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Whole Self



An Oakland Writing Project Institute

Special Presentations Daily Practices
WSL Week 1: Breathe Learn ways to incorporate movement & Readings & Conversations
Ever encounter a difficult student, parent, breathing into our classrooms to increase Breathing Exercises
colleague or loved one? Join us in depro- focus (of students and teachers) via YogaEd. Yoga
gramming the triggers to live more peacefully Share in community conversations to Writing
and joyfully. As we cultivate our inner worlds recharge our practices. Explore writing and Nature Walks
even more beauty shows up in our lives. nature daily. Classroom Application
Through yoga, writing, creative play and Participate in Superhero Training Reflection
earth wisdom, we breathe ourselves back into Academy to tap our gifts, and look at our
balance, deepen our awareness and create own areas of challenge. Hilariously fun and
supportive systems for daily living. deeply insightful. Cost: $100 Breathe
$100 Nourish
Whole Self Literacy Principles WSL Week 2: Nourish +$20 Metropark Pass
• We teach who we are.
We will ground ourselves in nourishment,
• We can transform through awareness. Bring: A yoga mat & a notebook
literally & metaphorically digging into the dirt
• Oneness sustains community.
and planting seeds of light. This week’s guid-
• We each possess unique gifts. Location: Environmental Discovery Ctr
ing principle: Energy follows intention. Indian Springs Metropark
4 Layers of Literacy 5200 Indian Trail
Organic Farming (start small at home)
Whole Self Literacy offers participants White Lake, MI 48386
Integrative Nutrition (no one-size fits all way to eat)
four lenses: the literal, symbolic, universal and Ayurvedic Teachings (plants as energy medicine)
transformational to deepen understanding of Mixed Level Yoga
texts, students and ultimately, our own lives. Plan to write, practice yoga, nourish friend- Everyone is Welcome!
ships and laugh aloud.

Week 1: July 5-9th, 9-3pm Facilitators: Sheryl Hope Netzky, Rick Joseph & Michael Mallon

Week 2: July 12-16th, 9-3pm Sheryl is a mother, a writer, an English teacher, a yoga instructor and holistic healing practi-
tioner. Rick is a National Board Certified Teacher, a writer, and the father of Zack and Nick,

his greatest teachers. In addition to teaching students of all ages, Sheryl & Rick are honored
to consult for The Oakland Writing Project. Michael is the founder of Superhero Training
Academy and teaches at The Red Cloud Lakota School in South Dakota.
Facebook:Whole Self Literacy 2009

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