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JUNE 30, 2015

Reflection Paper #2

A. Come up with your own listing on how technology can be a blessing or a curse to
mankind. Give examples drawn from life, not only from inside the classroom. Use the table
provided for you.



1. With cell phones, web cams you will be

closer to someone miles and miles away.

Laziness in Studying and listening to


2. Many human lives saved because of

speedy notifications via cell phones.

Forgetting the Basic Way of Studying

prone to plagiarism

3. Your teaching and learning can be more

novel, stimulating, exciting engaging with
the use of multimedia in the classroom

Discovering Unusual Things in the

Computer censored materials and adult

4. With TV, you can watch events as they

happen all over the globe.

The learner is made to accept as Gospel

truth information they get from the Internet

5. Sharing information made easier through

the world wide web

We make use of the Internet to do character

assassination of people whom we hardly

B. Explain the meaning of the three quotations below:


Technology or perish.- John R. Pierce

Technology is boon or a blessing to man when it is used properly and
does not cause harm to man. More over technology can be considered boon also
when it gives comfort, save time, materials and energy. Moreover, Technology is
a curse when it is being abused or misused.
In education, when not used properly, technology becomes a detriment to
learning and development.

2. All our technological progress, our very civilization, is like the axe in the hand of the
pathological criminal.- Albert Einstein
This quote was written by Albert Einstein while World War I has been on
progress. During this period, he was expressing dismay at the atrocities and
ravages of the war. Einstein's strong sense of moral urgency is demonstrated in
this letter. I think, he pointed out numerous new poisoning hazards relating to the
development of technology. And if it fall to the hands of the wrong people, it can
do harm to mankind.
When technology gets in wrong hands, the results can be dangerous and
can simultaneously have negative impact on sustainability of human race.
Relating it with education, the use of technology can be useful and
convenient to teachers but relying solely on the technology can eliminate
teacher-student interaction. Apart from this, the exchange of information in the

internet are quicker compared as it was before and teachers should be very
careful in giving unverified texts from the world wide wed. In essence, we can
harm our students.
3. If there is a technological advance without social advance, there is, almost
automatically, an increase in human misery.- Michael Harrington
Technological advances have an advantages and disadvantages. But we as a
human we have to follow or go to the flow of civilizations. Learning the basics is a
prerequisite in using technology. Technology it can ruin development of one person or
even a society if misused.
Advances in technology must be coupled with advances in content delivery and
absorption. They must go hand in hand for advancement of the people and in this case
the students.
C. Can technology take the place of the teacher in the classroom? Explain your answer.
The use of technology and traditional teaching methods can co-exist in
harmonious way in the classroom. We cannot totally eliminate the other and be
dependent on the latter.
Technology contributes to the improvement of the teaching-learning process, and
consequently to the humanization of life.
Technology is made for man, and not man made for technology. In the same way,
technology is made for the teacher, and not the teacher for the technology. Unlocking the
potential of technology in the teaching-learning process is like unlocking more doors for
the students to learn better. However, there should always be moderation in the use of
technology in all aspects of life, including in instruction. Use of technology in instruction
must not compromise the content of the lesson. There is a possibility that students are
more overwhelmed by the graphics and other aesthetic aspect of technology and may
give little importance to the content.
D. You are a school head. For technology to serve its ultimate purpose of improved learning,
you involve your faculty in the formulation of guidelines on the use of technology in the
classroom. Come up with five written guideline.
1. Use scholarly articles as reference and use only materials from a trusted and
published content.
2. Graphics, videos and slideshows can be used but it must promote interactions among
students and provide the actual specimen and materials if necessary.
3. Provide links of the reference materials or proper citations on the reference materials
4. Do not be dependent on multimedia, use once in a while traditional teaching methods
that promotes interactions. (e.g. field trips, role-playing and actual specimens).
5. Use technology for instructional purposes only and it must promote critical thinking.