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Guide to the
historical sights
of teb

St. Procopius

St. Procopius Basilica com1230s, and the basilica was conseVirgin Mary. Throughout the cen-

construction of

menced in the
crated to the

turies, the basilica suffered some minor as well as

major damage.

Some of the severest damage hapHussite wars and other later during the town siege by the troops of Matthias Corvinus (1468). In 1704, the basilica was consecrated to
St. Procopius. During 1725 1731, it underwent
some architectural alterations in the Baroque style.
Todays appearance of the basilica is owing to the
adjustments from 1924 to 1935. It was inscribed on
the UNESCO World Heritage List, together with
the Jewish Quarter and the Jewish cemetery.
pened during the

Town Tower
The town tower, attached to St. Martins church,
was built as a part of the towns fortification system in 1335. Throughout the centuries, the tower
suffered some damage caused by heavy windstorms
and fires.

During the reconstruction in 1862, the

tower was given a new cupola, though the overall reconstruction took place later, in the years

1996 and 1997, when the 35m high scenic gallery

became open to the public. The numerals on the
clock dial measure

60cm in height and the clock

dial itself is 5.5m wide making it one of the biggest

on the European continent.

Round Tower on
Hrdek Hill
The fortification system comprised not only walls and towers on the perimeter of the historical centre of the town but also adjacent fortifications on
the strategic hills of the towns district, such as on

Hrdek, Strn Hora,

and probably Polanka. The only remnants of the adjacent fortification pre-

Hrdek. Originally, it was a round two-storey

A nearby stone
memorial founded in 1924 is to commemorate the 500-year anniversary
since the death of Jan ika of Trocnov.
served today are those from

tower with embrasures, fortified with a moat and a palisade.

Charles Square
Charles Square

Teb is one of the largCzech Republic as it covers an

area of 2.2 hectares. It stretches from the east
to the west with a length of 360m. The square

est squares in the

was founded as a large market on the verge of

1270s. It is lined with historical

houses on both sides. The statue of Saints Cyril
and Methodius (1885) made by the sculptor Bernard Seelingem, after the design by L. imek, stands
in the middle of the square. There used to be also
three fountains standing there which were supthe



plied with water from local ponds and decorated

with statues of Saint Sebastian and Saint Florien.

Today, one half of the square is used as a car

park, the other provides place for various markets,
fairs, and folk ceremonies.

The Black House

The Black House was built by Jan Rbl, a townsman, in 1619 1637.
From 1862 to 1925 the sgraffito faade was covered by a layer of paint
but was professionally restored later. The last restoration activity on the
faade took place in 1991. The sgraffiti represent individual human virtues
(belief, mercy, hope, justice, wisdom and fame), hunting scenes and two
Roman emperors, Vespasian and Titus.

The Painted
The Renaissance Painted (Franciscan) House
was built at the end of the 16th century by
a Venetian merchant Francesco Callipardi who
established a shop with colonial goods there.
The original sgraffito decoration was covered by
lime paint by later owners. It was restored again
in 1903 by Josef Kozlansk, a grammar school
teacher in Teb. In the 1980s, the dilapidated
house underwent an exigent restoration. The
inner vaulting was reconstructed as well as the
grand pillars, inner terrace with arcades, atrium
and many rooms. Today the ground floor functions as an art gallery and the first floor is used
for wedding ceremonies.

The Church of St. Wenceslas

and St. Ludmila
The Orthodox church consecrated to St.Wenceslas and St. Ludmila was
built between 1939 1940 on the layout of the Greek cross. The author
of the architectonic plan and decorations was O. V. Kolomack, a priest,
painter and engineer, who painted the icons and frescoes on the church
walls himself. The dome is coated with sheets of pure gold.

The Jewish Town

The Jewish Quarter

Heritage List in 2003. It presents a unique complex of 123 historical buildings. To name some
of them, there are two synagogues, the Jewish
town hall, a rabbis house, almshouse, hospital
and two schools. The Jewish Quarter is free to
enter. The visitor is guided by a trail In the footprints of Abbots and R abbis, which introduces the
local UNESCO monuments.
together with the

cemetery was inscribed on the

Jewish cemetery
An area of 11772 m2 makes this cemetery one of the biggest in the country. There are around 11000 graves there and almost 3000 tombstones
of which the oldest comes from the 1630s. One can find the tombs of
the most famous Jewish families there as well as memorials to WWI
victims and the victims of Nazi genocide.





Benedictine monastery, founded

Moravian princes, Oldich
Litold Znojemsk, is located in the

by the

north-west part of the town above the left bank

of the Jihlava river. It was rebuilt as a castle in

16th century and was owned by the Pernstein,

Osovsk and Wallenstein families. Today it is the
residence of the Vysoina Museum.

The Windmill

three-storey windmill structure was built in

1836. It

was supposed

to be built in wood first, but eventually it was constructed in stone and

brick. The

8m wide tower in the shape of a truncated cone was covered

with a pointed shingle roof. The machine room was lit by three to four
windows on each floor. The windmills function was to grind pine tree
bark which was used for the tanning of hides. Tanning was one of the
most common crafts in Teb at those times. The current state of the
windmill resembles very much its original look in the

19th century.

Foto: MVDr. Pavel Heman, Pavel rtek

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