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Chapter 5

In this chapter includes the amount of labor to be employed, the

amount of taxes to be paid to the government and the benefits that the people
will acquire from this project.
The firm employs Manager, Assistant Manager, Operational Manager,
Sales Manger, Cashier, and Production Workers. Each of the employees will
be given the right compensation and all the benefits that they will be needed.
Also the security and safety of each worker will be properly implemented.
The compensation for the employees will be followed according to the
minimum wage law.
Taxes to the Government
The KKG Incorporated will have the obligation to pay the right
amount of taxes to be able to help bear the government. The management
will strictly follow the twelve - (35%) tax rate from the companys total net


Contribution to the Philippine Economy

The KKG Incorporated has in mind how to help build up the
Philippine economy. Through this project, we will be able to more jobs to
the people who cannot find jobs due to lack of job opportunities and also due
to their appalling records. The employment of workers for the company will
help diminish the problem of the county concerning about the
unemployment. In accordance with this business flow, more people are then
expected to be given job opportunities. Aside from that we can also
encourage crop farmers to produce Malunggay. We can make them as our
main supplier for our product. This feasibility study could also provide more
ideas on how to enhance the use of Malunggay and bear out much more
uses of it. If it is to materialize and if made possible, could help the growth
of our economy (particularly the local market producers0 with the inflow of
income and taxes from the business such as this.
This study is also expected to enhance the stability of the labor
industry with the influx of the more local business enterprises. This study
will cater on how to create or establish a effective and efficient business and
yet cheap (in terms in capital). Particularly, this study will help to cater our
Philippine economy in solving the economic condition of our country today.