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Blacksburg High School

Teacher Name

Hana McWilliams

Course Name and Number Culinary Arts I 8275 and Culinary Arts II 8276
For the course description, standards and competencies, please go to this website:

Content Outline

The Culinary Arts curriculum provides students with the

foundations for a comprehensive knowledge of the food service
industry and with opportunities to build technical skills. Students
examine and practice basic rules and procedures related to
kitchen and food safety, kitchen sanitation procedures, and
emergency measures. Students explore the purchasing and
receiving of goods and study fundamental nutritional principles
and guidelines. As they explore food-preparation techniques,
students practice applying these techniques to the preparation
and serving of basic food products. The curriculum places a
strong emphasis on science and mathematics knowledge and

Contact Information
Public Site:
Student Portal:
Main Office Phone: (540) 951-5706
Planning Periods are as follows:
A Day 1320-1450
B Day 1320-1450


Blacksburg High School, Culinary Arts Room G117/G122

CTE Department

Meet the Teacher

Welcome to Culinary Arts at Blacksburg High School! I am your chef instructor, Hana
McWilliams, and I am very excited to get to know each of you.
This will be my second year teaching at BHS. From 2011-2015, I taught Culinary Arts to
the dependents of United States service members on Incirlik Air Base in Turkey and
Schweinfurt Army Garrison in Germany. Before becoming a teacher, I worked in the
restaurant industry for almost ten years in Florida, New Jersey, New York, Virginia, and
Idaho. I have an Associates Degree in Culinary Arts and a Bachelors Degree in Culinary
Arts Management from The Culinary Institute of America in Hyde Park, New York, as well
as a Masters Degree in Educational Theory and Practice.
I have a background in competitive Culinary Arts and I am very interested in Nutritional
Ecology, which is the study of food systems and sustainability.
If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact me. Welcome! I look
forward to a great year.

Required Materials

Folder or Binder, Notebook and Mini Spiral Notebook

Paper, Pens and Pencils
Black Marker such as Sharpie brand
Hat and Closed-toe Shoes with flat soles; Kitchen shoes are preferred for

Blacksburg High School

safety and comfort
Kitchen Dress Code

Closed-toe shoes with flat soles. Hard shoes (not sneakers) are preferable to prevent injury
from hot liquids and for comfort.
Head coverings provided by the chef instructor or personal head coverings approved by the
Jewelry: Stud-type earrings only, one band-type ring on each hand. No bracelets,
necklaces, dangling or hoop earrings, or other piercings.
Hair must be pulled off the face and neck.
Facial hair will be covered with a beard net if necessary.
Fingernails must be trimmed and clean. Long fingernails are a safety and sanitation hazard
and gloves will be worn as determined by the chef instructor. False and painted nails
require the use of gloves at all times.
Chef coats must be worn in the kitchen and will be provided by the chef instructor.
Loose sleeves and clothing are not permitted, as this is a safety hazard.
Aprons must not be worn outside of the classroom at any time.
There is no gum allowed in the classroom at any time.

Grading policy

Grades are determined based on the following categories:

Final Exam or Final Project (Semester and Final)

Grading Scale

90-100 =
80.89 =
70.79 =
60-69 =
59 or below = F


Written tests, projects, observation and formative assessments are utilized

to demonstrate mastery of course content.


Homework is practice, reinforcement, and extension of classroom content.

Late Work Policy

Late work is accepted until the end of the current quarter for a maximum of
50% credit.

Blacksburg High School

Tutoring/Extra Help

Extra help is available on an as-needed basis from the instructor. Students

should coordinate with the instructor if help is required.

Classroom Management
and Participation Grade

Students are made aware of the following participation chart. Students will
physically move their names along the classroom chart when necessary and
are thus aware at all times of their behavior and deductions from the
participation grade.
Effort: I am giving my best personal effort to the lesson and my
responsibilities for the day. I am energetic and positive!
Interaction: I am being respectful and professional to my classmates
and chef at all times. Im trying to form great work habits and
interpersonal skills.
Organization: I am keeping my station and the classroom clean and
organized. I can do my job AND help others; Im just that good!
Attitude: I have a positive attitude and am doing my best to keep my
team motivated and enthusiastic. We all have more fun when we are
kind and pleasant.
Initiative: I am contributing more than is asked of me to benefit the
class as a whole. I am AWESOME!
Effort: I am putting effort into the lesson and my responsibilities for the
Interaction: I am being respectful and professional to my classmates
and chef.
Organization: I am keeping my station and the classroom clean and
Attitude: I have a positive attitude.
I am doing everything that is required of me, but I could potentially try
even harder to benefit the team and contribute my very best work.
Effort: I could be putting more effort into the lesson and my
Interaction: I am not being completely respectful and professional to my
classmates and chef.
Organization: I am not keeping my station as clean and organized as it
should be.
Attitude: My attitude is not always positive.
I should probably refocus my energy into being more professional and
helpful. I can easily bounce back.
Effort: I am not putting effort into the lesson and my responsibilities.
Interaction: I am not being respectful or professional to my classmates
and chef.
Organization: My station is not clean and organized. I am not
contributing to keeping the classroom clean.
Attitude: My attitude is negative.

