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BITS HD Entrance test questions in ECE

Purpose of this document: To help future ECE and EEE

aspirants get to know what kind of questions to expect.
Disclaimer: Some of the questions may appear
incomplete/senseless or have missing data. We have recalled
and formed the questions based on the keywords we could
remember. Also, we dont remember the proper options. For
those questions for which we have added options, the correct
answer may not be in those options.

Questions shared by Aamodh Kuthethur

PAPER 1 questions:
The aspect of human voice that cannot be changed is a.
Pitch b. Volume c. Quality d. Tone
Given speed of some particle v, its phase velocity p,
and speed of light c the relation between them is
(options like p<v<c etc)
A queston on finding angular velocity of wheel
A question on Youngs double slit experiment.
Around 5-6 questions on Complex numbers Singularity,
Laurent series, Cauchy-Riemann equation, finding order of
pole using expansion formula, finding residue
A question to calculate on probability density function
Find P(x<2) from a given table
Question on conditional probability there are 100 tickets
in lottery. 3 tickets are picked as winners. A person has
invested 4 tickets. What is the probability of him winning?
1 question on vector space
A question on linear transformation

Find the point on the line y=x^2 closest to the point (18,1)
A question on students T distribution
3-4 questions on finding the incorrect piece of word in a
3-4 questions on finding the right word to fill up a
2 questions on rearranging options in correct order to form
meaningful sentence.
Which of the following is not used for internal circulation:
a. Letters b. Notice c. Circulars etc
A person is representing a company in a meet. The role
played by the person is _______
A question based on Boston Consulting Group data.
A question that had Elephant, Dog etc as part of
options !!! This was definitely a management question and
not english question.
Finding size of union
2-3 question on finding number of iteration a for loop runs.
Finding address on nth element of an array given the
initial address
Structures, unions, arrays, functions, loops form the core
of all the questions.

PAPER 2 questions:
Around 30 questions appeared on commutators, 3 phase
motors, generators, three phase circuits, SCRs, IGBT, choppers,
transformers and other core electrical topics.

Some other questions:

1. When a star transformer is converted to delta transformer,
the load voltage at the delta is ______ times that of star.
2. The voltage drop across IGBT is almost same as that
a. Diode b. BJT c. FET
d. SCR
3. The advantage of Wilson current mirror over conventional
current mirror is _______
4. Given a signal flow graph, the transfer function is ______

Given 2x2 state matrix, the system is

Controllable and observable
Controllable and non observable
Uncontrollable and observable
Uncontrollable and unobservable

6. Finding bandwith of PCM channel given sampling

frequency and number of quantisation levels.
7. A similar question like No. 6 on PAM
8. A question on differential amplifier graph
9. Laplace transform: Given R(s) and H(s) find y(t)
Given a discrete differential equation, find the
number of poles.
Find output voltage in an FET current mirror kind of
Question on 8255: Regarding the modes supported
by group 1 & 2 ports

Formula for rise time in terms of 3db cutoff
frequency is ____

Given a grey code, the binary code is _____

To convert a 4 bit grey code to 4 bit binary code, the
the memory array size required is ____
a. 4 x 4
b. 8 x 8 etc

Question on finding directional gain of some antenna

The C an L band frequency range as per ITU
standards are _____
Asynchronous Transfer Mode (ATM) in real-time
mode should have
a. Variable bitrate
b. Constant bitrate etc etc
In constant bit rate ATM, if a channel is emptied
a. Channel is wasted
b. Pre decided bit code is passed etc etc
Code distance = 5. Number of errors that can be
detected is _____
Find reflection coefficient given frequency, load
impedance and characteristic impedance.
Find the length of transmission line in terms of angle
given some data. Options: 240deg, 360deg, etc etc

A theoretical question on double stub matching.

Given initial and final L, C and R the movement of
the point on smith chart is ____ (options involved - possible
movements on resistance circle etc etc)

The main characteristic of Bessel filter is ______

A circuit contains 3 parallel resistances connected to
a 240V source. One resistance is 5 ohm. The value of
other 2 resistances and equivalent resistance is _____ (you
can figure out eliminating options)
Given the values on donor and acceptor impurity,
the depletion width is more towards ______ region.
a. P region
b. N region
c. Both equally
Finding the current in a complicated transistor-diode
Non inverting amplifier is _____ type configuration
a. Current series
b. Current shunt
c. Voltage series
d. Voltage shunt
Cascode configuration has
a. CE followed by CB
b. CB followed by CE ete etc
Which of the following has output taken out of
a. CE
b. CB
c. CC
NMOS transmits
a. Degraded 1
b. Degraded 0 etc etc

