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Monday, June 27, 2016

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NGMA Bengaluru
About Us

The National Gallery of Modern Art, Bengaluru was set up in the

premises of the Manikyavelu Mansion at 49 Palace Road, Bangalore and
opened to the public on 18th February, 2009. Spread over an area of 3.5
acres, the gracious heritage building was transformed from a residence
into an Art Gallery, with a display space of 1551 square meters to which
a new gallery block with a display space of 1260 sq. m. was added. The
architecture of the additional block was designed in such a fashion that
it merges with the style and ambience of the heritage Manikyavelu
Mansion while at the same time fullling the requirements of a modern
The Bengaluru NGMA is run and administered as a subordinate ofce of the Ministry of Culture, Government of
India. It is one of the three National Galleries of Modern Art - the other two being in Delhi and Mumbai. The Gallery
stands as a repository of the cultural ethos of the country and showcases Indian art starting from the early 18th
century till the present times.

The collection of NGMA mainly comprises of paintings, sculptures, graphic prints and examples of early photography
in India which showcased the historical development of modern art in India. The display includes Indian miniatures,
colonial artists, Bengal School and post-independence artists which led to the birth of modern and post-modern art
of today. In addition to permanent display of the paintings and sculptures, this NGMA also showcases national and
international exhibitions regularly.

Situated in a serene ambience dotted with magnicent trees, fountains and a mirror pool the gallery is an inviting
place to quietly devour the tranquility of art. Equipped with an auditorium, a public art reference library, a cafeteria,
and a museum shop cum facilitation block, the NGMA Bengaluru looks ahead to becoming a hub of art activities and
a major cultural centre at Bengaluru. The gallery organizes and hosts talks on art and culture by eminent speakers,
seminars, lm screenings as well as workshops and guided walks throughout the year. Auditorium events organized
by NGMA Bengaluru and the Art Reference Library facility is free of charge.
In addition to the permanent display of paintings and sculptures, and hosting exhibitions, a strong emphasis is also
laid on educational programmes for children, adults and families, with innovative outreach and educational activities

which are organized regularly at NGMA Bengaluru.

To spell out a few:
Organized programmes for school children with grade specic activities.
Celebration of commemorative events
Grafti contests, painting contests, etc.
Talks on art and related subjects by eminent speakers.
Workshops to create awareness and art appreciation.
Films screenings on art, education and culture every weekend.
Regular gallery walks twice every week: Wednesdays 11.00 am to 12:00 noon, and Saturdays 3.00 pm to 4: 00
Special guided tours.
Tailor made guided walks for specic groups.
Route guide to NGMA Bengaluru complex from MG Road, Metro Station:
Head towards Anil Kumble Circle and take right on Queen's Road to nd Chinnaswamy Stadium on your right.

Continue straight ahead and follow the bend (Metro Construction) to nd the General Post Ofce to your left and
move straight ahead crossing the signal.
Continue ahead on Rajbhavan Road and keep straight to reach trafc signal with Chalukya Hotel in front of you.
Take right at the signal and proceed further (Sophia's High School to your left) and continue to cross the round
about at Balabruhi Guest House.
Head straight ahead on Palace Road to nd NGMA Bengaluru on the left side between the Anjaneya Temple and
Petrol Bunk.

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NGMA Bengaluru
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