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Raniel Brando Q.

de Guia
G11- Fermat

Poem Analysis 1
Ms. Mylani Dela Paz


Air Castles is a poem written by Juan F. Salazar that talks about how an individuals
dreams can become that persons motivation to face the tough challenges of life.
We often get ourselves into situations where we feel depressed or tired which would
eventually make us think that lifes being so unfair to us. We encounter failures. We eat
rejections. We swallow frustrations. We devour stress. However, according to this poem, there
would always be something deep inside our hearts that will keep the tinder heaped in our hearts
burning. There would always be something that dwells upon our hearts and cheers us up
whenever we get ourselves trapped in the mountain of heartbreak. Theres always this
something buried on our chest that guides us so that we may cross mountains and reach
horizons, no matter how high or low it may be. And that something is our dreams.
While it is true that our dreams and ambitions are hard to achieve, they always remind us
that in everything we do, even if it gets harder every time, we dont do it for nothing. We do it
because we believe that theres something beautiful ahead of our journey. We do it because we
believe that at the end of all of this, God will never deny us the prize of a lifetime journey. All the
struggles and the hardships that we may encounter along the way are just, say bonuses, aside
from the achievement we will get ahead, because what it would only do is to teach us lessons of
humility and patience that we may find useful shall we get to the top of our dream.
This poem had awoken my sleeping soul. It reminded me that all of the dreary stuff that I
always experience are just Gods ways to make me learn something as I come closer to my
ambition for my family, myself, and the world. I realized that if I really want to pursue my
ambitions, I should really work hard, because in the walks of life I am the only one responsible
for the ending point and thats why I should make it the best.


Change is a poem written by Angela Manalang Gloria that talks about the inevitability of
change in everyones life.