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Mandatory documents Schengen visa

Mandatory document
Original documents and a copy of each document must be submitted.
If you do not submit copies your original documents will not be returned.
Our offices cannot accommodate in making copies during your appointment.

Completed Schengen visa application form. Please sign the form at the consular


Passport or official travel document:

- Validity exceeding the intended stay by at least three months;
- Two blank visa pages;
- Issued no more than ten years ago.
In case a minor is traveling alone or with one parent only:
- copy birth certificate;
- copy ID of both parents;
- letter(s) stating the consent of both parents that the minor is traveling;
- (if applicable) court order that states the parent has sole custody.
While your visa application is in process, you will submit your passport. In case
you want confirmation that your passport is temporary in our possession, you can
submit an extra copy of the holder page of your passport which can be stamped
by us copy conform original. This is free of charge. The stamped copy will be
returned to you.


Valid proof of residency in the country of application. (visa/permanent residence



One recent passport picture (preferably no more than 6 months old) according to
these photo requirements. You are encouraged to have your picture taken by
arecommended photographer. Incorrect sized pictures cannot be accepted, and
will result in loss of your appointment.


Flight itinerary (reservation in your name)

Important: We recommend that you do not purchase an airline ticket until you
receive your actual visa. Instead we suggest that you make a confirmed airline
reservation, which can be cancelled.


Visa, residence permit, or passport to enter the next country after visiting the
Schengen area.


Medical insurance
Official letter in your name from your medical insurance company stating the
following criteria:
Valid throughout Schengen territory.
Valid during the entire travel period.
Coverage of at least 30.000.
Coverage includes repatriation for medical reasons, urgent medical care,
emergency hospital treatment or death.
Note: If your own medical insurance does not provide this letter you can purchase
a travel medical insurance for this specific trip with a different provider.


Paystubs covering three months salary (if unemployed: 3 recent monthly bank


Employment verification, stating: position, duration of employment, monthly

income, and approved period of leave (students: proof of school registration).If
you are self-employed a business license and tax return forms are required.


Proof establishing the purpose of your trip:

Visiting relatives or friends: submit the Proof of Private Accommodation
and/or Sponsorship form completed and signed by your relative or friend and
certified by the respective Dutch City Hall and a copy of the Dutch passport or
residence permit of the person inviting you.
Tourism: submit confirmed hotel reservations, stating name, address and
telephone number of the hotel, including confirmation number and/or proof of
group travel participation.
Business: present an invitation letter from the company in the Netherlands and
a letter from your direct employer, stating your position within the company and
the reason for your travel to the Netherlands. Either letter should indicate who is
responsible for travel expenses and where you will be staying (hotel contact


Current non-refundable handling fee.

Payment is required at the time of application in local currency. All offices accept
cash. Personal checks are NOT accepted anywhere.
All US and Canadian offices now accept Visa & Master Card.


To have your passport sent back to you: Please read the mailing instructions and
submit a prepaid self-addressed label.

The Consular Department reserves the right to request additional documents. Submitting the
aforementioned documents does not guarantee automatic issuance of the visa.