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Section A

(36 mark)
1. Figure 1 shows several generations of computer technology.


Match A, B or C with the following generations of computer technology.

i) 1st Generation computer

ii) 3rd Generation computer

2. Table 1 shows types of computer crimes.

A Computer fraud
B Computer theft
C Computer attack

Table 1
Based on Table 1, write A, B or C to categories the following activities:

(i) E-mail hoaxes, false claims of expertise on certain fields.

(ii) Tap into the data transmission lines and intentional transfer of payments to the

3. Answer question 3, based on the text below

any laws relating to protecting the internet

and other online communication technology

The above statement refers to :_____________________

Answer question 4,5 and 6, by matching the statement with correct word given below


4. The information had been

processed become the useful
5. The collection of raw
unprocessed facts, figures and
6. A process whereby information B
is exchanged between
individuals using symbols, signs

Answer questions 7 and 8 based on diagram 1

Words, names, symbols, devices and images
that represent products, goods or services
The features of, in particular, the lines,
contours, colors ,shape, texture or material
of the product itself or its ornamentation. B

8. Match A or B with the following statement of Intellectual property protection

i) Utility, design or plant patents that protect inventions and improvements to

existing inventions.

ii) Literary and artistic material, music, films, sound recordings and roadcasts,
including software and multimedia.

9. Match C or D with the following term of Intellectual property protection

i) Design for product appearance

ii) Trademarks for brand identity
10. Diagram 2 below shows a security measures taken to protect information

Plaintext Decryption Plaintext

Name the security measures above _____________________.

Answer true or false for the following statement

11. We can only find limited sources of information on the Internet.

12. The usage of ICT technologies such as to create pornographic web sites can have a
negative impact on society.

13. Cyber law is a system of moral standards or values used as a guideline for
computer users.

14. Spyware is antivirus

15. A firewall permits limited access to unauthorised users or any activities from the
network environment

16. In presentation should contain three well-defined sections Introduction, Content and

17. Virus a program that can pass on the malicious code to other programs by modifying

18. Site blocking is a process that prevents or blocks access to certain materials on the

19. Hacking is a form of cyber crime.

20. Computer ethics and law is the same concept

Fill in the blanks with the correct answers.

21. .____________ are used to identify users by web casting, ecommerce and other web
22. ____________ is privacy threat which is obtained by a form such as magazine
subscription or product warranty cards that had been filled by online subscribers.A
__________________ refers to a program that collects user information without the
user’s knowledge.
23. ____________ Oral communication of false statements and malicious statement
or report about someone to injurious to a person's reputation.

24. We need privacy for anonymity, privacy can be protected by _________________

and ______________ such as anti-spam program, firewall, and _____________.

25. _____________ includes virus, Trojan horse, logic door, trapdoor and backdoor, and
many others. A ____________ is a program that copies and spreads itself through a
network. Example of a antivirus is _______________.


Question 1.

a. What is ethics?


b. State the differences between ethics and law. Fill in the box with the correct answer.


[2 marks]
Question 2

Technology A
a. Name the technology A. ( 1 mark)
A is: ____________________________________________________________
b. Technology A is one of two mehod used in _______________________.(1 mark)

c. State two example of technology A. . (2 marks)

i. ___________________________________________________________
ii. ___________________________________________________________

Question 2
a. What is computer crime ? [2 mark ]

b. Give two types computer crime [2 marks]

Question 4
a) Give two method commonly use in verification. [2 marks]


b) State two examples of validating process. [2 marks]



Question 5
a) State two negative impacts of Internet on the society. [2 marks]

b) State two positive impacts of Internet on the society. [2 marks]




Base on the picture below, answer all the questions.

a) What is pornography? [1 mark]


b) Give two impacts of controversial content on Malaysia society.

[4 marks]



c) Give two preferred method of choice to limit access on the internet to filter
pornography content. [2 marks]
i) _________________________________________

ii) _________________________________________