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These are supplies you will need for ALL classes:

#2 pencils
Colored Pencils
Pens (Dark Blue/Black)
Loose leaf paper
Tissues/Hand Sanitizer (goes to your homeroom teacher)
Large glue sticks
Expo Dry Erase Markers

Ms. Okafor - Science

Ms. Knox Social Studies

2 3 ring binders
6 Dividers

Flash drive

2 composition books

Zip lock bags (quart and galloon)

Construction paper
Paper towels

Composition note book

Index cards
3 Folders
Pack of construction paper

Colored paper
Zip lock bags (quart and gallon)
Jolly ranchers
Skittles and M & Ms
Tissue Box

Ms. Antram Language Arts

Ms. Grier - Math

1 3 ring binder or folder

Folder with loose leaf paper

Loose leaf paper

Composition book

Composition notebook

Graph paper

2 pocket folders

Scientific calculator

Ticonderoga Brand Pencils (2 dozen)


Pack of BRIGHT colored copy paper

Students may need additional items throughout the

school year!