medically documented cancers, epilepsy, cerebral
palsy, arthritis and more.

had in mind! Over that weekend he had an experience that

introduced an ability within him to facilitate this work. When
his patients arrived, they told him that they could feel his
hands on them even though he wasnt physically touching
them and they could report accurately where he held his
hands! They suddenly began relating astonishing healings
from physical conditions that may have been present for 10
years or more, and had been crippling their lives.

These bandwidths comprised of energy, light and

information appear to innately know what needs to
be done. You are returned to an optimal and appropriate
state of balance merely by experiencing or interacting with
this healing continuum. The trained Reconnective Healing
practitioner simply facilitates the process. By feeling the
frequencies and playing with them, physical and emotional
health shifts suddenly come about. The information-laden
frequencies reconnect us to our original fullness as human
beings and seemingly restore us to a more complete
connection with the universe.

Reconnective Healing has given many people the joy of

personally helping those they know, love and care about to
heal physically, emotionally and spiritually.

Tiller and other scientists such as Dr. Gary Schwartz

(University of Arizona) and Dr. Konstantin Korotkov (St.
Petersburg Technical University) have been studying
Reconnective Healing practitioners and the charged
environment that results in the rooms where this work is
taught. As a result, these world-renowned researchers are
now measuring and validating the frequencies, and the
impact that Reconnective Healing has on humans, plants,
water and more.
Dr. Eric Pearl is the first to tell you that he is not a scientist.
He was a very successful chiropractor for 12 years before
his life took a dramatic turn. As he recounts, I left my
office on a Friday, thinking I was I chiropractor, I came back
on a Monday, and I was something else Then his humor
begins to show as he adds, My parents always told me that
I was something else, but this was probably not what they


It became clear to him that this was something that needed

to be shared with the world. Erics book, The Reconnection:
Heal Others, Heal Yourself, has now been published in 39
languages and he teaches people around the globe how to
do this work. What is especially exciting about this is that it
also appears to have benefits to the healer. In other words,
as you heal others, you also heal yourself!

I feel deep gratitude for having been the person entrusted

to bring Reconnective Healing into the world. But this is
not about me. Its truly about you and your Reconnection to
your complete and vital self in this new era of information
Dr. Eric Pearl is the worldwide bestselling
author of The Reconnection: Heal Others,
Heal Yourself, now in 39 languages, and is
considered todays leading authority in energy
healthcare. The Reconnection, is leading
the way in teaching the transformative new
paradigm in healing, Reconnective Healing,
to people around the globe. For more information on the upcoming
Reconnective Healing Seminars visit
To see a video clip, go to:

Reconnective Healing allows you to access your full potential.

It is tangible, measurableyou can actually feel it.
Recognized and supported by science, Reconnective Healing is a return to an optimal state of balance. This
powerful form of hands-off healing is something you can learn in just a matter of days. Come experience how to
access, feel and interact with the Reconnective Healing Frequencies. This new level of healing offers you the
opportunity to facilitate lifelong optimal health and balance physically, mentally, emotionally, and beyond both
for yourself and for others.

Reconnective Healing Training Programs

Level I

Discover the Reconnective Healing (RH) spectrum

Access and apply the RH Frequencies in your every
day life
Learn the science and philosophy of RH
Hands-off Healing and Self-Healing

Level II

Advanced practitioner practice sessions incorporating

in-depth RH science and philosophy
Facilitate professional Reconnective Healing sessions
Learn holographic and distance healing
Acquire the tools to start you own professional practice


June 26-30, 2015
Sacramento, CA


September 11-15, 2015

Los Angeles, CA

The Reconnection, LLC makes makes no claims, promises, guarantees or representations regarding medical diagnosis and/or medical treatment, and is neither diagnosing,
preventing, nor treating specific health challenges.

OR CALL +1 888 374 2732

Join Adam Teipel, as he introduces you to the science of Reconnective Healing and shows how
you can return to an optimal state of health, balance and harmony by connecting with the
energy, light and information known as Reconnective Healing.


