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Welcome to Advanced Honors Biology

Welcome to Advanced Honors Biology

Central Magnet School, 2016-2017 Course Syllabus

Instructor: Ms. Corban Room: 125 Telephone: 904-6789, ext. 23333 E-mail: Website: Twitter: @mscorbanbiology

Course Description:

Advanced Honors Biology is a course that introduces students to the world of living things. Students will experience the content of Advanced Honors Biology through an inquiry approach. Using available technol- ogy, students will investigate the world around them. Advanced Honors Biology I will provide the student with knowledge, prerequisite skills, and habits of the mind that are needed for daily living and ethical deci- sion-making. Biology I is a graduation requirement worth 1 credit. Students will take the mandatory state EOC EXAM in May. This EOC Exam will count 25% of the student’s second semester grade.

Course Philosophy:

All of my students should leave Biology I with a solid command of the Biology I curriculum and an under- standing of how the concepts they have learned in class affect their everyday lives. I also endeavor to instill in my students strong study skills and as well as critical thinking and problem solving skills.

Students and parents should always feel welcome to ask questions at any time. The best way to contact me is through e-mail. If parents or students leave a voicemail message for me, I will return the call at my earliest opportunity.

Textbook: Modern Biology (Holt, Rinehart and Winston, 2009)

Course Outline

Fall 2016 Foundations of Biology Biological Molecules and Enzyme Function Cell Structure, Function and Transport Photosynthesis and Cellular Respiration Mitosis and Meiosis Fundamentals of Genetics Inheritance Patterns and Human Genetics

Spring 2017 DNA, RNA, and Protein Synthesis Gene Technology Principles of Ecology Ecosystems and Biomes Populations and Community Ecology Humans and the Environment Theory of Evolution Population Genetics and Speciation Review for EOC Exam

Course Policies and Procedures:

ALL CMS/RCS policies will be enforced Students should always come to class prepared to learn.
ALL CMS/RCS policies will be enforced
Students should always come to class prepared to learn. This means they should have all required materials
including sharpened pencils, paper, pens, notebooks, textbook, and completed assignments as well as a
good attitude.
Students should respect ALL ideas given in class. This includes from the teacher, administrators, and fel-
low students.
Students should respect all property. This includes their own property, school property, and any property
belonging to others.
Students should follow directions. All directions given have a purpose, especially in lab.
Students should keep their workspace clean and organized, especially during lab!
Students should always try their very best!
Food is not allowed in the classroom without special permission, and is never allowed during laboratory
experiments. Water is acceptable, except during laboratory experiments.


Grades are calculated as follows:

20% Daily Work average (classwork, homework, notebook checks) 30% Lab Work 50% Tests, Quizzes, Projects, Research papers

UNIT TESTS and QUIZZES: Unit tests will typically consist of multiple choice questions and sever-

al free-response questions. All tests are cumulative. In addition, comprehensive benchmark quizzes

will be given each nine weeks. Additional quizzes will be given between unit tests and are designed to monitor progress of learning targets.

LAB WORK: You and your parents must sign a safety contract before you can par ticipate in lab activities. Many labs will involve the use of chemicals, laboratory equipment, biological specimens, and other items which are potentially hazardous. I refer to them as potentially hazardous because they are only hazardous if used inappropriately.

HOMEWORK: If you want to become a professional athlete or performer what do you do…”practice, practice, practice.” What should you do if you want to succeed in biology…the same thing, practice, practice, practice.


A course notebook is required for this class. The notebook will include daily inquiries, class notes and classwork, homework assignments and laboratory work.

PROJECTS Independent and group projects will be assigned throughout each semester. More infor- mation will be given at a later date.

A: 93 100


92 85

Grading Scale:

C: 84-75


74 70


Make Up Work:

School policy states that it is the student’s responsibility to get assignments and make up work covered during an excused absence. Students have five days to turn in make up work. After that time it is sub- ject to the same rules as late work. If a student misses a test arrangements for a make up test should be made within five days of retuning to school.

Late Work:

Assignments will be posted both in the classroom and on the website. Assignments need to be turned in on time for full credit. If an assignment is turned in late the grade will be lowered by 10% for the first day, 20% for the second day, 30 %for the third day and 50 % from thereafter.

Teacher Website:

In order to assist and provide information to both student and parents, I have a teacher website within the Cen- tral Magnet School webpage.


1. 1 2-3 inch 3-ring binder (for Biology only)

2. Notebook dividers (recommended)

3. college ruled composition book

4. Colored pencils (these are VERY important to have all semester)

5. Notebook paper

6. Pens

7. Pencils

A Word About Academic Honesty:

Each student should perform the work assigned. Students must not use dishonest methods to fulfill their school responsibilities. Cheating is taking someone else’s work and submitting it as your own. Students should avoid cheating or the appearance of cheating at all times. Cheating will result in a zero and the student’s parents/guardians will be contacted by phone or e-mail. Preserve your integrity and reputation. Submit your own work and avoid the appearance of cheating.