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A whopping 272 issues. Thats how long
its been since we last spoke to Eddie Van
Halen for a TG cover interview. That was
1995, and TG was a mere nine months old.
Grunge had killed guitar histrionics and
was itself in the process being killed off by
the arrival of Britpop. Eddie was 38 years
old and Van Halen had just released 10th
album, Balance.
Its safe to say that a lot has changed
since then, for music and for Van Halen.
Singers have come and gone and Eddies
then-toddler son Wolfgang is now a fully fledged member of
the band. Entire generations of guitar players have carved their
own path to success under Eddies influence, and while many
have brought new life to the instrument, theres only one Eddie
Van Halen. So, when Total Guitar was invited to visit Eddie at
his 5150 Studios in LA for the first UK guitar mag interview in
over a decade, we quite literally jumped at the chance. What we
discovered is that Eddie is simultaneously a living legend, and
a totally down-to-earth normal bloke. Check out the exclusive
interview on p34.
Were always striving for balance in TG, and this month is no
different. We hope that between Van Halen, Pendulum, Gojira,
Weezer and the host of lessons and gear we feature, were
delivering the best cross-section of what our world has to offer.
Drop us a line and tell us what you think!

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the constant
sound of tapping emanating from
Chriss corner of the office as hes
been beavering away putting this
months eight-page EVH tutorial
together (which you can find on
p43). I can manage the tapping,
says the big man. Just dont ask
me to jump!

THEY say you
should never
meet your heroes, and for Josh,
they dont get much bigger than
Rivers Cuomo. Thankfully, he
came away from their chat with
the with his fandom intact, and the
first UK guitar interview with the
Weezer frontman in over a decade
in the bag, too read it on p52.

WEVE been
seeing tears in
Robs eyes, but they are spheres of
great joy. The author of Panama is
on our cover and he could not be
happier about it. That said, the
passing of Prince has thrown a
very dark purple cloud into his sky,
and he remembers that other
guitar maverick on p30.
JULY 2016