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Mark Starr
- Hypothyroidism connected with heart attacks. Treating Hypothyroidism prevents
heart attacks
- Dr Broda Branes had a study with patients on 2-5 grains of thyroid. Out of pre
dicted 72 only 4 patients had heart attacks when treated with thyroid. The ones
with HA were on 2 grains of thyroid. Had the dose been more, even they would not
have had an HA. No attempt to control diet, exercise, smoking etc. Just thyroid
- Infection rates reduce with thyroid
- 2 grain thyroid = 76 mcg T4 + 18 mcg T3
- Increasing thyroid dose in small increments very important else heart attacks
can happen since with thyroid heart output suddenly increases. Arteries are not
so good so can cause heart attacks as extra blood gets pumped.
Use NO to eliminate plaque and reverse coronary artery disease first then thyroi
- 80% hypertension resolved with thyorid. Lifespan increased
- 90% acne and migranes resolved menstrual complaints
- Diabetes frequency reduced greatly
- All endocrine tissues are subservient to thyroid
- Myxedema heart - is a muscle too - is enlarged heart reduced to normal size wi
th thyroid
- Congestive Heart Failure rate drops
- Tachycardia in low thyroid
Thyroid and Diabetes
- All side effects of diabetes are due to hypothyrodism. When thyroid is treated
in diabetic patients - no side effects of diabetes is seen - no kidney failyre
, no blindness, no retiopathy etc
- Basal temperature is more reliable for testing thyroid
-Cholesterol and triglycerieds reduce to normal with thyrod
- No gangerene etc from diabetes
- Therapeutic dose of thyroid is more than 2 grains. Else diabetes can occur.
- Diabetes did not develop in people with sufficient thyroid
How to treat thyroid
- Frontal baldness is low thyroid, scant hair, puffy eyes
- jaw, neck puffy
- One patient with paranoia, depression, fatigue, anxiety resolved on 3.5 grains
thyroid + Lugols - slowly

Pthalates in plastics block thyroid hormones

Hips and breaks can develop in women with proper thyroid
Fat babies are not diabetic but hypothyroid
cholesterol dropped from 210 to 168 in 11 days of thyoird
Lo stature children don't need growth hormone but thyorid therapy
Pot belly is also thyroid
Heavy menses also by thyroid

- If patients become allergic to anything you give them its mold.

-7 year old Autistic boy on 1 grain thyroid (38 mcg T4, 9 T3 - not NDT because
of allergies), Hydrocortisone 2.5 mg in the mornig, 1 drop 2% Lugols QOD
Mitochondrial Illness
- They are a form of thyroid illness
- Principle function of T4 might be to increae the number and activity of mitoch
ondria. 80-90% energy in body comes from thyroid. Thyroid supplementation increa
ses number of mitochondria in low thyroid people. Each cell has 100-1000 mitocho
- Barnes's patients in 30 year old study had all their faculties intact and were
living in their 80s-90s. No dementia/Alzhiemers. Thyroid and B12 deficiency cau
ses Alzh and dementia
- Creatine (CK) can be used to diagnose hypothyroid. Its high in urine in low th
yroid. INcreases when thyroid is treated.
-Six things to get well - Energy production, nutrition, dental infections, scars
, emotional, toxins in body
Toxins for thyroid
- 95% high cholesterol resolves with thyroid
- Normal basal temp is 97.8 to 98.2 under arm
Symptoms which resolves
- weakness and fatigue
- cold intolerance
- joint andmuscle pain (hormones like estrogen, testosterone, thyroid etc) hormo
nes and pain are closely related
- ankle reflex
- depression
- muscle cramps (Creatine phosphate delivers energy to muscles, so low CP causes
- headaches andmigranes go away. Food allergies, candida and nutrition addressed
People on T4only have more symptoms than people on no thyroid. So use NDT or add
24 hour urine Free T3 for low thyroid can be used for hypothyroid diagnosis. Tak
es 2 years for NDT to do its work in the body. Avg dose 3-3.5 grains in adult. 2
-5 grains for Barnes. Starr's study 3-3.5 grains
Synthroid is not bioidentical with levothyroxine
Basal temp (atleast oncea month),
heart reat(while asleep for kids),
ankle reflex
Start with 1/8-1/4 grain and go slowly.
For kids incease every other month
For people with arteries increase every 6 weeks
Crowded teeth in children is thyroid symptom - resolves with thyroid
Flat feet - is also low thyroid
Low Iodine (transdermal, unrefined sea salt is antidote for it, with Hashis peo
ple start with sea salt then introduce Iodine), Mag, Se, Zn, Chelated Fe
Allergy to body's own testosterone and progesterone also possible

adult dose 3-3.5 grains

(2-5 grains by Dr Broda Barnes)
Heart Attack 1/4 to 2 grains max, go slowly
To convert T4 to T3 you need Iodine, Se, Zinc, Cortisol, Progesterone, GSH, Hydr
ogen Peroxide
Without these T4 is converted to rT3
Worsening on thyroid is sign of adrenal insufficiency, Iodine deficiency, Mercur
y toxicity.
Less fatigue should be seen in normal cases.
HC, Prednisolone
If steroid (ex Progesterone) is causing weight gain its because of untreated Can
Environmental medicine - homeopathic treatment for toxins and allergies
BioDot is a device for Electromagnetic sensitivity. Elizabeth developed it. Wrot
e abook on it.
Synthetic thyroid does not work as well as NDT for obese patients.
Broda Barnes's 4 books
1. Hypothyroidism
2. Solve the riddle of heart attacks (last print 1999)
3. Heart Attack Rareness in Hypothyroid patients
4. Hope for Hypoglycemia - its your liver notyour mind (because liver does not
work when thyroid is low)
Sperm counts can go up with thyroid.
Plastics mimick thyroid hormones.
Drinking water out of plastic bottles disrupts thyroid because of phthalates.
Soy blocks thyroid.
Several teeth on thyroid meridian. So amalgams can other things can effect the t
Every energy pathway runs through a tooth.
Scars bloc votage in body.
Enzymes become inefficient when low thyroid.
People can be allergic to their own hormones.
Chemically sensitive patients -, Dr Rey - environmental doc
Detoxing the patient is needed in these cases. Else it comes back.
To avoid food allrgies you need sufficient stomach acids. Undigested proteins ge
t into bloodstream. They resemble microbes so body attacks them. Tissues outof f
ood and so if one has food allergies one would end up having body organs one is
allergic to.
Under the arm is most accurate way to measure temp - because dental and respirat
ory problems will raise oral temp.
Med school says add one degreeto underarm temp but Barne's research says no.
97.8-98.2 is normal, RECTAL temp is 0.8 degree higher then normal range
Basal patients may not normalize because we are poisoned. Food allergies can als
o lower temp.

In Hashis you need to use synthetics. very few exceptions.

Having F, Cl, Br stresses adrenals and causes fatigue.
12-25 mg Iodine (if not having Hashis) - lots of benefits in the body.
Even kills H Pylori.
Adrenal Glandulars are defatted to remove fats and so chemicals are used in this
process. Hashis people react to these chemicals and so don't do well on glandul
Isocort is non-prescrition and herbal.
Next book from Dr Mark is on pain.
Heart Attacks, Complication ofo diabetes, blood pressure, obesity, depression resolve with thyroid.