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Curriculum Vitae of H.M.

Sabbir Ahmad
Address: Umm Ghwalina, Doha, Qatar P.O. Box 32018
Contact Number (Mobile): 55722411, 44715917Email:

Personal profile:
A well rounded engineer with electrical and electronic engineering background backed by industrial experience. I also
possess experience in the field of software development which makes me versatile. I am a problem solver and enjoy
new challenges. I am looking for a challenging role to polish my existing skills and become further competent

Skills summary:

Experience of analog and digital circuit design. I have familiarity with a wide number of schematic capture and
circuit design platforms used industrially.
Worked with high frequency digital components including FPGAs, DSPs and microcontrollers.
Experience of creatingbare metal embedded applications in C and C++ for a wide range of microcontrollers used
commercially. Worked with popular IDEs like Keil, MPLAB and CodeWarrior. I have alsoused XILINX ISE
platform for HDL programming.
Programmed PLCs from prominent manufacturers including Allen Bradley and Orion.
Experience of creating GUIs for Windows 7 HMIs from National Instruments.
Has basic understanding of SCADA network. I also have understanding of various industrially used
communication protocols including MODBUS, CAN, Profibus, DNP3, IEC 60870 and IEC61850EtherCAT.
Experience of designing electronic systems featuring a number of widely used communication buses including
RS232, RS485, CAN and Ethernet.
Sound understanding of control theory. Has understanding of various control techniques including feedforward and
feedback control. Familiar with Simulink and Matlab environment.
Experience of all stages of various industrially used SDLCs like Agile, Waterfall and V-model.
Industrial experience of creating Windows OS applications using C# and Java. Used industrially used IDEs like
Visual Studio and Eclipse.
Worked with .NET framework incorporated under Microsoft Visual Studio 2010 and 2013 edition.
Experience of producing UML drawing in Microsoft Visio.

Work Experience:
1st May, 2016 Present (Negotiable end date)

Research Assistant, Qatar University,Doha, Qatar

Project: Towards Safe Indoor Air Quality in View of the On-Going Massive development in the
State of QATAR (Approved by Qatar National Research Fund as a National Research Priorities
Program project).

Conducting tests to identify the major pollutants indoors in the State of Qatar using existing off-the-shelf gas sensor
and particulate matter counter.
Identify and procure suitable gas sensors within the performance specification to design the wireless sensors node.
Design gas sensor node featuring wireless communication network (IEE 802.11/IEE 802.15.4) for remotely
motoring the node.
Identify a suitable communication protocol for the Wireless Sensor Network to facilitate communication with sensor
Build anautomated calibration rig to calibrate sensors against external paramters.
Design an internet gateway to store sensor data in remote cloud database.
Implement a web server and cloud database to store and monitor sensor data in real time.

March 2016 June 2016

Sensor Design Engineer, Subol, Qatar


Worked with Figaro and MQ LPG gas sensors, SMBUS compatible IR sensor, T and K-type thermocouples,
analog thermistors, Digital temperature sensor and Alicat Mass Flow Controller.
Worked with SMPS DC supplies, Switch Mode Buck Boost Regulators, Linear Voltage Regulators, DC relays
and AC Reed Relays.

Used LTSpice and Cadence ORCAD for circuit simulation and schematic capture.
Designed multilayer PCB with Altium Designer.
Designed PWM based MOSFET Gate Driver for 24V 10A rated PTC Ceramic Resistive Heaters.
Designed instrumentation for SMBus compatible IR sensors.
Gained experience with RS232, RS485 and Zigbee communication networks.
Designed conditioning circuits for analog thermistor for enabling interface with uController via ADC.
Worked with NIs 6009 14-bit DAQ module.
Used Arduino family of uControllers (Peripherals used UART, I2C, Interrupt, Flash, EEPROM, ADC GPIO, PWM
and Timer.

Software Development:

Adopted Agile SLDC for creating Embedded Real Time firmware and software applications.
Used Matlab and Simulink to design temperature and humidity control algorithms with the aid of system transfer
Designed GUI in Labview.
Arduino IDE and TI uController work experience.

September 2012- October 2013

Junior Hardware Developer, EDWARDS Vacuum, UK


Gained exposure to mixed signal high frequency circuit design.

Experience of various popular schematic capture and circuit simulation environments which includeCadence
Orcad, Pspice, LTspice, ISIS Proteus and Multisim.
Worked with various power electronics components including Linear Voltage regulators, Switch Mode
Regulators (Buck, Boost and Buck/Boost Regulators), chokes, transformers, BJTs, MOSFETs, AC/DC
Converters (rectifiers), DC/AC Converters (inverters).
Used Monte Carlo analysis for doing tolerance analysis for high precision analog circuits.
Digital circuit design experience including both combinational and sequential logic design.
Familiarity with low voltage high speed electronic devices including microcontrollers, DSPs, CPLDs and
FPGAs.Used controllers from ARM, Microchip, Freescale and Analog devices.
Worked with different industrially used ICDsPicKit3, Keil ULINK2 and UMultilink.
Worked with RS232, RS485, CAN and Ethernet phi transceivers.
Working knowledge of Bluetooth network stack. Used Microchips Bluetooth transceivers.
Compiled Power Budget and Stress Analysis reports to validate circuits operate within maximum ratings.
Produced BOMs for electronic circuits.

