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Czech Republic in 5 days

An Itinerary by LizzieMeetsWorld

Czech Koruna

Czech and English

Spring: March to May

Fall: September to

Baroque architecture
Music and art

Overview & Highlights

Days 1 & 2: PRAGUE Day 3: CESKY RAJ
Baroque architecture, Old World
city charm rich with wellpreserved culture and history

Hiking, natural reserve, rock


Days 4 & 5: CESKY

Well-preserved old town, pearl
of Renaissance architecture



Immerse in fairytale Baroque architecture, see

artists at work, take in magnificent views of Prague
city, and have a relaxing stroll along the banks of

Prague Castle and Charles Bridge Walking Tour

10 AM

Charles Bridge
11 AM

Find your way to the Staromestska metro station (line A) or tram stop
(trams 17, 18), the perfect start-off point for your walking tours to
Prague Castle and the Old Town

Also known as the Karluv Most, Charles Bridge is a 14th century stone
bridge linking the two sides of Prague, spanning the Vltava river. It is a
perfect vantage point to view Prague and it is lined by Gothic statues.
During the day, it is filled with street artists and musicians. If you want
to catch it without the crowds, try going in the very early morning.
Charles Bridge, Prague 1, Czech Republic

Prague Castle & St.

Vitus Cathedral
12 NN

Upon crossing Charles bridge, continue walking towards the castle

district to get to Prague Castle. It was founded around 880 AD, is the
largest medieval castle in Europe, and was once the seat of the Kings of
Bohemia. The compound houses the famous St. Vitus Cathedral.
Prague Castle, Castle District, Prague 1, Czech Republic

Mala Strana/
Lesser Town
4 PM

The Mala Strana or Lesser Town clusters around the foothills of Prague
Castle, across the Vltava river from the Old Town. It is a picturesque
part of the city, with ancient houses, quaint side streets, small artsy
shops, and traditional Czech pubs and restaurants. Spend a leisurely
evening exploring, shopping, and dining in this area.
Lesser Town, Prague 1, Czech Republic
Nearest public transport:
Metro: Malostranska (line A)
Tram stop: Malostranske namesti (trams 12, 20, 22)




Prague Castle Courtyards:

Apr-Oct: Daily 05:00-24:00
Nov-Mar: Daily 06:00-23:00

Tours for visitors (types of tickets)

Prague Castle Buildings

Apr-Oct: Daily 09:00-17:00
Nov-Mar: Daily 09:00-16:00
Prague Castle Gardens:
Apr & Oct: Daily 10:00-18:00
Changing of the Guard:
Apr-Oct: Hourly 07:00-20:00
Nov-Mar: Hourly 07:00-18:00
Midday ceremony includes a
fanfare & banner exchange.
For more information:

Prague Castle Circuit A CZK 350

St. Vitus Cathedral, Old Royal Palace, exhibition The Story of Prague
Castle, St. George's Basilica, Golden Lane with Daliborka Tower,
Powder Tower, Rosenberg Palace
Prague Castle Circuit B CZK 250
St. Vitus Cathedral, Old Royal Palace, St. George's Basilica, Golden
Lane with Daliborka Tower
Prague Castle Circuit C CZK 350
Exhibition The Treasure of St. Vitus Cathedral, Prague Castle Picture
Exhibition The Story of Prague Castle CZK 140
Exhibition The Treasure of St. Vitus Cathedral CZK 300
Prague Castle Picture Gallery CZK 100
Powder Tower CZK 70
Exhibition of the Castle Guard
Great South Tower with a View Gallery CZK 150


Journey back in time to ancient Europe. With its massive

ancient buildings and magnificent churches, the Old Town Square
in Prague is one of the most beautiful historical sites in Europe.

Old Town Square Walking Tour

10 AM

Church of St.

Find your way to the Staromestska metro station (line A) or tram stop
(trams 17, 18), the perfect start-off point for your walking tours to
Prague Castle and the Old Town

St. Nicholas is a Baroque church completed in 1735. It serves both as a

church and as a magnificent venue for classical concerts.