By Brian R. Clement, Ph.D

At conception we are infinitely connected

with all that has ever been and all that will
ever be. Upon our entry into the world on
the day of our birth, we are faced with our
species confused and lost mentality. Even
when surrounded by those who love us, they
are slowly chipping away at our open, free
and exceptional potential. Slowly but surely
we reign in endless possibilities and begin to
conform to the cultural and societal norms
that are quite abnormal.


Contemplate and visualize via your soul the vivid picture of what you would like to
manifest and be unwavering in your commitment to achieve it.

When stepping back and looking at the state of humanity

at the beginning of the 21st century, it can either be
heartbreaking or humorous. We consistently express
admiration about all of our wonderful achievements, yet
we still endure hatred, sexism, racism and war. Self-help
gurus offer a conveyer belt of books and weekend seminars
where they scream at you about consciousness. Religion
suggests that they can teach you the way to God and
cerebral intellectuals poo poo everything, believing that
they have it all figured it out in scientific terms. Convoluted
segmentation, compartmentalization and estrangement
from their own heart only accomplishes loneliness and
Directing Hippocrates Health Institute now in West Palm
Beach, Florida for the last 35 years has forced me to peel
away deceptive practices in the hope of assisting those
people who come to us from around the globe asking to
transform. Their influence on me over the decades, as well
as my own willingness to free myself from the shackles of
self-imposed normality finally let me return to the place I
began, at least at some level. This combination of events
led me to understand that what we are all searching for
is ourselves. Foundationally, we are each good souls who
aspire to love and be loved and want to contribute to the
good of all. With this understanding and the perceived
reality that surrounds us, it can almost cause a figurative
type of schizophrenia. How can we let go of the bonds of
societal limitation and transparently allow our hearts to
guide our every action? Although this seems like a giant
feat, it is actually possible by nourishing your authenticity.
Contemplate and visualize via your soul the vivid picture of
what you would like to manifest and be unwavering in your
commitment to achieve it. Every accomplishment begins
with a vision; this vision is the guiding light when sparked
by the heart that will allow us to freely and effectively
express ourselves and share and contribute our passion.
Passion is the fuel that precipitates personal realization
and elevates you to the status of a human being. Our
broken view of who we are condemns humans as flawed
creatures, yet the perceived prophets that inspire our
dreams are just fulfilling their passion by expressing
their joy. Yesterday I spoke to a woman who was just
diagnosed with advanced cancer. She said to me that shes
been doing everything right and doesnt know how this
happened. She went on to say that for years she attended
spiritual programs all around the world that enriched her

understanding. I asked her what her objective was for

perpetually searching for God. She said that someday she
hoped to reach it. This is when I suggested that she must
perceive herself instantly as God and stop the endless
and relentless unfulfilling process that she had subjected
herself to. When filled with joy and love and endless
potential, there is no space or room for disorder. Disorder
is the canary in the mind, not the grim reaper. I went on to
ask her if she was willing to listen to the song of the bird,
or if the unhappiness and loneliness had become so much
of a burden that she now invited the disease to spark her
There are not elusive truths or confusing issues; there is
only ones willingness to clearly and candidly look at who
they are. This unfortunately is discouraged in our deceptive
culture that teaches dependency on others for your own
benefit. Simple is simple, complicated is manufactured so
we do not have to change. Are you looking the other way
when your very life is calling out to you?
During my professional life I have had the privilege to
work with thousands of people, many who have conquered
catastrophic disease. From their heroics, I have gleaned
the formula to achieve such a feat. Becoming you is
all we need to do to heal. This pure, unadulterated fact
unfortunately is difficult to achieve when you are unable
to trust yourself. Your first step in healing is to regain
trust and forgive yourself for sidestepping simplicity. Next,
express yourself freely and honestly at all times and have
that real conversation in your own mind. Do not dismiss
the questions before you give the right answer. Equally
important is how you communicate with others and present
yourself; your persona is one way to express your spiritual
life. Ultimately, recognize that our human power is to live
a life that is so rich and joyous, contributory and humble,
that you are representing the Godliness that you were
conceived as. Innocence is stronger than pretense; love is
stronger than hate; truth is stronger than lies and you are
stronger than you think you are!
Brian R. Clement, PhD, L.N.
is Co-Director of Hippocrates Health
Institute in Palm Beach, Florida.