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| E-mail: | Web: For Immediate Release Dated: 21 September 2005 “…If you

For Immediate Release Dated: 21 September 2005

“…If you want one hundred years of prosperity - grow people.” Health Industry ‘first’ - National Mentoring in Healthcare Conference in Canberra

The last line of a Chinese proverb is the ethos behind the Royal College of Nursing, Australia (RCNA), and Australian Mentor Centre (AMC), jointly hosting the National Mentoring in Healthcare Conference: Sharing the Wisdom, at the Hyatt Hotel in Canberra, 21-23 September 2005.

RCNA is delighted to join with AMC in presenting members of the healthcare community, for the very first time, the opportunity to explore the role of mentoring for the future professional development of all members of the Australian Healthcare Community”, said Rosemary Bryant, Executive Director of RCNA.

In Australia, mentoring is successfully being integrated into the healthcare setting across a broad range of initiatives that include support to tertiary healthcare students and graduates, inclusion of mentoring as part of healthcare leadership programs, and introduction of mentoring programs as part of broader healthcare workforce initiatives.

Gilly Johnson, Director and Founder of Australian Mentor Centre, said that while a number of conferences contain components addressing mentoring, this conference, while recognizing mentoring as a formal workforce strategy, is also the first to bring people in healthcare together to explore mentoring in its own right.

“Mentoring is not simply role modeling, it has many benefits for those involved. But, more importantly we need to realize that when you share the wisdom, you empower a future” said Ms Johnson.

Both Ms Bryant and Ms Johnson, are pleased that Simon Corbell MLA, the ACT Health Minister, will be presiding over the official opening of the conference on Friday morning at 8.50am.

“It’s exciting that mentoring is being acknowledged as part of the professional development of all healthcare professionals – now and into the future,” Ms Bryant concluded.

The keynote speaker at the conference is Dr Linda Phillips-Jones, a licensed psychologist, consultant, researcher, and author based in Northern California, USA, and principal consultant of The Mentoring Group. While other guest speakers include:

Clinical Professor Fiona Wood, FRCS, FRACS, AM, Australian of the Year 2005 – Recipient (by Video); Ms Wendy McCarthy AO, Chancellor of the University of Canberra and Chair of Plan Australia; Ms Linda McGregor, Managing Director of Performance Mentors; and Gilly Johnson, Director of Australian Mentor Centre.


Media Contacts:

Rosemary Bryant FRCNA, Executive Director, RCNA. (02) 6283 3400 / 0414 675 405 (a.h.) Gilly Johnson, Director and Founder of Australian Mentor Centre (02) 6283 3400

Editorial Notes:

If you want one year of prosperity - grow grain, If you want ten years of prosperity - grow trees, If you want one hundred years of prosperity - grow people. -Chinese proverb

Rosemary Bryant, Executive Director of RCNA, is a Registered Nurse of 23 years experience who possesses a broad career in acute hospital and community nursing as well as in the bureaucracy – Rosemary is frequently sought to provide responses to government and non-government health related issues and documents – such as the increase in Nurse Practitioner roles within our current healthcare system. Rosemary’s current positions include Board Director and 2 nd Vice President of the International Council of Nurses, and the Federal Minister for Health’s appointed representative to the taskforce responsible for implementing the findings of the Report, The National Review of Nursing Education 2002: Our Duty of Care. Rosemary’s previous positions include:

Senior Policy Officer in the Victorian Department of Human Services; Director, Nursing Policy and Planning, in the then Health Department of Victoria; Director of Nursing, Royal Adelaide Hospital; and Director of Nursing in the Child, Adolescent and Family Health Service in South Australia.

Gilly Johnson, Director and Founder of Australian Mentor Centre, has been involved in education, mentoring and coaching since 1993. She has designed and implemented national mentoring programs for tertiary nursing students across Australia and more recently, has been the driving force behind the creation and launch of Australian Mentor Centre.

Royal College of Nursing, Australia (RCNA) is the leading national professional organisation for nurses representing nursing across all practice and academic spheres.

RCNA participates in international policy and lobbying for improved health outcomes through its membership of the International Council of Nurses.

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