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Maria Louisa Randolph


Fort Knox, KY 40121
Home: (502) - 471-9168
Work: (502) - 624-2838

Work Experience
FORT KNOX, Kentucky United States
Supervisor: WILBERT BROWN - 502-624-2838; Contact:Yes
Pay Grade: BM - 0

Salary: $19.50 per hour

Hours per week: 40
Duties: Instruct the pvts on basic combat life saveing skills such as how to properly Evaluate A
Casualty, Manage An Airway by Opening The Airway, Inserting a Nasopharyngeal Airway (NPA),
Treat A Penetrating Chest Wound by applying an Occlusive Dressing, Treat a Tension Pneumothorax
(Collapsed Lung) by doing a Chest Needle Decompression. Clear An Obstructed Airway by
performing F,2/5 otherwise known as hymlic maneuver, Perfoming Rescue Breathing by doing the
head tilt chin lift and by performing CPR. The pvts are also instructed on how to Control Bleeding by
applying a Field Dressing, a Pressure Dressing, Improvised Touniquet, Emergency Trauma Dressing,
CAT Tourniquet. I also instructed the soldiers on how to treat and care for an Abdominal Wound,
Prevent/Control Shock. The pvts were also taught how to Splint A Fracture, Perform Tactical Combat
Casualty Care (TC3), FMC/DD1380 initiating a Field Medical Card, Requesting a MEDEVAC/9Line.
The pvts last class that they are taught is how to Transport A Casualty using the Manual Carries,
Talon 2 Litter, SKED Litter and Improvised Litter.

Medical Support Assistant (03/31/2008- 07/04/2009

Ireland Army Community Hospital
Supervisor: SSG Bell- 502-624-9568: Contact:Yes

Salary:$13.43 per hour

Hours per week: 40
Duties: Morning sick call for the Orthopedic and Podiaty clinic was from 0730-0830 using either
ALTA or CHCS. I ensured the patients need were meet depending on their medical needs and if they
were unable to be seen that morning I ensured that they were scheduled for the next available
appointment using CHCS. I also answered the appointment line phone and scheduled appointments
for our future patients using CHCS based o the OIC and NCOIC's proticals of the clinic. I worked one
on one with Dr. Marr, the Warrior Transition Unit Case Managers (WTU) and the Physical Evaluation
Board Liaison Officer (PEBLO) to schedule the Medical Evaluation Boards (MEB) for the Soldiers
getting out of the military. I maintained a list of all the Health Care Providers, their appointment
types, and information of the HCP commitments. After the schedules were made for all the
providers I showed them their list of patients for the week and made any necessary changes if
needed such as rescheduling appointments. I made sure that all the appointment slots were utilized
according to the patients medical condition and if that was not possible I created a referral so that
the patient could be seen off post. At the end of each day I created a spread sheet which intailed
how many providers were there that day and how many patients they had seen. I than emailed all
the department NCO's the EOD (End OF Day Report). I provided excellent Customer Service to
everyone that came into both clinics

US ARMY (10/23/2000 - 05/19/2006) - Health Care Specialist

various, [Not Applicable] Germany
Supervisor: CPT McLain - 353-8659; Contact:Yes

Salary: $10.00 per hour

Hours per week: 40
Duties: Setup and give treatment such as oxygen, suction, and change sterile dressings. Monitor
intravenous (IV) fluids and changes IV tubing; apply hot and cold packs and insert catheters;
observe patient to ensure treatments are not causing additional distress. Obtain laboratory reports;
position and drape patients, set up and pass instruments; take and record vital signs, height, and
weight; report deviations to a provider. Collect routine urine, stool, and sputum samples and label
and place them for special pickup by the laboratory. Recognize life-threatening conditions in
patients and initiate appropriate measures, e.g., cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) and first aid,
in emergency situations using emergency protocols. observe, record and report changes in the
patients behavior and provided reassurance and encouragement to potentially mentally ill patients.
Assist in diagnostic examinations. Setup and operated special medical equipment. Input patient
information into MEDPROS. Briefed Command Sergeant Major and Colonel on unit's medical
readiness. Reviewed and organized medical records. Provided all unit medics with medical supplies
and trained personnel on proper disposal of biohazard materials. Served as Combat Life Saver and
SACRIMS/VT instructor. Provided administrative support including preparation of correspondence,
records and reports utilizing word processing and spreadsheet software applications. Answered
phones, took messages, and forwarded calls to appropriate personnel. Attended meetings, took
notes, and briefed First Sergeant and Commander. Assisted in administration of quarterly physical
training testing. Assisted and cross-trained in X-ray technology. Set up ranges, accounted for
ammunition and closed the ranges after use. Provided safety briefings on range operations. Was
the company’s re-enlistment NCO. I spoke with other soldiers about the benefits of staying in the
military and wrote up the contracts for them to re-enlist.

TJ MAXX (06/01/1999 - 09/10/2000) - Cashier/Sales Associate

New Hyde Park, New York United States
Supervisor: unknown - 516-933-4663; Contact:Yes

Salary: $7.50 per hour

Hours per week: 50
Duties: Organized home furnishings, childrens and misses departments. Assisted customers with
getting the price of an item. Stocked items for display. Scanned items into register and gave back
appropriate change. Answered the phone. Assisted with the refunds of returned items. Trained new
employees. Assisted with other employees tasks. Cleaned the store for closing. Counted money
drawers. Deposited the day's money into the bank.

PathMark (11/15/1997 - 09/01/2000) - Cashier/Deli

New Hyde Park, New York United States
Supervisor: unknown - 516-741-5721; Contact:Yes

Salary: $7.25 per hour

Hours per week: 40
Duties: Signed for the cash drawer and was accountable for all the money. Assisted customers in
determining the appropriate price for items. Scanned the customers items, received payment and
gave appropriate change. Greeted customers. Took and filled customer's orders. Ensured accuracy
of labels. Complied with health codes. Organized the equipment and product.

McDonald's (06/01/1995 - 11/01/1997) - Cashier

New Hyde Park, New York United States
Supervisor: Carlos - 516-488-1950; Contact:Yes

Salary: $5.95 per hour

Hours per week: 25
Duties: Answered phones. Took customer orders at the drive thru and front counter. Prepared food.
Took customer money and made appropriate change. Coordinated birthday parties. Ensured proper
health standards were met. Set up fund raiser activities. Trained new employees. Observed high
level of customer care. Assisted other employees with their assigned tasks. Accountable for cash

Nassau Community College/ Hofstra University (09/01/1997 - 05/15/2000)
Hempstead, New York
United States
Degree: none Major: Sports Medicine
Semester Hours: 60
Description: attended ROTC.

High School
Herricks High School (09/06/1993 - 06/14/1997)
New Hyde Park, New York
United States
Degree: diploma
GPA: 2.9

Additional Information
Specialized Education - Medical Specialist Course (06/15/2001)

Learned how to measure and record vital signs, practice medical surgical asepsis and infection
control, perform CPR and first aid, administer oxygen therapy, perform patient assessment, control
bleeding, care for patients with shock, immobilize orthopedic injuries, administer immunizations and
injections, initiate and maintain intravenous therapy, and manage patients with artificial airways.
completed National Regestry Examination which covers bleeding, splinting, intravenous infusion and
blood drawing, nursing skills, anatomy and physiology. Acute minor illness and record keeping.

Training - Basic Training (01/25/2001)


Demonstrate the skills necessary for survival in a combat environment, including marksmanship,
physical conditoning, navigation, and combat techniques. Practical exercises in topics such as
communication skills, first aid, tactics, navigation, N.B.C weapons, and testing.