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John Harrington, Rhetoric and Film, The Rhetoric of the Film,(P 1-20)

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This article gives brief explanation of Rhetoric film in aspect of communication. It
also focus the perspective and objective of rhetoric films. The author connected the











communication elements. The chapter also focus on the technical application of film
making from the point of rhetoric film.
John focused on the mechanism and process of rhetoric film by assembling various
components and complexities of language effectively. As the very basic of human
communication he tried to explain how language can be used in persuasion of the
maker and understanding of the target audience. The author explained how and
why a filmmaker goes through the processes to control thoughts of viewers. How
meaningful language can produce consciousness and manipulates brain and mind
of the target audience. Additionally he discussed how these processes are perused
to manipulate the target audience for both positive and negative intentions. In order
to do that the author the example of use of this process for the motives advertisers
and politicians which can be deceptive as well.
The author tried to explain that communication is not a new concept by using
Aristotles concept of distinguishing the components of communication. In this
concept is explained how speaker controls the audience using the tones and
attitude. In order to manipulate the audience how and why speaker adopt a manner
of interaction to peruse the motives.
In this article later the author discussed about the language of film to represent the
reality to control the thoughts of the audience by using both language and
presentation of the plot as a tool of communication by putting all these elements
and forge film both simultaneously and sequentially. The chapter explains how a
film maker put details of a charterer to make it deceptively simple and
understandable to the audience. In order to peruse this objective how to take
different shots and utilizing those together into a sequence and later assemble all
the sequences into a film. The author discussed all the technical terms and
application of the various kinds of shots to represent the reality by a film. The
articles are worth of reading and understand for both academics and filmmakers to

understand the key role of the processes and objectives of rhetoric film. The reading
assembled all the elements to narrate an understandable article for the readers.