Vero board circuit implementationand through hole and surface mount soldering.

Software Development:
Languages: C, C++, C#, Java, VHDL and XML.

Development software applications using Waterfall and V-model.

Possess understanding of various scheduling algorithms like first Come first serve, fixed priority preemptive
scheduling, shortest job first, rate monotonic, round robin and earliest deadline first. Implemented round
robin and rate monotonic scheduling algorithms in C and C++ as part of developing bare metal embedded
applications to allow multitasking.
Used CppUnit and Unit++ C++ based unit testing frameworks.
Used several microcontroller peripherals including Timers, WDTs, Interrupts, FLASH, EEPROM, SRAM, ADC,
DAC, Comparators, PWM module, UART, USART, SPI, I2C and CAN.
Designed embedded bare metal applications in various industrially recognized IDEs notably Microchip, Atmel
Studio, Keil uVision and Codewarrior.
Implemented several industrially acknowledged communications protocol handlers like MODBUS RTU and CAN
using C, C++.

VHDL:HDL programming experience in XILINX ISE.


Gained familiarity with Eclipse IDE for Java application development.

Understanding of the four different Java Garbage Collectors which are Serial, Parallel, CMS and the G1
Designed Java based concurrent applications using resources under Java SDK including Threads, Runnables,
ExecutorService and ForkJoinPool.
Implemented MODBUS RTU protocol handler in Java.
Familiarized with Android SDK toolkit incorporated in Eclipse for designing android applications.

Visual C# .Net:

Used Microsoft Visual Studio 2010 IDE and .NET 4.0 framework.
Created drivers for devices featuring RS232, RS485 and Ethernet communication interfaces. This has provided
familiarity with .NET serial and socket DLLs.

Designed WinForm based test UIs for debugging protocol handlers incorporated in embedded applications.
Notable industrial protocols implemented in C# is MODBUS for SCADA RTUs.

August 2014 July 2015

Graduate Development Engineer, EDWARDS Vacuum, UK

Worked with half and full bridge strain sensors, thermocouples, IR sensors, tachometers, hall sensors,
accelerometers from Piezoelectric, proximity sensors from Bently Navada.
Gained familiarity with National Instruments family of signal conditioning modules notably strain, pressure,
vibration and temperature measurement modules.
Used 8 to 32 slots Ethernet cDAQ chassis from National Instruments.
Worked with Windows 7 embedded cDAQ controllers with Quad core Atom processor from National
Used Windows 7 embedded HMIs from National Instruments for real time interaction with SCADA RTUs.
Low voltage analog circuit design experience using Cadence Orcad.

Software Development:
Languages: Visual C#.NET, Visual C++.Net, Labview and Ladder logic.

Designed real time software applications with hard and soft real time constraints.
Gained experience of designing multitier software products.
Used Microsoft Visio for creating UML diagrams, state machines and flowcharts.
Gained experience of various SDLCs including Agile and Prototype methodologies.
Familiar with the various stages of software testing which including unit, integration, system, volume,
regression and user acceptance tests.
Familiar with GoFs creational, behavioral and structural design patterns. In addition also familiar with other
patterns like SOLID, DI (Dependency Injection).
FamiliarityBorland and Tortoise SVNversion control systems.

Labview 2014:

Designed real time control and monitoring applications for using various design patterns including Master slave,
Producer Consumer, Event based and State machines.
Familiarity with Labview VISA, DAQmx, Sound and Vibration library.
Gained understanding of the process of integrating DLLs written in Visual C#.NET in Labview applications.
Composed drivers in Labview for devices supporting protocols like MODBUS, CAN and PROFIBUS.

.NET framework, Visual C#.NET and Visual C++.NET:

Worked with Visual Studio 2013 and .NET 4.5.1 framework.

Designed WinForm and WPF based GUIs in Visual Studio. Besides that I have created UIs for monitoring and
controlling SCADA RTUs.
Used .NET sockets for handling TCP and UDP data packets.

Implemented industrially acknowledged protocol handlers including Profibus, EtherCAT, MODBUS,DNP3, IEC
60870 and IEC 61850in .NET.
Used Unity DI Container and .NET Moq framework.
Familiarized with Resharper and Visual Studio Nunit testing framework for writing unit test cases. Learnt about
a number of unit testings patterns including AAA, State-based pattern, Interaction-based pattern, Exceptiontesting pattern and Mock Objects pattern.
Used Specflow for BDD.

PLC Programming:

Programmed PLCs fromOrion and Allen Bradley.

Educational Qualifications:
2010 2014

BENG Electrical and Electronic Engineering (with industrial placement)

1st class Honors Degree from City University London.

Achievements: Caterpillar and The Salters Institute scholarship for outstanding academic performance.
2008 2010

Edexcel A Level

BFPS School, Doha, Qatar

Mathematics (A), Physics (B), Chemistry (B)

Other skills:

Understanding of DC/AC converters (Inverters), AC/DC converters (Rectifiers) and VFDs.

Working principle ofvaristors, thyristors and IGBTs.


8D problem solving, 6S safety tool and Kaizan.

Microsoft Word, Excel and Microsoft Project.

Reference available upon request