Blacksburg High School

My parents may be contacted and/or I may receive a referral.
Effort: I am not attempting to put effort into the lesson or my
Interaction: I am not respectful or professional to my classmates and
Organization: My station is not clean and I am not contributing to the
cleaning effort of the team.
Attitude: My negative attitude is affecting my team and the class.
My parents may be contacted and/or I may receive a referral.

Classroom Guidelines

Preparation: Preparation is everything. I expect students to review each

lesson as necessary to be prepared for assessment at any time. This is a fastpaced class that builds on skills and knowledge learned each day. Come to
this class prepared. That means you have completed all reading and writing
assignments and, along with any assignments that are due, you have
brought to class your required reading materials, pens, black markers, small
notebooks, hat, and other items necessary for full daily participation.
Participation: In order to achieve the standards of this class, you must be
present and actively participate in all activities and discussions. Culinary
Arts is a hands-on class and grades are determined partly upon class
participation and attendance. This class will also incorporate writing
assignments, reading materials, individual and group presentations and
collaborative work, projects, research, and assessment. Class discussion is
an integral part of this class. It is essential that you complete your
assignments before our meeting time so that you can participate in every

Cell Phone Policy

Professionalism: In the kitchen you must abide by the kitchen standards

outlined here or you will be assigned research, reading, or written work for
the day until you are in dress code. This is for the safety of yourself and
others as well as for sanitary reasons. You must demonstrate
professionalism by arriving to class on time and prepared, paying attention
during instruction, and listening attentively to others ideas or presentations
to the class. Disregard for professionalism will result in a deduction in
points and/or further disciplinary action. Any time you are out of dress
code, unprepared, or act in an unprofessional manner, you will lose points
and face consequences as outlined in the classroom discipline policy.
Food photography and posting resulting pictures to personal social media is
allowed at designated times. Nothing wrong with showing off our work!

Super Easy Extra Credit

At all other times, cell phones are kept in individual pouches on a hanging

Blacksburg High School

cell phone babysitter during class time. They are easily accessible in an
emergency. Failure to place phones in the designated area will result in a
deduction of participation points, parent/guardian contact and/or a referral
to the office if use continues.

CTSO/Club Volunteer
Hours Requirement

Each class has a team opportunity to earn up to 30! extra credit points for
their participation grades each quarter if I do not have to police phone use.
Each time I have to address a phone not being in the designated area, 3
points will be taken from the class extra credit opportunity for that quarter.
The Blacksburg High School Culinary Arts course requires
membership in a student organization (CTSO) in order to
meet the Virginia State Culinary Arts competencies listed on
the club membership form. Culinary Arts students will
participate in the BHS Culinary Club/SkillsUSA and volunteer
a minimum of 5 hours for our extracurricular caterings and
functions. In addition to the fun and learning involved, all
students will benefit from these activities by the elimination of
costly lab fees!
Volunteer opportunities may include time before school, after school and on
weekends. A variety of options will be available to meet the requirement
throughout the year.


I have read the Culinary Arts Course Guide and agree to abide by all policies. I understand what is expected
of me and will put my best effort and attitude into Culinary Arts this year!
Student Name (print):


I have read the Culinary Arts Course Guide and have reviewed the policies and expectations with my student.
I will support the goals of the class by ensuring my student abides by all guidelines listed above.
Parent/Guardian Name (print):

Thank you for your support!

Please visit the following website to keep up-to-date on your students activities in Culinary Arts this year:
I DO give my permission for my childs image and first name to appear on the Bruins Culinary Arts blog.

Blacksburg High School

I DO NOT give my permission for my childs image and first name to appear on the Bruins Culinary Arts blog.
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