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HNHCP Newsletter

Welcome to the 2nd newsletter from the HNHCP. The group was formed in December 2014 to
support nurses and other health care professionals through the rapidly evolving landscape of
haematology and enable them to deliver optimal care to patients and support their families. In this
newsletter we will give you an update on the groups activities and some preliminary information
regarding the 2nd Educational Confernce in January 2017.

Current Projects
The HNHCP is currently developing an educational resources on Myeloma which is provisionally
titled An Introduction to Multiple Myeloma: A resource for healthcare professionals which will
consist of 4 modules

Understanding multiple myeloma and its pathophysiology and epidemiology

Diagnosis, staging and the clinical manifestations and sequelae
Living with Multiple Myeloma

We will be launching the programme at the educational conference in January 2017.

Iron Overload
The Haematology Nurses & Healthcare Professionals Group is looking at developing an
educational programme and Train the Trainer Programme on Iron Overload so that health care
professionals expand their knowledge and skills surrounding this important and often neglected
Membership of the HNHCP is open to anyone working within the field of Haematology and
details of how to become an individual or centre member is available on our website: or you can email us at
We have launched our facebook page Haematology HNHCP please like us to keep up to date
with news and activities within the group.

EHA 2016 Copenhagen

We will be attending EHA in Copenhagen on June 9-12, 2016. Please come at see us at our stand
if you are there.
Educational Conference Friday 20th & Saturday, 21st January 2017
The 2nd Haematology Nurses & Healthcare Professionals Group Educational Conference will be
held on Friday 20th & Saturday 21st January 2017 at the University Hospital Zrich, Switzerland.

The aim of the conference is to provide specialist nursing education and updates and help to
promote the field of haematology nursing. This will help nurses and the other healthcare
professionals in improving the care for patients with malignant and non-malignant
haematological diseases.
The Educational Conference has demonstrated that it is extremely important to expand
knowledge among nurses and other allied health care professionals. Accessibility is for as many
health care professionals as possible is important to us so we will have simultaneous translation
(on Saturday January 21st) in 3 different languages (German, French and Italian). This will ensure
that nurses and other allied health care professionals can benefit from the meeting.
Myeloma will be the key topic for the session on Friday with the day ending with the launch of
the educational resource for myeloma. On Saturday a range of topics will be covered including
ALL and care of adolescents, general haematology issues including coagulation, transfusion and
iron overload management, and infection issues in haematology patients with clinical updates and
nursing issues.
Full details of the programme will be available shortly and will be emailed, as well as being
available on the website and facebook. We look forward to seeing you in Zurich!

Yours sincerely,
Erik Aerts

Mairad N Chonghaile

Sarah Liptrott

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