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Sierra Leone in Diego Martin

Majuba Village in La Brea (taken from Mojuba, the Yoruba word for I give respect or
Congo Village, Diego Martin
Sobo Village in Palo Seco and Sobo Village in La Brea
Madingo Road in the Princes Town - Moruga area
Ojo Road in Sangre Grande (Ojo is an area in Nigeria)
Ibo Hill in Camparo
Mayo, the Fula (Fulani) word for river, is a village in the area between Gasparillo and
Mt Hololo in St Ann's (Hololo means standing alone; there is also a place called
Hololo in Lesotho, Africa)
Yaraba Village in Oropouche
Egypt Trace, Enterprise and Egypt Village, Point Fortin
During the 19th century East Port of Spain was known as Yoruba Town, and there is
still a Yoruba Village Square on the corner of Piccadilly Street and Old St Joseph
Road, opposite the Deliverance Temple.