Given an opamp circuit, find its gain

A circuit is linear if it satisfies
a. Superposition
b. Homogenity
c. Both

d. None

A question to find ROC given H(z)

The size of the ROM of a microprocessor with 16 bit
address bus is ____
8086 micro processor: A question on what all can be
stored in extra, stack, data, code segment
Diode is connected between Emitter on ground in
some circuits because _____
Given R, L andC find cutoff frequency and maximum
current in circuit.
Bandwidth is 1% carrier frequency. Some other data
is given. Find carrier frequency.
The characteristic of Emitter follower operating in
low frequency is
a. High input impedance
b. Low output impedance
c. High current gain etc
Id(sat) in FET varies
a. Squarely as Vgs
b. Squarely as Vds etc etc
Given H(z) and ROC, the systems is
a. Linear and causal
b. Linear and non causal etc etc
Which of the following is a transfer function of Band
Reject filter.

Given a logic equation, find compliment of it.

Given R and C values, time taken to reach 99% final
value is ___ ms


Fourier transform of unit step function is _____

Formula for electric field in p-n junction is
proportional to
a. Square of depletion width
b. Square root of depletion width etc etc
Given 555timer circuit, voltage range at pin 6 and 3
is ____
The number of 4:16 decoders required to construct
16:256 decoder is ___ (ans: 17)
Given a logic expression, it is in
a. POS form
b. Standard POS form
c. SOP form
d. Standard SOP form

In DRAM additional circuitry is used for ______

Additional questions may be updated as and when I recall them
or others share with me here:

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Questions shared by Suvi Jain:
1. (Physics)Which of the options is a non-conservative force?
2. An open loop gain given. Asked to find the point where its
polar plot intersects with imag axis
3. Find Fourier transform of a function

4. To find transfer function from the state space equation

5. Where will INT 08H direct to in 80856.
6. Given an open loop gain. Asked to tell types of closed loop
poles ie whether real distinct or equal or conjugate
7. To find inverse Z transform
8. To find modulation index of FM signal given message freq
n freq deviation
9. Given z transform and to find input output equation
(maths) find area enclosed by given boundaries and
an equation
GSM consists of what combination among fdd, tdma,
cdma, fdma
Frame relay protocol makes use of what among
packet switching, circuit switching etc
What does sub threshold slope of mosfet signify
Around 3 questions on smith chart
Given characteristic impedence and load impedence.
Find input impedence
Condition on collector current for a given circuit
Few more ques on transmission lines
To tell what does the given opamp circuit is used for.
Options rectifier, clipper etc
Given electric and magnetic field values in form of
vectors. Find velocity for no force to act upon it
In dram what part is used for refreshing the memory
Some ques on cmos circuits
What favours tunneling effect in semiconductor
What happens to effective mass when electrons
jump up in Gunn diode

Questions shared by Vijay Santhosh Kumar Aakula

Which of the following takes less time to roll down from a
1 solid sphere
2 hollow sphere

3 solid cylinder
4 hollow cylinder
calculate velocity of electron (debroglies formula)
time period of pendulum whose thread has some weight
3 qstns on dielectrics and capacitors

Complex number
2 qstns on integrations
Vector integration
One problem on gauss theorem
Vector differention
One problem on divergence simple one

Paper 2:
many qstns on motors(qstns related to eee branch)
From signals roc problems from Laplace and z transform
from digital complement of Xbox?
Few qstns from multiplexers
control systems... Bode plot one qstn polar plot one qstn

Questions shared by Piyush Varshney

Paper 1:
in mathematics questions were mainly from residue
theorem and probability calculus.Single question from
vectors..condition for independency of vector.
In physics questions from rotation rolling angular
momentum electrostatics.
Paper 2:
mixed bag..maximum questions from analog...for active
loaded current mirror o/p signal swing was asked...
3-4 questions analysing ckt for o/p resistance or current
through element...

Question on series resonance were there 2-3

hardly 5-7 question in my set from electrical.
8255 portA n portB functionality.
How many 4:16 decoders needed for 8:256 decoders.
2-3 questions from hamming code.

Questions shared by Sriram Kr Mv:

Mathematics: Eigenvectors; cauchys residue theorem;
polar to rectangular conversion; probability;correlation
Control systems: Wgc from polar plot; transfer function
from state variables;
Network analysis: Series rlc ckt; and some simple question
Power electronics: Boost chopper calculation of Vo;