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Oh God, source of fountain of life and wisdom, you are the father of all living
beings. We adore and praise your name. We humbly come before you, dear God,
for thanksgiving.
We thank you Father, for the countless blessings that you have bestowed
upon us, for giving us good health everyday. We may ask you, Lord, to please help
and guide us always. Help us, Lord, as we go on with our studies that we may be
able to overcome all the challenges that come our way as we continue our journey
to the next ladder of education. Shower us, Lord, with your holy spirit that will guide
us in the right path.
Bless our teachers, that they may be able to share more their talents to the
young ones. Bless our parents who sacrificed a lot in sending us to school. Help us
Lord to live with compassionate love so we can build a peaceful world. Make us
Lord a channel of peace and a light to everyone.
In Jesus name we pray, Amen.