11 AM

St. Nicholas Church Old Town Square, Old Town Square, Old Town, Prague 1,
Czech Republic
For concert listings:

Tyn Church
12 NN

Also called The Church of Our Lady Before Tyn, this Gothic church with a
Baroque interior can be seen from all over Prague. The two spires of the
church, which are asymmetrical and represent masculine and feminine sides of
the world, is characteristic of Gothic architecture of the period.
Tyn Church, Old Town Square, Old Town, Prague 1, Czech Republic

Old Town Square

1 PM

The Old Town Square dates from the 12th century and was the central
marketplace for Prague. Over the centuries, buildings of Romanesque,
Baroque, and Gothic styles were erected.
At present, it is still the vibrant center of the city, lined with shops, cafes,
and restaurants.
Old Town Square, Old Town, Prague 1, Czech Republic


Built in 1410, this is the oldest operational clock in the world. Wait for the
Walk of the Apostles, which happens every hour, on the hour.
Old Town Square, Old Town, Prague 1, Czech Republic

2 PM

Estates Theatre
3 PM

Havelska Market
4 PM

Na Prikope Street
5 PM

One of the last remaining wooden opera theaters from its era, and one
of the most beautiful historic theater buildings in Europe.
elezn ulice / Ovocn trh, Prague 1, Czech Republic
For performances:

An alley with stalls selling fresh fruits, vegetables, crafts, and souvenirs. Open
daily 9 AM to 6 PM.
Havelsk, Prague, Czech Republic
Modern posh boulevard lined with shops and cafes which follows the
path of Pragues former medieval moat. Perfect place to shop and
unwind after the walking tour.
Na Prikope, Prague 1, Czech Republic

DAY 3: Day Trip to


100 KM northeast of Prague

is Czech Paradise or Cesky
Raj, which features unusual
sandstone rock formations,
castles in rock towns, and
small villages full of traditional
wooden folk architecture.
This is an easy day trip from

hiking tour
Getting there /

Jicin Prachovske Skaly Jicin

From Prague Cerny Most metro station, take the bus to Jicin. Get
tickets: Cerny Most Jicin.
Explore the historic old town of Jicin and eat a good meal before beginning
your hike.
After exploring Jicin, ride the bus to Holin Skalni Mesto, which is at the
edge of the rock city of Prachovske Skaly

Time allotment

Tour group

Follow the marked trails to get in and out of the rock formations. Follow
the RED TRAIL for a relaxed pace.
Travel from Prague to Jicin (one way): 2 hours
Hiking (easy to moderate trails): 3-4 hours
Most of the walking trails are gentle and manageable for everyone. There
are some stone staircases to climb, but most of the trails are mildly sloping
unpaved tracks matted with pine needles, linden leaves and tree roots.
Detailed hiking maps are available at each entrance to the rocks (and
every bookstore in Jin), but there are also thorough information
boards near each entrance and signposts at regular intervals along the
While hiking Cesky Raj is very doable without being part of a tour group,
here is a tour group you can check out if you want a hassle-free day trip:
Note: not verified

DAYS 4 & 5:

Beautifully restored old town in

the South Bohemian region, a
pearl of Renaissance architecture
with a castle, maze-like alleyways,
burghers houses, and floral
gardens. It is best enjoyed slowly,
a break between the busy cities of
Prague and Vienna.

Getting there from Prague

There are trains and buses, but if carrying luggage,
the best option is via bus:

Getting to Vienna
From Cesky Krumlov, the recommended next
destination is Vienna, Austria. The best way to get
to Vienna is by getting a shuttle service from
Student Agency:
Cesky Krumlov. Most accommodations in Cesky
In Online coach and train ticket reservation,
Krumlov offer this, but here are some other
choose Prague Na Knizeci bound to Cesky Krumlov options to look at:
Bean Shuttle
Travel time: 3 hours
Travel time: 3-4 hours

Cesky Krumlov Points of Interest

Cesky Krumlov
Chateau and Tower

There are several tours through the different sections, including the
Baroque theater, which is one of only four surviving in Europe. It is
free to walk along its various courtyards, some with spectacular
views of the town and river valleys

Old Town

The quaint old streets are lined with Gothic, Renaissance, and
Baroque houses. There are small shops and cafes, and a winding
river to walk by

Zmek 59, 381 01 esk


Schiele Art Center

Just off the main square, the Egon Schiele art centre is a world class
facility. Past exhibitions have included Salvador Dali, Keith Haring
and Marc Chagall. The permanent collection is also an illuminating
glimpse into the life of Schiele, who lived and worked in esk
Krumlov prior to WWI.

Vltava River Boat


Discover Cesky Krumlov and its surroundings from a canoe or a


irok 71, 381 01 esk

Tel. 380 704011

Boat rental companies: Surfsport, Malecek

General Tips
what to eat
svkov na

useful smartphone apps

METRO | Download complete
public transport data and get
step by step directions as you go

UBER | For times when

you just dont want to ride
the train

GOOGLE MAPS | Navigate the

streets of Prague, whether
walking or driving, easily.

GUIDE | Completely
offline digital guide to

basic Czech

watch out for


na zdravi!


na shledanou



cobblestone streets | pack

comfortable footwear
everything is photogenic | bring
extra camera batteries
train and tram inspectors |
make sure to validate your tickets

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Have fun in Czech Republic and see you on your next travels!
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